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  • another site that offers free txt messages…happens to be a decent phone service too


    sorry bout that this is the site for the txt messages

  • Linda

    How do I txt message to Argentina? I have my daughter visiting B.Aires, and I’m having a problem texting her! I try every combination, and don’t know what is the phone number, and what is the prefix. Please help and tell me what I do exactly to Text her. I despair!

  • pradeepkumar

    hi, i am in Australia…
    Is there any website for sending free sms with in australia?
    i am a student and i am paying very high mobile bills

  • My Favorite is text’em, not only can you send text messages, you can receive them on the website as well!

  • Russell

    pradeepkumar: try , free australian sms no signup

  • Josue

    well i go to this website and it says to give them a number where they can send you a verification code on your phone through text so is there a website that gives you a number and you can recieve text???

  • Mariappan

    FREE SMS within Malaysia and Australia

  • @me – No offense, but I only really care about my readers and the majority of people who read this site are American. Why? Because I live in America and thus am only able to confirm American freebies. It’s kinda hard for me to see if a Turkish free SMS offer is legit or not if I don’t live there and can’t test it out myself.

    That said, if you live abroad and know of any freebies, do share. Otherwise, you might want to head back to Google to find some non-American freebies.

  • Me

    Um….. To whoever created this website, the majority of people that live on planet earth don’t live in the United States (of America… not to be confused with the United States of Mexico), so how about some info on free SMS that works in other countries?

  • lady

    for some reason,..and I dont know why…but I I’ve tried many of the above said websites (which all sound awesome btw! good job!), I cannot get them to work for me..I’ve tried a majority of them but so far I havent gotten any…and the only sites that I have used so far have been the free supposedly fast not very cluttered sites…..this makes me sad…. :-( I do live in the US and I have checked to make sure that I was giving them the right number and I am… :-( grrrrrr…….. if anyone knows what may be wrong please let me know

  • lynn

    this is cool how do i try this

  • A slightly different approach is

    You can get your own Free keyword and do lots of cool things with it. You can make it public or private and have your messages be displayed on your page of their website or not. You can have people text in to your keyword and anytime you post, they all get the text message. You can also allow any of them to post for all to receive as well.

    So, for groups like a sports team or news junkies or whatever, you can all stay connected a lot faster.

    If you just want your own use, you can customize to send to only 1 person.

    You can send text to your keyword list through your phone or through the website, or through a widget (they give the code) that you can put on your blog/myspace/facebook whatever.


  • chelsea koby

    i need to send text to boyfriend because i am unable to have cell right now because i live in a sober living house

  • basoto bolanle

    i just want to find out how it is possible to send aa sms to friend in nigeria

  • Here’s another one to add to your list also:

    The site provides free sms to 17 Countries so far. No sign ups. No pop ups. Just free sms text messaging. It’s a fairly new site but it’s great.

  • Sanam

    all the sites charge no matter what…. Regards

  • Sanam

    i checked each one and tried that if it really is free, why the hell will anything be free:S lol…

  • michelle

    all of those sites are crap and dont work grr

  • hidnshadows

    if you have a GMAIL account, and you get an invote, google voice is pretty good, but that is probably under google services already, and they read everything you send. You can also call people, and get calls, but you have to actually have a phone. it’s pretty great.

  • jhon dough

    whats up with txt drop im tired of this

  • dennissy

    great stuff!

  • letsgetpranky

    im trying to prank a friend.
    however, i need to put in a specific number for the sender, which is my other friends number.
    i’m trying to make it look like friend A is getting a text from Friend B, but i need a site where i can put in the numbers without a “” following it. can someone help me out?? thanks.

  • letsgetpranky

    p.s. if its possible, i would also like it to have a scheduling text option. that way they cant guess its me. =] thanks.

  • Aran

    Is there a website that allows sms to be sent to Globacom, Veego, and MTN number in Nigeria? Thanks.

  • Taylor

    Is there a website that alows you to text a cell phone in Turkey but then the responce gets sent to ur computer????

  • Hey Emily watz up how are u doing im sry I having txt u

  • Hey watz up how are u doing how have u been latEly I’m sry I havent txt u cuz my took phone cuz I call one of the staff on the phone i dnt know who he was when he call me and told me I told him not to tell nobody about me and he lie he told my mom so I got in trouber so now I get my phone next year u can just txt me here ok it’s Sara kiziah

  • Hey Jojo watz up how are u doing im sry I having txt u

  • I am fine Sam and about you! SMS me lhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Kraycee

    I found that using Google for sms, texts, chat and voice calls is excellent! It’s all free (pay only for international calls) they will forward your calls and transcribe voicemail messages and send them to your cell or email. (Transcriptions are not always real accurate) I love my Google Voice and Talk Accounts!

  • JasonBacot

    Hey! Very Nice!
    Thanks for the post and share too.
    Have you seen this website yet though?

    Completely FREE and NO registration!
    Thanks Again!

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  • Nicole

    hey guys

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