Free Soccer Ball Donation

Free Soccer Ball Donation

You know those MyCokeReward codes that are under the plastic caps or printed on the inside of a cardboard 12-pack box? Now through July 31, you can enter a single code and trigger a free soccer ball donation to a school of your choice. The kids would probably rather have the coke, which is why they need the soccer ball! In my day,

*poison dart hits Goob and spares everybody a rambling story!*

  • Orlenda

    Thanks for posting this! What a wonderful thing! I am a MCR member and enter codes often, and will look forward to doing this soon. I actually won two tickets to sea world by entering a sweepstakes with my points there-that was an exciting day! The whole thing is pretty fun! I have people save caps and the parts of the boxes that have the codes on them for me!

  • Capernius

    School kids would be better off with water or fruit juice than with a soda pop…ESPECIALLY coke….anything that can be used to clean off a car battery, IS NOT healthy nor is it good for anyone to be drinking.