Free Squelch Smell Remover

Uhhh, I think I’ll let the video below do all the talking needed for this free Squelch smell remover. It’s not every day you see an actor watching his own fake infomercial while eating the same cup of greek yogurt.

We’re all in agreement this video couldn’t have cost more than $30 to make, right? They must have blown their budget on the talent acquisition. Hiring a guard from Burn Notice can’t be cheap.

  • AJB

    I got a strange page of computer code/error message rather than a confirmation so I’m not sure the form is working.

  • Holly Landry

    Apparently I must continue to befoul the air with my odious bacterial emissions. Woe is me.

  • CT

    Same thing happened to me.

  • Joe Kupe

    I got the strange message too and then resubmiited and it said my email was already used so I am guessing it was successful the first time.

  • AJB


  • Holly Landry