Free Starbucks Coffee for Strangers

Free Starbucks Coffee for Strangers

So the title is a tad weird, but that’s because Starbucks is offering a slightly unusual offer today though Friday. Since “small acts of civility … make a big difference,” Starbucks will give you a free tall coffee if you buy a drink for somebody else in line.

Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive, and you’re not really getting a free coffee. But somebody else in line will! And since you’re already standing there to buy coffee anyway (at least I hope that’s why you’re standing in line. Otherwise we need to talk), why not “pay it forward” and make somebody smile?

I love it.

  • Sarah
  • hereinfl2012

    This is a great deal for two people together that are going in for coffee anyway… sort of like a buy one – get one offer. :)

  • Bethy Mac

    Lol… my first thought when I heard this one was “maybe that poor little man will use it as a segue to talk to me.” He does amuse me so! Just sits there at Starbucks, shyly trying to catch my eye. He’s even put himself out there so far as to wave a time or two now. But he drives such nice cars!


    Tell us how it goes, Goob….

  • AJB

    What an inspiring story!

  • starbux7

    If you stand in line, there is a good chance you will get free coffee! ;)