Free Swagbucks Code

Here’s a neat little trick to pick up a free Swagbucks code. After logging into your account, click “Ways to Earn” followed by “Special Offers.” Then click the blue box that says “No Obligation Offers.” You’ll then want to skip through the offers shown to you (I had to skip through five, it took about 20 seconds) and finally you’ll be given a free code!

If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about when I saw Swagbucks, check out this review I wrote of them a while back. Long story short, it’s like Google, but with prizes. Every search you make has the potential to earn points, which can be redeemed for stuff like gift cards.

  • Star

    Get the point, Dee! LOL! :-)

  • misty

    I had got enough to get a ps2 game….still waiting for it to come, been waiting awhile for it to come

  • Michelle117

    I had been saving up to get a whole bunch of $5 giftcards. They really came in handy for buying Christmas gifts, since I’m currently unemployed. And if you do just a little bit more searching, you can find vendors selling used, but like new items, which make the giftcards last a little longer.

  • M

    Got the point. I find it’s easier earning points at

  • misty

    hey michelle can u use the amazon giftcards to pay for all of one item?

  • Jeff

    I saw this about two weeks ago. I love it, but they have only changed the offers once since then, and you can obviously use the code once.

  • Michelle117

    Misty- Well I had about $30 worth of giftcards before December, and that’s not earning a swagbuck every single day. The balance, if there’s any, carries over to your next purchase. Or you can just use your whole giftcard amount to pay for one thing. Hope that’s helpful!

  • misty

    yes it was thanks!

  • brileigh

    so does it really work?

  • imlucky10

    cool I just signed up did a search for heyitsfree and won two swagbucks! Thanks!

  • Evita

    I heart swagbucks! I have gotten $35 worth of amazon gift cards for free. I’m a skeptic of these type of things, but it’s absolutely no hassle, no crazy emails, no signing up for offers, no annoying pop-ups, just search and earn bucks then turn those into prizes. i set up my google chrome so when i search from the web address bar it searches swagbucks. So easy! You win about 1-3 bucks a day from normal browsing. It uses google’s search engine so the top results are good. Its perfect for that “hey what does that word mean?” look up. The only thing is it only gives you five pages of results so it’s not for intense internets surfing.

  • Cheapsk8

    They put a new code on the special offers page every Thursday. Thanks for turning me on to Swagbucks, Goob. I’ve got at least a dozen $5 Amazon cards so far. I don’t feel guilty for blowing it on myself.

  • Claire

    I’ve been on swagbucks for just over a year now, and it is single-handedly the greatest thing that “Heyitsfree” has suggested to me. I got a couple friends to sign up using my referral link, and have since then earned $145 in amazon gift cards, a few pokemon cards for my kid brother, and an awesome tshirt. Thanks for suggesting it to me Goob!

  • Angie

    I absolutely LOVE Swagbucks!! I joined after your initial review at the beginning of last year and made bout $100 (and thats withOUT referrals) in amazon gift cards since. Just cashed out for another $5 this morning. If ya havent joined, whatcha waitin for .. easy money :o) Thanks HIF!

  • Thanks Goob!

    I owe you big time for showing me the site! Love it!

  • Heatherinski

    Cheapsk8, I do the same thing! I feel guilty spending “real” money, but since I can’t do anything else but spend the money on amazon, I am ok with it. :)

  • Dee

    Swag bucks site is great. They change this offer thing Thurs night, so by Fri morning you can go thru the offers and get your extra point. I am going to try to resist temptation to use my 177 pts, and save them all year! Til mid Nov or beginning of Dec. It takes me a long time to get points. I earn about 1 per day. Via web search. I do not do much else. No tool bar. No friends referals. No buying products from affiliated sites.

  • Sandy

    Swagbucks is a really cool site. I won a sweepstakes a few months ago, I won the NFL Fathead package, was sooooooooo excited I bout peed on myself when I got the email from them, LOL !!!

  • 2kitkat

    After going thru offers, NO CODE given.


    It did work! thanks a lot, I sign up in October and so far I have 112 swagbucks I am waiting to get 130 to get $10 Gift Card in Starbucks, with this cold weather there is nothing better than get a hot and delicious Starbucks coffee.

  • I signed up for swagbucks a while back and between getting a few friends to sign up under me, friending them on facebook to get codes and using their search toolbar regularly i’ve been able to get about $50 in cards, a $50 gift cert. and a $5 gift cert plus some other random swag (baseball card, a couple of posters.. etc).. I LOVE SWAGBUCKS. 100000% worth the time & effort.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the tip, I went through 5 advertisement and then I got a Swagbuck code and my first one ever.

    The code was: NewYear10of2TyV and it was good for one point.

    I had swagbucks for 3 Months now and never got a a Swag Code so thats cool.

    One thing I learn about SwagBucks dont sign in when searching for materials and try to use Yahoo Top 10 Search for the day.

    You have a better chance of winning by not signing in and it will find a code when it find a code then sign in.

    Also best time is morning

    Good Luck

  • Sarah

    whee, I followed someone’s example and searched for “hey it’s free” Got 5 swagbucks plus the free one from this post!

  • hello…i got swag codes

  • Anitha

    Thanks for you tip.. I got 3 swagbucks…

  • TONE

    I Got 35 Bucks for the code!

  • I LOVE swagbucks :)

  • SwagBucks Tricks

    SwagBucks rocksssss! = )

    I love the name of your blog by the way..

    “Hey! It’s FREE!” :D


  • colleen

    5 swagbucks!

  • Kristin

    it works

  • Madison

    What Box? I Cant Find It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow

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  • abc

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  • swagbucks man

    where is the code ?

  • ~beautifulx_angel!

    Hey what blue box??

  • Connie

    I think that the swagbucks site has change since this article was posted. There is no blue box, but if you to the swagbucks homepage, on the right there is Quick Links, go down to NOSO and click it, click on Start Earning and skip all the offers and you will get 1 swag buck… not much but do it everyday and it will add up.

  • Sydney

    where do you put the swagbuck codes in at?

  • serena


  • join guys

  • Brenda

    HI Where to get swagucks codes.

  • thanks but i need ones that work please

  • Samuel

    What?I cant see any blue box

  • What?I cant see any blue box..

  • frailen

    wht box

  • Aaron

    i have had swag bucks for about a week or so …i have managed to get 1021 from ramdom stuff but no swag codes

  • Janelle

    I love Swagbucks and my son does to now since I won an xbox 360 slim for him thought he was gonna come undone! lol (he’s 10) cheap thrills. It was awsome especially since I couldn’t afford to buy him one! Now just prayin for the laptop! lol

  • sergio

    hey earn the bucks and get some free………….

  • ricky

    plz email me a swag code the blue box is gone

  • Autumn

    Hey Waz up I love swag bucks I have not Realy gotten much yet how do I get more swag bucks

  • me

    where is no obligation offers

  • i love swagbucks it made my life change :)

  • Thanks for the information! I just joined!

  • joe


  • Makaylah

    I need to get a free code

  • Hempster

    were is no obligation box

  • Thanks you for the code

  • Can you give me code for swagbucks ? plssss

  • Baba Booey

    easily the best free website for gift cards!

  • Adam

    It is good

  • claytonimore

    it dosent work anymore

  • hi hope yous had a nice xmas and heres to the new year
    alf beilin

  • herbaltattoo

    Oh I love SwagBucks! And I’ve been able to make more and more points after I’ve signed up for the code alerts from SwagBucksTricks… You can google or Swag Search them up! @herbaltattoo¬†

  • Jenelle

    Yep, still works! Thanks :)

  • Mr. LOL

    there’s nothing
    it doesn’t work

  • Dayna

    there is no “ways to earn”

  • Gord

    its not free if you “Spend” more time just by making 5 swagbucks= 5 cents! whoooopy dooooo…..My low life Job pays 10 times better than this.

  • sweg

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  • blahbowdlo

    then your low life job, only pays you 50 cents

  • JJJohnson1978

    Swagbucks does work. I average about 200 to 300 swagbucks a day. I do surveys mostly. I have already redeemed 2 $5 Amazon cards two days ago and have enough to redeem another now, but waiting til tomorrow so I can redeem 2 more $5 dollar Amazon cards again. That will be $20 dollars in a 4 day period just for some surveys and signing up on some websites. How is it that I have this much time to waste on the site, oh yeah, disabled so that’s all I got to do all day.

  • christophervaliere

    how to get unlimited swag bucks

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  • Sambit

    Hie johnson..

    Even I have joined recently.. Can u please give me some tips how to earn more swag bucks. Many Thanks

    My Mail Id.

  • Caleb Spearman

    Follow me on instargram it would help a lot I am giving out free swag codes to the nest 10 followers from thus point just go down to theost recent photo and say @swag code and your email and I will send you a free swag code but.. I only have 10 so you have yo hurry.

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  • lisa

    Does Anyone have a Swag buck code to help me

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  • Yen Nguyen

    Hi i just joined and added you to my fb. Can I please get those 10 free swag codes sent to (my email)

  • Luke

    Im Luke

  • Lynn Flanagan

    help me out with swagbucks codes pleeeesssse

  • anonymous

    go to Swagcodez on Facebook, they post codes when they are available.

  • anonymous

    nCrave is a great way, and so is Radioloyalty. I would suggest getting all the apps for whatever cell phone you have, or tablet. Run those, and do surveys if you can. If I really try, I usually get over 200, but mostly I only average 150 a day because I don’t run all of my devices enough. Make sure you make your daily goal, and at the end of the month you get a few dollars bonus.

  • Austin Kislow

    i need 1000 swagbucks please any codes

  • Manjur Ahmed


  • Amy Susan Fisher

    If you have a smartphone, install the Swagbucks app and set alert notification for it. They’ll alert you whenever there’s a new Swagcode to enter, which is good for at least two Swagbucks. Go to the Swagbucks Facebook page, scroll down to the most recent Swagcode alert, and check the comments. Members will post the Swagcode for others. Don’t wait with each new Swagcode because they’re only valid for one or two hours.