Free Lipton Natural Energy Tea

Today’s free Lipton natural energy tea offer just hit the market. As luck would have, I’m drinking some energy tea right now! However we call it “coffee” where I’m from down south.

  • teecee

    Gone at 4:07 p.m.! “offer you are looking for has reached it’s limit”.

  • rooney

    20 minutes later it let me.

  • teecee

    Hmmm, guess it doesn’t like me. Freebie slut that I am I tried several other freebie sites (sorry Goob) but the offer is gone on all of them.

  • James R.

    I got mine!!

  • Goob

    teecee, give it another shot now? I just tried in Chrome and it worked perfectly.


    I just tried it and got through.

  • teecee

    Goob, really, really weird. Still getting “offer has reached it’s limit.” Using Firefox never had this happen before. Thanks for trying, you’re the best!

  • Goob

    What the heck! I’d honestly try IE or Chrome, I’m betting it’s something with Firefox for this offer.

  • kcurtis15

    worked for me a little bit ago/today


    geezopete. I jump through all the hoops making a silly “card” and filling in the form and answering the survey (grumbling about how much work this is just to get a free tea bag) and then it says according to their records I already put in for it. And since I made a comment below to that effect, I guess I did, but without the silly card, so I don’t remember.

  • tess

    Gone AGAIN! @ 4:30 pm eastern 5/14