Free Timberwolf Smokless Tobacco

I have no idea what I’m going to do with this free Timberwolf smokeless tobacco seeing as how I don’t even smoke, let alone use chewing tobacco. I don’t know, it has something to do with that irrational fear of mine of getting cancer or scaring off girls with nasty teeth/breath/smoky smell. I like the little signature tool they have on this site though where you sign your name to prove that you’re 18 years old. Now THAT’S foolproof!

  • nejirk

    My state law (RI) prohibits it!! :(

  • amy byrd

    You could always use the tobacco for bee stings (chew and spit on sting) or on your plants (add to water and spray on plants to repel bugs) just thought I would pass that on PS love this site

  • charlie

    you shouldn’t dip,spit,chew,or smoke

  • adam

    why not i dip a can a day

  • Chas

    I dip at least 2 cans a day…. more if im workin.

  • collin

    i use dip at least 7 8 times aday

  • yomana

    i dip at least 5 cans a day its a tuff life living in mexico working on the rail roads

  • josh

    I just started dippin and i love it i dip bout half a can a day

  • Austin

    Chewin is in my blood.. im only 17 almost 18 and ive been chewin for like 4 years… my great grandpa my grandpa and my dad chew, i chew 2 or 3 cans a day..

  • kyle

    i started dipin about 5 monthes ago and its pretty ok

  • a little bit of salt , not listerine and some kids mouthwash will provide some future of chewing for aspiring lengthers of time enjoyment !!! pro.

  • jim blake

    wow 5 cans a day i can barely squeeze in 2½.

  • sammuel thomas

    i like timber wolf tobacoo

  • corey

    write me if you got any left ill take it for ya and ill pay for shipping or whatever

    i chew all day every day and it dont bug any one i know

  • corey

    i’m 18 turning 19 and have dipped scene i turned 13

  • clint

    i go threw 3 rolls a week. what bout yall….

  • Alexcia Renaldys

    My husband go’s through a can a day,
    he does timberwolf longcut straight,, anyone else?

  • Kerry Levi

    Since I dip timberwolf wintergreen long cut and I emailed you about the 3 cans that were dryed out from freds in boiling spring n.c. and you guentee your product I am thinking about switching since I never heard back from you.

  • Who are you talking to?

  • Myke

    Your price per can sounds good? Until you check it out & find there is only about 1/3 of a can in it?
    If you was to fill the can & then keep the sticks out I’d say you were great & stay with you. until
    then I guess I’LL have to do something else.

  • Jarrett Jordan

    If I wanted to dip sawdust, it wouldn’t be wintergreen. Your tobacco sucks.

  • zac

    timber wolf is the best tobacco in the world i have been chewing it for 2 years now

  • willie

    it great snuff

  • sherman vance

    I am looking to see if there are any free promotions out there to get. plz let me know.. coupons would be great.

  • sherman vance

    I have tried just about every type of chew, and I must say timber wolf is the best by far. it’s not got a harsh taste. and its not dry, nor does it have any kinda nasty after taste like some others Ive tried.

  • brian escobar

    my friends say when eating timberwolf you have to have a water bottle to drink and get better taste

  • Barbara Martin

    send timberwolf coupons to b.martin-5553 sw 181 ct-dunnellon fla 34432

  • Copperhead

    Try grizzly longcut wintergreen

  • david craven

    timberwolf is the best you can get.