Free Tire Gauge from Copenhagen

Copenhagen is giving away a free tire gauge (look for the image above on the website), which means I need to hunt for a free tire now. And heck, where do you even put a tire in a NYC apartment? On the wall? Lie it on the ground, slap a board over it, and call it my new coffee table? No, no, you’re right, I should probably hang it from the ceiling as a tire swing. Good call.

  • kickformoney

    Indoor tire swing? That’s an awesome idea!


    Believe it or not, crafty do it yourselfers wrap rope around tires and turn them into stylish ottomans. I didn’t feel like logging in to get this, so I don’t know what the gauge looks like. Keep in mind that the Tappit brothers think that the pen-sized gauges don’t really work, but I guess it wouldn’t matter really if you just use it on to put your feet on..

  • Arthur Rightus

    Thanks Goob! I just got my compass/flashlight/match holder from Marlboro, and my Zippo lighter from Marlboro is on it’s way…Now a tire gauge! Woot woot.