Free Personalized Card

Free Father's Day Card

EDIT: Sorry guys, Treat told me this was only meant for a small promo and is no longer valid.

Enter code *DELETED* at checkout to get a free personalized card. Make sure to ship it to yourself and you shouldn’t have to pay a dime. Or a nickel. I almost added pennies to the list, but who still uses those?

I plan on slowly sending a free card to every apartment in my new building. It’s the modern version of going around and introducing yourself!

[thanks She Saved!]

  • nemo

    They’ll be so impressed with this card!!!

  • tori729

    thanks working for existing customers!

    Nevermind, they require a credit card to check out and my dummy visa gift card isn’t working. :/

  • AJB

    Are their free card offers still for new customers only?

  • linjack39

    Message said that I had already used that promotion code. Is that that the same code from this summer?

  • Seriously? What’s the error it’s spitting out?

  • It shouldn’t be! I’d make a new account if it’s not working.

  • tori729

    Something like “your card cannot be processed.” I’m not willing to put in my real card right now so haven’t tried that.

  • Gretchen

    I had saved the code while I was working on my card and once I noticed you listed it as expired I hopped on chat with their customer service who still honored the code for me since I was a new customer!

  • susanjohnston

    I got my card while the promo was still working and the card has already arrived. Really nice quality printing, too! I’d order from them in the future if the right occasion came up. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Thanks for sharing! :)