Free U by Kotex Samples

EDIT: Booo, they’re out.

The free U by Kotex sample pack is back, having just escaped from Dullsville. I hate that place. The tampons there are so bland and boring, unlike the ones in Excite Town.

This freebie includes the following samples:

  • 2 U by Kotex Click Tampons
  • 1 U by Kotex CleanWear Pad
  • Money Saving Coupon

Sweet. I love money saving coupons. They’re way better than those money costing coupons.

  • Kelly

    I got mine, Thanks! I love these for my desk at work!

  • jabberjaws

    Anyone else find it a LITTLE odd that they ask your gender? LOL

  • me

    The way you described those boring tampons & the new exciting ones completely made my day…I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile!

  • Kim

    Thanks! Got mine!

  • tazie

    These are great for my gym bag…

  • Amber

    @ #2….I DID lmao

  • Annie

    It says they are out of samples…hiffed!

  • 6666the zebra

    out of samples

  • lauri k

    yep, they are hiffed!

  • moostermiley

    Oooh…it comes in my color. Later, dullsville. Hello, different. :D

  • Leanne

    I kept getting an error message saying “HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.” whenever I tried to connect.

  • leslie


  • lizz

    their out!

  • lauri

    they said they were out.bummer

  • briw

    i got 10 boxes or the free samples(:

  • Leah L.

    it’s working again…. i signed up today