Free Ultra XCID Antacid

EDIT: Of course, this is dead now!

Want some free free Ultra XCID antacid? Yeah, I’m not sure if I do either. If the word “antacid” wasn’t in the title, I’d have absolutely no clue what this freebie was. If I saw something called “Ultra XCID” I’d guess it was some sort of space robot or maybe a new car. They always have stupid names, like the Infinity or the Ultima. One day I’d like to see a car come out called the Pulverizer. How about the Goob? That sounds like a great name for a vehicle. Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, something about free heartburn relief!

[via Froggie]

  • Jenni

    Got my sample last week :-)

  • Lisa Vandehey

    would like to try it before I buy it