Free Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra

Free Victoria's Secret Sports bra

EDIT: I bungled the offer here. What you really get for trying on a sports bra is a scratch off card that MIGHT give you a free bra. It might also give you a lower value $5 coupon. My bad, everybody.

I’ll admit to spending a solid 8 hours editing the photo above for this free Victoria’s Secret sports bra offer. I had to make it look jusssssst right.

The details on this are thankfully easy. Now through June 9, if you try on a sports bra in-store, you get either it or a $10 off coupon.

  • M


    Probably most are $5 coupons, which is fine, as long as you know that going in.

  • mangosmangos

    Free sports Bra is a bit misleading since they give you a coupon whose value is revealed at checkout.

    Also super creeped out by your 1st sentence. Didn’t know Goob was so creepy or that he can’t handle seeing a woman in a sports bra.

  • Twas a joke, as always on HIF

  • mangosmangos

    Jokes are supposed to be funny :) Those sentences just make people feel uncomfortable before getting to the info about a freebie. It’s the verbal equivalent of peeps who harass women at gyms or while they’re out jogging. There’s no reason to creep people out, while letting them know about workout gear.

  • Lacie

    I think you’re just a little too sensitive. If you’ve been on the site long enough, you know Goob is a jokester, not a pervert. Some of the comments i’ve seen women make about shirtless men on facebook or pintrest are a lot worse than his joke.

  • Rachel Ostrowski

    I am completely offended by your name, mangosmangos. It’s as though you are some sort of fruit pervert who starts out your comment by making me uncomfortable with your unnatural love of fruit. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  • mangosmangos

    I never said women do not comment on attractive men. Definitely am not sensitive ;)

    Context is important. Posting a freebie for women’s workout gear is different than posting to say a tumblr porn blog. On such a blog it wouldn’t be at all creepy to say “I couldn’t crop a pic because I was having 8 hours of solo fun time.”

    Considering this is the only comment your account has posted and you used his words, I’m wondering if you are Goob himself.

    Your comment sounds like those of people who tell people to stop being so sensitive about harassment or rape/ racism “jokes.”

  • mangosmangos

    I wasn’t offended by anything and I didn’t call anyone a pervert. I also did not say that appreciating the female form is unnatural. Simply am not a fan of creepiness or micro-aggressions.

    I would have appreciated you putting more effort into your joke, but I’m sensing a pattern here.

  • Lacie

    Are you kidding me? I’ve been using hif for over a year now, I just never feel the need to comment. I’m all for Womens rights and equality but just that. EQUALITY; not applying double standards. Also, no, I don’t approve of jokes about rape. As someone who had a close family member molested by a family “friend”, rape and molestation disgust me. I’m incredibly insulted that you assume I’m okay with rape culture just because I don’t agree with double standards and I’m not insulted by goobs joke, which had nothing to do with rape.

  • Nici Love

    Please go away mangosmangos.

  • RebeccaWinters

    Really? Lighten up people. We are becoming a society afraid of speaking. There was nothing sinister about his remark. If you have frequented this site you would know that. It appears to me that someone needs a stickupbuttectomy.

  • mangosmangos

    Hey person. Please note that unlike you and other commenters I did not resort to insults or childish nonsense like “stickupbuttectomy.”

    I not only do frequent this website but have recommended it to friends over the last 2 years, so It’s okay for me to have a voice.

    If you are so adamant about free speech it’s rather hypocritical to not extend it to me. Thanks for the childish insult and not supporting your point.

  • mangosmangos

    Fine. If everyone is into it sure. I feel there would be negative sentiment if he posted something like under armour shorts for guys and super sexualized them before hand.

    I have not applied any double standards, so that’s irreverent.

    I’ve been using this site for a while too. That’s why the comment creeped me out.

  • mangosmangos

    Thanks for the negative sentiment toward a fellow user of this site Nici.

  • RebeccaWinters

    There is free speech and then there is making serious, inaccurate accusations about people. Unlike you, I did not try to paint someone as something they clearly are not. With free speech comes responsibility. Part of the responsibility is not incorrectly accusing someone of a heinous act. Maybe in the future you will take a moment before posting comments like you have here about someone. Grow up.

  • kaelyn

    Goob was poking fun at the fact that the photos are almost always heavily edited, or photoshopped. Lets also just mention this may be one the least risqué photos from Victorias. Last but not least, thank you so much Goob I have gotten so many freebies in the past couple of years thanks to you. I appreciate that you post any and all freebies that you come across and I’m not sure what I’d do without you!

  • Viki Hudson

    I’m confused. Is it free if you try it on, or do you just get a coupon??

  • Rachel Ostrowski

    I love how you made a guest account just so that you could give yourself one like here. Lol. And I never said that you were offended or called someone a pervert. You were very clear that you were “super creeped out” which, by the way, which doesn’t at all sound like “childish nonsense” like ‘stickupbuttectomy.’ I mean, the phraseology of “super creeped out” wouldn’t go well at all with a phrased such as “Omigod! Like, totally.”
    I said that I was offended by your perverted name. Maybe read a comment before replying so you don’t look like an ignorant pre-teen.
    Actually, with your holier-than-thou know-it-all attitude, you may just BE a pre-teen.

  • Rachel Ostrowski

    Thank you for having enough connected brain cells to come to the right conclusion instead of just jumping to the dirty-minded assumptions of a know-it-all pre-teen.

  • mangosmangos

    I’m sorry I’m such an idiotic moron. My mother breast fed me until I was 24.

  • mangosmangos

    You get your choice. You can either pick the sports bra, or get $10.00 off a purchase of something else. I picked the sports bra because I like women’s clothing. Next, I need some free fishnet stockings.