Coupon: Free Waffle House Waffle

Free Waffle House Waffle

I hate reusing the same joke all the time, but this free Waffle House coupon keeps returning!

You’ll thank me the next time you’re out drunk at 5am and realize you have a coupon in your wallet for a free Waffle House waffle. Though to be honest if you’re thinking about coupons at the crack of dawn while intoxicated, you deserve some massive props.

The coupon doesn’t expire until Dec. 12, 2014 so there’s no rush on killing those brain cells. Note it’s only valid Monday-Friday!

  • moostermiley

    There are no Waffle Houses in California. I guess they’re waffling on the issue here :D

  • Andy The Nerd

    Monday through Friday only! Boo.

  • Linda Nguyen

    Yum looks good!

  • hagar2935

    Can’t find any locations in the western US. I Like Country Waffles in California!… but they won’t take this coupon :-(

  • Mrs K

    We LOVE waffles. :)

  • tori729

    Anyone try to use this for more than one person in one visit? It says “one per customer, per visit” so can I print it for all five of us and use it that many times?

  • Sarah Elyce

    I have actually been that girl. Drunk and pulling out coupons for the “try to get sober” meal.

  • Goob

    Hahaha. I have a feeling we’d be great friends.

  • teesee

    Tori729 – We use multiple coupons all the time. Our server told us to just ask for separate checks. It’s no problem, enjoy your waffle.