Free Zippo Lighter

Altria sent me a cease and desist letter for including a picture here, so it’s gone now, lol.

The tobacco freebies are “rolling” out like crazy this month and it doesn’t stop yet as Marlboro is offering a free Zippo lighter. Now I know how to get rid of all those old pizza boxes I spoke of in the Walgreen freebie. :D

After logging in, click My Marlboro near the top right then click Offers to see if the lighter is still available.

  • ASD

    It says there is one offer, but nothing opens when I click on it:(

  • chris

    must be gone-see nothing

  • Holly Landry


  • Houston Carson

    its not dead you have to be a marlboro member

  • tefimom

    I am a member, only offer I have is coupons, no free lighter. Offer is either dead, or not everyone will get it

  • Bob

    Only have 5000 to give away, each Monday this month.

  • ECL

    I got it yesterday after I signed up. 4-6 weeks delivery time.

  • jennifer

    Didn’t see the offer, either :( if it’s every Monday like Bob said, I’ll try again next Monday morning

  • Arthur Rightus

    The offer is not dead. I got ours yesterday (Monday) at about 10:00 am. You have to sign on after 9:00 am on Mondays only. My wife and I both got on.e

  • Sue

    It seems to be only valid Monday mornings and it’s under offers where you get your coupons. If it’s not there, you missed it, try again next Monday.

  • Acidic_Puddle

    We already know you got a lighter for Clay…

  • Screw that, Zippo lighters aren’t cheap! This bad boy is going in my bug out bag :D

  • Autumn Sass

    This week’s lighters have been claimed, but here’s the fine print:
    Limited to 1 item per eligible smoker 21+ on or joining the Marlboro mailing list. Offer good every Monday, at 9 a.m. ET beginning 3/3/14 through 3/30/14, while supplies last.

  • Autumn Sass

    Choose a coupon offer & after u confirm your choice, the lighter offer page comes up. But try on Mondays after 9am til March 30th.

  • Kimchi Reichard

    Deal is on again. Just got mine!!

  • Jeff

    I love it. I’ve gotten an LED flashlight, money clip, wallet, and now a zippo, and I’ve never smoked a cig in my life.

  • flapug

    just got mine so it’s active

  • Tabitha

    Got mine. Thanks :)

  • Arthur Rightus

    We both got ours today. Even the box is nice and sturdy. I love their freebies! Over the years we’ve gotten shirts, a sleeping bags, thermoses, first aid kit, flashlight with compass on the other end and the middle holds matches, grilling sets with spatula, meat fork and thermometer, and on and on. I don’t smoke. LOL The lighters will go for stocking stuffers at Christmas. We also got blankets, one of which goes on the back seat of my car, much to my wife’s dismay, because every time I take our dogs to the vet, Buckethead poops in the back seat.

  • Chaunte’

    Got mine Saturday. woohoo! don’t smoke anymore so im gonna save it for someone later

  • Herve

    no BUCKETHEAD is the best Guitar player in the world

  • Shannon

    no more available

  • Brian Fancher

    zilpo makes the best lighters .. I WANT ONE !

  • havok

    the flashlight/compass/match holder was recalled due to fire hazard, Marlboro wants the compass back and they’ll give you something else.

  • Ashley Ann

    i wont to get one but i dont know how to