Fuddruckers Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-29-2014

I hate to say it, but Fuddruckers is one of those places that seemed a lot better when I was younger and stupider. Well maybe just younger; I’m still an idiot today. But even though I’ve soured on their minuscular portions, it’s hard for me to turn down a Fuddruckers birthday freebie when it’s a free 1/3 lb. burger.

That’s big, right? I never did learn measurements. It’s partially to blame for all the misunderstood compliments I’ve tried to give people over the years.

Signup Freebie: 1/3 lb. burger, Fudds Fries, and soft drink for $7. Is this even a deal?
Birthday Freebie EDIT: The offer has since changed. It is now a free 1/3 lb. burger with the purchase of another Fudd’s entree of equal or higher value. Lame…

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • LB

    Wow if that’s a sign up deal i’d love to know how much that costs regularly!!


  • davey

    almost 12-15 dollars regularly…

  • george lopez

    Thanks its awesome, fuddruckers makes the best hamburgers

  • xander

    Actually its between 9 and 10 regularly

  • Goob

     @kombodockerson Crap.