Get HIF Back On Your Facebook Homepage

Facebook changed stuff recently and now some people are having trouble seeing our Facebook updates on their homepage. Hey, don’t look at me! Zuckerberg screwed things up.

Facebook Lists for Freebies

First, let’s talk about Facebook Lists. They’re a new feature and they’re awesome. You can create lists and add certain people and pages to them. Family and Close Friends are no-brainer types of lists, but why not make a freebies list?

To start, go to the Facebook homepage and you’ll notice that your lefthand sidebar should look something like this. Click the “more” link next to Lists.

Add a Facebook List for freebies

You’ll now see all your lists. There are a lot of crap, default ones (as you can see from mine). You’ll want to hit the “Create a List” button in the top right corner.

Add a Facebook List for freebies

You can call your new list whatever the heck you want, but seeing as how this is a how-to guide for freebies, I named mine Freebies. On a related note, this post is riveting, huh?

Add a Facebook List for freebies

You’ll now be presented with your new list, which is empty. We need to add some freebie sources to it. Hey, why don’t we add this cool page called Hey, It’s Free?! They’ve got freebies and jokes and everything (well…just freebies and jokes. And even the jokes aspect is debatable).

Add a Facebook List for freebies

After clicking “Add friends,” you should see all your friends. But we want freebie pages in this list, not your old high school pals. Look for a drop-down box in the top left corner and switch over from friends to pages. Then find HIF and click on the icon so that it has a blue line around it with a checkmark.

Add a Facebook List for freebies

If you can’t find HIF, then you most likely haven’t become a fan of (Liked) us on Facebook. If that’s the case, for shame! Na, it’s cool, I forgive you. But you’re going to have to like HIF in order to add us (or any other page) to your newly created Freebie list.

You should now see the new Freebies list on your sidebar. Yours will be down in the Lists section, but as you can see, mine is up in the Favorites for easier access. If you want to move yours up as well, just start over with step 1 (click the More link next to Lists), click the pencil next to your Freebies list, and say it’s a Favorite.

Add a Facebook List for freebies

You can obviously add more than just HIF to your new Freebies list. Don’t worry, HIF and I know you read other freebie sites, we’re not offended. Well, I should say, I’m cool with it. HIF can sometimes be rather temperamental.

Getting HIF back into your Newsfeed

So what if you just want to get HIF back into your Newsfeed but not create a list? Again, this is assuming you’ve already liked HIF.

Find any entry we’ve made and either (A) click on the blue triangle in the top left corner or (B) click on the dropdown list and select “Mark as top story.” They both do the same thing, but something that triangle can be hard to see.

Add a Facebook List for freebies

After doing this, you should get a confirmation message that Facebook will try to put more stories like this in your Top News. You’re going to want to do this a few times and Facebook should magically learn that you really like our posts. I have no idea how or why it does, but then again, that’s how I operate in most areas of life.

At the same time, if you never want to see HIF’s updates in your Newsfeed again, you can select the “Hide all be Hey, It’s Free!” option from that dropdown list in the step above.

Any questions? Fire away in the comments below!

  • CC

    Any chance you will develop a mobile app? Just curious.

  • CC, I’ve looked into it. The problem arises when people want to sign up for freebies. I can get an app put together for HIF, but most sign-up forms on company websites don’t play well with mobile phones and there’s no way to integrate them into HIF.

  • ann elders

    it isn’t letting click pages only friends

  • Robin

    Why am I still laughing that you have a group list called “never once hung out.” hahahahaha

  • jw

    I think I will call my ‘new list’ “Goob”.

  • CC

    Bummer, I get my groupon deals on the iPhone and it is pretty cool. Perhaps in the future. Thanks for posting all the cool stuff, love the site.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the instructions, hopefully you are back on my facebook.

  • Ann

    Great. Instructions are very easy to follow. Had it setup in no time at all. Thanks.

  • Tally

    I’m not making any lists! I USED FB to keep up with family and friends but when it makes me work that hard? NO! Face it, when you use FB you are working for FB, making lists, etc. just makes THEIR job easier, it’s now easier to sell your information, which is how they make money. No thanks Zuckerburg, I QUIT! You’re a lousy boss who treats me bad and makes a bunch of money off me while sharing none of the profits.

  • Nora

    thanks (: you are a very good direction-making man. just as i am a very good direction-following person! :D