Gift Card Winners: Randi and Vivian!

Holy crap. Rafflecopter is awesome. It makes running contests significantly easier on my end. Expect more in the coming weeks.

But you probably don’t care about all that. “Goob, tell us who won,” you demand. “Was it me,” you shriek while leaping into the air and scaring your dog. Or not. It’s just a $25 gift card. You’re probably sitting there annoyed that I’m dragging this out. I should stop typing. Or keep typing, but stop typing this paragraph and instead type the winning names. I don’t know, it seems like I’m rushing it. We never get to talk. How was your day? Mine’s been great, thanks for asking. What are you up to tonight? I’m catching an improv show then going out for drinks. Should be fun! What were we talking about again?

Now you know the kind of crap my friends have to put up with :D

The two winners were:

Vivian – v…
Randi – rain…

I’ve emailed them both and will send the cards out tonight. Thanks to everybody who entered!!

  • kaccat

    Congrats to the winners!

  • Congrats to the winners from me too!