Goob Is In Oman

At least I should be. If I’m in any other country than Oman right now, I am seriously lost.

So why am I gone this week? *shoulders shrug* Why not?

I left last Sunday, hence the sparse amount of posts since then. I return this Sunday as well, so things should return to normal before you know it. Oh, I found the cause of HIF’s recent slow load time! So having squashed that bug is nice.

Okay, I’ve run out of information to share. Have a good few days without me! How about y’all talk to each other in the comments? Make a few new friends from fellow Hiffers.

  • Kerri Cochran

    Have fun! I will miss my daily routine of coming to the site…

  • Cruiser3

    Kerri, no need to miss the site. Just drop in and say ‘Hey’!.
    I’m in Md. Nasty surprise on the ground this morning. SNOW!!! UGH!!!
    I was really hoping we wouldn’t see any this year.
    I’m going to have to check what the weather is like in Oman, … and where the heck that is. ???

  • KkUCF

    Shhh. Since Goobs gone, lets talk about him!????hahaha

  • r

    Stay safe.

  • r

    I’m in maryland too. We got snow.

  • SavdByGrace50

    Oman?? Not the usual vacation destination, but definitely warm!

  • Kate

    Safe travels Goob!

    Oman is off the Arabian Sea- right next to Yemen and Saudi Arabia, near Iran

  • RodrigoDiazLinux

    Careful, many lost their sandals there and the sand is hot!

  • Ashley – Frugal Coupon Living

    ROFL… Enjoy Oman!

  • Janettwokay

    I have no idea where Oman is (Middle East? East Los Angeles? Another crazy suburb of NYC?), but I hope you’re enjoying yourself. And remember, don’t drink the water (in case Oman is in Mexico)! 😉

  • redhed

    just got back from Yuma, AZ and now home in NE WA…snow snow snow 😛

  • jac

    what could we say we’re not good without our benevolent leader goob hope he’s having a great time wherever he is

  • Buck

    Bet a camel spits on Goob.

  • Jane Doe

    I don’t mean to complain, Goob, your site is excellent place for freebies-one of the sites I check daily, however, whenever I request fragrance samples, regardless of whether I tell them I a man or woman, they don’t want to send me their fragrance samples. What’s secret to get companies to send them? (Besides, creating a dummy fb account and junk e-mail addresses?) Does anyone posting comments know how to do this?

  • Angela Petersen

    Hope you’re having a grand time, Goob! I’m in Nebraska and it’s 13 degrees! Brrr!

  • pctrickster

    Oman is a country in the east of Africa close to Middle East.

  • moroskom

    GOOB! Be safe! Rock the Casbah! (listening to the CLASH)

  • Meredith Tinsley

    Have a fun safe trip!

  • ks

    Sorry, but I’ve practically given up on this site. What’s happened to it? It used to be one of my favorites.

  • Jane

    Oman, huh? Are you negotiating lower petroleum prices? We hiffers in the Midwest could use that. Enjoy your stay in the Middle East.

  • Corrina

    What the heck are you doing in Oman???

  • April Ferguson

    I miss you Goob!!

  • kelly

    have a safe trip.see you soon! GOOB

  • EB

    I agree, hardly any updates. Other sites are much better.

  • Kiwi

    man….it is quiet without goob here…..*looks around* a little scary too!

  • lucy

    GOOB!! what the hell are you doing in Oman? lol.. good for you , my dear.. be careful and come back in one piece, k? we miss you..

  • Goob

    My bad, I’ll be sure to ask for your permission before taking any vacations in the future! Shall we trade contact info so you can do the same?

  • Goob

    Don’t worry, the next time you’re in the middle east with spotty internet connections and don’t leave a comment on any HIF posts, I won’t hold it against you.

  • Goob

    Having fun!

  • Goob

    Hiffers aren’t scary!