Host a House Party, Get Free Stuff

Host a Houseparty, Get Free Stuff

Speaking of Coffee-Mate, remember a few months back where you got a coupon and were entered into a chance to host a Coffee-Mate sponsored party? Yeah, me neither, but the post is sitting right there in the archives so it must have happened!

Hiffer Teresa recently posted on our Facebook page that she was accepted and got all the following for free:

  • Cranium board game
  • A Poker Set
  • 17 coupons for Free Coffee-mate Creamer (Liquid or Nondairy, up to 3.99)
  • 30 Nescafe single coffee packs
  • 25 Coffee-Mate single pack Creamers
  • Cups and Napkins

You might be asking yourself why she got these freebies. It turns out that some companies offer boatloads of freebies in exchange for using them to host a house party. They get to place their products in front of you and your friends while you to have a sponsored party. It’s win-win!

Now unfortunately the Coffee-Mate offer is dead. But instead of getting bummed that you missed out, check out where you can sign up for the following parties:

  • AARP Celebrate Life @ 50 House Party
  • DiGiorno Pizza & Hoops House Party
  • Huggies Pull-Ups House Party
  • Johnsonville Italian Inspiration House Party
  • Philadelphia Creme Cheese Dinnertime Dilemma House Party
  • Singer Sew Very Easy House Party
  • Tapena Wine and Tapas House Party (Only available in CO, DE, FL, GA, MD, MA, NJ, NY, OR and WA.)
  • Zatarain’s Brings Mardi Gras Home House Party

Remember, these companies are looking for people who 1) have friends and 2) are outgoing enough to invite them over for a party. In order to screen applicants, they do make you take a survey with around 20 questions. But as long as you’re not some hermit with no social skills you’ll have a chance at being selected.

So which Hiffers out there have hosted one of these house parties. How did it go and would you ever want to do it again?

  • Kaos

    I have actually done several of the House Party parties (that seems redundant!)
    Not only was it fun for all the free stuff that came, but an excuse to have everyone over and have it not cost a ton was PERFECT! I sign up all the time when they send me emails about them.
    House Party is one of my favorite “freebies” places

  • Bonnie L.

    I did one last fall for Sabra hummus. It was fun and the freebies were great. My friends enjoyed the coupons and recipes. And it was great to get free food for my party.

    The one thing I did not like was their site to invite friends. I did not want to give them all my friends’ emails and not control what was being sent out on my behalf. So I set up a party site as they asked and entered my RSVPs manually. But I actually invited by Facebook and email. That worked better for me.

  • jscx2

    i keep trying, but haven’t been picked. Is there a trick to the answers you have to put in. i just started trying about 2 months ago?

  • xxrebel13xx

    I am actually hosting a Coffee-mate party tonight, or at least I’m supposed to. With all of this snow, my party may be a dud :(

  • Vicky

    I, too, have hosted many parties from House Party. They were so much fun and the freebies were more that what you would expect. But lately, maybe because it’s more popular, I haven’t been chosen for any parties in almost a year. I wish they would find a way to minimize the entries so I can “get my groove back”.

  • sam

    I’m having a coffee-mate party tonight! I’m doing the art kit. We’ll see how this goes.

  • Rachel

    I got picked for the Coffee Mate party, but the email gave two days to fill out the info. or you lost it. I tried on the second day, but it said it was too late! I realized I had waited two hours past 48 hours! I sent a help email which it had posted if you had any problems and they never responded. Of course, my plan to paint with kids outside today would not have worked with all this snow, but I would have loved the freebies and used them at a different time.

  • ChrisTx

    Darn no Texas! LOL

  • cheapsk8

    I was disappointed to fill in so much info for the Kraft house party and then not win or get anything in return.

  • Amy

    My husband and I have done several House parties since signing up in August. We have done Gerber, Chex mix, and EA active sports. He also got to do a continuing PS3 party from the EA active and won several items for the “online party forum” by logging on and posting pics, commenting on blogs, etc which is nice considering how much games, attachments and stuff are. I got the Coffee Mate party for the workplace too. The NesCafe Dolce Gusto machine is fabulous!! I would highly recommend

  • KFM

    I haven’t been accepted to any of the house parties I’ve signed up for yet. Some neat stuff with those, though.

  • Stacey

    I did chex mix and The American Nija Warrior one. I got picked for the Pull-Ups, but thats not till march! is awesome!

  • Deb

    I hosted a House Party and received 2 Wii games. I also hosted a Ball canning party and received a huge canning set and coupons for canning jars etc, not to mention I learned how to can jam, salsa, etc. The value of some of these parties is well over $100. You do need to respond quickly to the offers and you must post pictures after you host the party.

  • I was picked once to host a Velveeta and Maxwell House…House Party. I had fun and so did my guests but I haven’t been picked to host anymore but I keep trying. They do give you alot of freebies for your guests.

  • Sharon

    I’ve applied for a couple, but never have been selected. I think in addition to having friends, you really have to be the right demographic. If you are older, single and don’t have young kids, like me, I think your odds are slimmer.

  • Terro

    mmmmmmm, Velveeta and Maxwell House! Sorry, that one made me laugh. I hope I get picked one day!

  • Beth

    I have done many parties with House Party. I did Green Works, Microsoft Windows 7 (and got a $400 Windows 7 version for FREE), Arnold Sandwich Thins, White Cloud toilet paper and paper towels, Star Wars the cartoon, and most recently, Durex. I LOVE House Party. I go into it thinking if I get picked yay and if not, I’m not going to have a coronary or anything like some people do. (i.e. This site sucks I never get picked wah wah wah)… Keep trying! Eventually they’ll pick you. I also noticed that when I post pictures of the party I had and things, I’m more likely to get picked for future parties.

  • lauri

    i love house party! I did the durex girl talk one last october and now i got selected to do the huggies pull ups potty dance! I’m hoping this one will get my almost 3 year old completely out of pull ups! I’ve signed up for many other ones but there are limited spots. If you get turned down, just keep trying and eventually you will get selected. It took me over a year but its worth it :)

  • We just did our Coffee-Mate house party this morning — a combined baking and art party in the park, since two of us got a party. Super fun!

  • Rev Robin

    I got chosen for the coffee mate party as well.

  • Lisa L.

    Hosting the Coffee Mate game night party tonight with the Cranium board game and poker set. Totally perfect because it’s my hubby’s birthday! By far the best freebie so far this year, and probably last year too

  • Dizzy gal

    I am scheduled to have the coffee mate party tonight, the same as the poster, game night. I got all the same swag she did. nice. I have also hosted a few houseparties. I do not know what criteria they use but being in AZ it seems we out west do not get picked much for HP as much as midwest or east coast. I have applied for the AARP and DeG pizza party. I quit applying for quite a while. never got picked in almost a year of apps. hoping 2011 will be my lucky year.

  • Mary

    I have done several parties and love the freebies. As it stands I haven’t hosted since summer but like all good things once word gets out the line to be chosen grows. Hang in there,they are awesome and you will get a party.

  • Melissa Sloan

    I have applied for a ton of them and have gotten chosen 3 times so far: Digiorno pizza and breadsticks, Febreze Set and Refresh (by far the best…hundreds of dollars worth of free products), and most recently Nilla Wafers and Maxwell House coffee. It’s a lot of fun and worth a shot.

  • Eric Vogel

    I think they are a rip off. I am tired of filling out the surveys and never get picked. I am a huge coffee drinker and how could I not be picked? Maybe because I am a single guy with no wife and kid? I have 2 other adults living in the house? Only say I can invite up to 20 over? Maybe I need to change my answers a bit. Either that, I am gonna close out my account. How could they not pick me? I got accepted for the coffee maker one, then was told it was an accident and then they spammed me for two weeks about it and these deals and I feel I could do better online in prices. Besides, why would I buy something for something they didn’t mean to invite me and revoked the invite instead of keeping me in it? I hate to fudge, but if that is the only way in… My goodness I tell them the ?-19 people, that I will post pictures, I blog, use Facebook and Twitter, people come to me for recommendations what else are they looking for? Women with or without kids, because guys don’t have house parties. What a fun night it would have been… I bet I will get a rejection letter soon. Or maybe they forgot…

  • Jessica

    I hosted a Shutterfly house party. It was great. Each guest got a reuseable bag, a pen and a coupon for a free photo book from Shutterfly. I am also doing the Coffee-Mate game night tonight. I have applied for more but some of my guests don’t want their pic put up on any site so maybe that has something to do with being chosen or not since they don’t really know if you actually had the party.

  • Beth

    I have done 12 House Parties so far. They are fun and sometimes the items you give you are very valuable.

  • Diana

    Hosted my Coffee-Mate party at work today! Thanks Goob for posting it when you did, we had a great time. It was also the 100th day of school, so we were nice and caffeinated for the kids :-)

  • Eric Vogel

    I dunno if Sam is a man or women. If Sam is a women, they key to coffee mate is you must be a women. Because guys do not know how to host parties and don’t like cofffee and never use coffee mate! Maybe I shouldb’t buy coffee mate again?

  • leslie

    Glad to see someone from the board won! Congrats!

  • Laura

    I did the Digiorno Hoops party last March, but I haven’t been accepted for any since then. I also didn’t want to give out my friend’s emails, but some of them did fill out the House Party surveys for them. There must be a trick for getting accepted a second time.

  • Sheri

    I got picked for the Game Night and am hosting tomorrow night for friends as an “alternative” game night (instead of Super Bowl). I totally didn’t think I’d get picked, but I did. We are having all veggie snacks and sexy games! ;)

  • Sheri

    I meant I was picked for the coffee-mate game night party.

  • Amy

    I was picked for the Office Party. I received all the same stuff but instead of games I received a Dolce Gusto machine to keep! :)

  • Too Funny

    i picked the Art Party. It came with a full set of colred pencils, paints, crayons, oil pastels, ect. Also got 30 tubes of paint. And a drawing pad, and paint pad. Very fun. Us girls had a good time (:

  • Canaan

    I’ve hosted a couple of House Party parties and it’s so much fun!

  • Beth

    As you can see, people have a fit if not picked. It is really ok. You win some and lose some. I get picked about once every 4 months for a party. And it’s almost always NOT the party I wanted. I don’t even USE condoms with my husband yet I got the Durex party. Who cares… I got something. It came with plenty of other awesome goodies that we can use. So chill out. It really is not the end of the world if you don’t get picked, no matter how much coffee you drink. There are more important things to have a fit about.

  • Beth

    I have been doing Houseparty for about a year now and have done several parties.You don’t always get accepted, but when you do you just invite friends and family over have fun, take a few pictures and post them. How easy is that! They give you most of what you need, you just add a little on your end and viola.

  • mic

    I did host a few parties and they are a lot of fun. I’m hosting a “Tru Moo” house party this weekend and cannot wait! I’m combining it w/my son’s 7th birthday. The give aways include little fans and insulated lunch totes which are being used as the goodie bags. The parents who stay will taste too. I always take the photos of the kids from the back and ask them to hold up the product. Then I can post the photos online w/o worrying I’d offend parents. I always tell the parents that if they want to voice their opinion, leave their email and I’ll forward the survey. Some leave it, some don’t. I love house party. I’m always bummed out when I don’t get picked. But I’m always psyched when I do get picked.

  • Jen M

    I will report back. I was just chosen for the Huggies Pull Up party (probably not the most fun party, but whatever). I’m excited for my kids.

  • shelly

    Wooo hooo, I hope I get the pizza party one :) I signed up for other ones too. Looks like a fun site….I get lucky with and for campaigns so hopefully I do with this house party one.

  • Angela

    I was picked for a Capri Sun party. I got two cases of Capri Sun, frisbees, pencil bags, photo frame magnets, plates, napkins and a tote bag made of capri sun pouches. I keep signing up for more but havent been picked yet.

  • Angel

    I have done just dance, dj hero, tombstone pizza and just got picked for philly cream cheese spread. I love houseparty and apply for every single party.

  • Katie McGowan

    I have had three house parties in the last year…and I will be hosting my fourth one on the 27th of this month for Freschetta Pizza. This is awonderful, wonderful way to promote and market products…plus I have an excuse to have people over.

    Also…the coffee mate party was NOT through House Party. I also had a Coffee Mate Free Flavor Friday party with the art kit….we had a blast….but…this one was actually through Coffee Mate. I signed up on their website for occasional emails, etc. I received a survey from them and at the end I was asked if I would like to participate.

  • thrifty one

    applied to every possible party for 2 months and zip zilch nade, but i see plenty of these suspsious names hosting these parties and they dont even post pix or vids, whereas i can and will post vids pix, and have tons of friends locally to attend a party. i guess my mid 30’s with 2 kids 2 story home 2 cars and 2 dogs 2 cats and 8 fish isnt the needed demographic, i think they are looking for anchor families to give MORE free shit to.