Is HIF Updating For You?

This is important, so thanks for reading it.

Alert the media! Stop the presses! Goob broke HIF last week! Dog bites man!

As some of you have alerted me, HIF is stuck showing nothing new past Monday, February 11. That’s a slight problem since today is February 25 and I’ve made plenty of posts over the last 14 days.

In order to kick HIF’s rear into gear, please do the following:

  • Go to
  • Press Ctrl and R at the same time (mac users can hit Command and R) to force a manual refresh of the page.

That should be all it takes. However if HIF still refuses to update or updates only to today and then stops updating again tomorrow, please let me know. It would be much appreciated.

Veteran Hiffers may remember I broke the browser cache in September 2009 as well. I’m getting pretty good at this.

  • loshla

    Its been okay for me Goob…….I have been seeing the posts all the time. Thanks again!

  • vahillbillie

    It’s working fine for me. :)

  • Cath

    Looks ok to me

  • stacie

    I’ve had no problems. Maybe it’s an issue with a certain browser? I’m using Chrome.

  • Gabrielle

    It’s been fine for me Goob!

  • Cruiser3

    It’s been updating fine for me too.

  • Elisa Avalos

    It’s been fine for me :o using chrome on a pc in so cal

  • Julie

    Fine for me also. I use Chrome, XP OS…. I’m in Michigan, and my computer is over 6 years old

  • don

    unable to refresh

  • Barb

    OMG. I think I sent you an email back in 2009 telling you something was wrong and six months later you sent me a HIF pen and stickers as a thank you. BTW, no problem this time.

  • eilee

    I have been receiving them all along and use Chrome but my daughter uses another system and she said she did not get anything from you. So I let her know what to do.

  • Darin

    I am getting everything fine. I use a tablet computer, so everything comes up fine on the mobile site. Thanks for asking!

  • Samantha

    For me, it hasn’t been updating in Firefox, did a bit better in Safari, and best on the mobile site. It looks like everything’s working now though. Thanks!

  • Beth

    HIF has been working just fine for me using Chrome on a pc.

  • courtney

    Won’t the people who are having trouble with updates be unable to see this post? It has been working for me, though

  • Ever since I did the manual refresh last week, like you suggested, it hasn’t gotten stuck again. So far, so good!

  • If they follow on Twitter, FB, or the mobile site, they’ll see the posts. That’s how I started to think something was awry last week. Sometimes Goob posts a special one on Twitter that’s not posted here, but when that was happening for the 6th time in a row, I started to wonder and commented about it on FB. Turns out my browser wasn’t updating.

  • tess

    Firefox seems to be OK. Last update was coupons on 22nd. Did the CR anyway.

  • E

    Was not updating for me :(

  • MB

    Not refreshing for me – I know I am a dinosaur, still using AOL :)

  • Hi Don. What exactly do you mean? Refreshing doesn’t update HIF to the current post?

  • That is awesome that you remember that! Thanks for being a reader for so long :D

  • Thanks Eilee! Please let her know that she can contact me if it’s still not working.

  • As Gretchen said, it’s for the Twitter and Facebook folks. We also have 30,000 people who get the daily newsletter, so I was targeting them as well.

  • Awesome, that’s great to hear!

  • Hey MB, no worries about still using AOL!

    Try these instructions:

  • Jackie

    I use Chrome and it didnt update for me. I tried CTRL R and it worked! So happy to have HIF back. I was deprived.