Jack in the Box Birthday Freebie

Jack in the Box Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-29-2014

The Jack in the Box birthday freebie is one of the few out there where you don’t have to sign up ahead of time. Print out the coupon, bring ID to show it’s your birthday, and – PRESTO – free sugar rush. I think this would have appealed to me a lot more before I discovered adults could buy and consume raw sugar whenever they wanted. The only item I routinely buy at the market each week is a 10 lb. bag of this white wonder.

Signup Freebie: Nothing
Birthday Freebie: Free chocolate overload cake, New York cheesecake, or 5 piece mini churros.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • Cheryl Hayes

    Thanks for the freebie!

  • hey by birthday is october 31, 1973

  • moostermiley

    I forgot to redeem mine on my birthday last October but since I’ve been such a regular customer of their with their $2.99 breakfast they let me get it a week after my birthday … don’t push your luck, though … you might not be as lucky … do go on your birthday and get your treat … the churros are kinda dry so I would recommend the cheesecake or the chocolate overload cake … do not eat the dessert right before you go to bed or you will be up all night like I was :D

  • Rockman X

    You should Tag these according to if you need to register, if you need to print a coupon, and if you can just walk in with an ID.

  • Good idea in theory, but they change way too often for me to do it alone.

  • glutton

    Oooo, good idea. It would also be nice if people could note whether the birthday deals are only good on the actual birthday, or how long before or after your birthday the offer is good.

  • SoCal Indi

    It doesn’t work now. I have used it in previous birthdays though.

  • SoCal Indi

    It’s 2 free tacos now.

  • Melissa

    It’s two tacos WITH purchase, now. :P