Budget Busters #6 – Local Coupon Sites

Free Groupon Deals and Offers

By now you’ve probably already heard of Groupon. Any company that can turn down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google is sure to get people’s attention. Well I’ve been using the site since Christmas last year and long story short, they’re freaking awesome.

The site name comes from a combination of Group and Coupon, which is a good way to describe how it actually works. In essence, once a day there is a super deal offer presented to your region. If enough people buy it, then the deal “is on” but if there aren’t enough people interested, then it dies and you aren’t charged anything. For instance, in my Groupon region recently, there was an 18-hole round of golf for two people plus cart for $39, which was around 70% cheaper than the normal cost. Now the only golf I play is putt-putt, so I passed, but you get the idea.

How about this for a better example: right now, Groupon is running a deal with Redbox. For $1, you can get 3 movie rentals! The offer is good through midnight tonight (Tuesday, Dec. 14) and the Redbox codes don’t expire until March of next year.

That’s pretty much it! Sign up, check the site each day, and snag whatever they’re selling cheaply if it tickles your fancy (I have no idea what that means). With birthdays always cropping up, I figure I’ll buy anything I see priced especially well and bask in the glow of my friend’s praise!

Of course, Groupon’s enormous success has spawned thousands of copycat sites. Below you’ll find some of the more well known ones here in the states.

So what Hiffers are already using any of these sites? Let us know in the comments what kind of great deals you’ve snagged!

  • vdragon

    I’ve used Groupon several times. Two other sites I use that you haven’t listed are Jasmere and Tippr. For all these purchases I’ve been pretty happy with the products and services.

  • Caitlin

    Mamapedia is also good. I just got a free subscription to Family Fun magazine thanks to a $5 signup credit. I’ve used Groupon several times. I’ve also used Eversave and some other daily deal sites.

  • LuLu

    Goob, I just read about this one in Woman’s Day….www.1saleaday.com

  • Brook Lynn

    Thanks for posting those sites…i love Groupon and another site thats good is Halfoffdepot.com

  • Kathy B

    I love and have used Groupon, Living Social and Jasmere a lot recently. I’ve also been buying from 1saleaday long before I even heard of Groupon. Not sure if these count as “daily deal sites” in the current sense, but I’ve found great deals on these oldies….graveyarmall.com and woot.com too. Thanks for listing the additional sites for me to check out.

  • Brandy

    Thanks for all the sites, I have never heard of any of these, and with a family of four I try to find different ways to save as much as I can any way I can. I even make my own laundry detergent which is now saving me roughly $300 a year.

  • Carolyn

    Groupon is awesome. I got $26 in free credits, so was able to get a voucher to an awesome clothing store worth $50 for free. I got a pair of designer heels and a pair of socks shipped to my house for $8 out of pocket. Groupon is great!

  • Eric

    I subscribed to Groupon for a while, but with only one offer a day, that offer would usually be at least 30 miles from me. Then, when I was actually interested, their website really makes you jump through hoops. This week’s Redbox offer is a good example. I signed up 5 times before it took effect, and then wasn’t confirmed for over 2 days.
    Thanks, but I like to know what I’m getting, and when, for what I pay, and they just won’t do it.

  • Marilyn

    I used Groupon and got half off tickets to the Nutcracker. Since I live in a small town and the closest town is over an hour away I usually pick things like museum admission or special events.

  • Seed

    Groupon is great!! Hawaii is not that big so there hasn’t been an offer too far to be a good deal! I’ve bought many restaurant gift certificates at half off or more!! I’ve also purchased GAP and Nordstrom $50 gift certificates for $25!!! It’s great! Living Social is also good. I’ve read bad reviews on it, but I’ve never had a problem redeeming a voucher.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/imaginationspark?rf=238928754181730959 hkhagan

    I use groupon a log. So do my mom, my boyfriend, and his sister. They have really great deals. We are planning a wedding in June and I’ve used it to buy things for that and for the honeymoon.

  • Nijuana Jones

    I live in central Missouri and I’ve bought a lot of items from Groupon for the Kansas City area and use the Kansas City Living Social site as well. We also have a more local site called AddSheet that we use a lot for Columbia, MO (Go Mizzou)! Absolutely love these sites and have got to do a lot of things I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford to do. Highly recommend these three for sure.

  • Alyssa

    If you are looking for good deals check http://www.gottadeal.com it is updated frequently and has some of the best deal on the internet. I check it daily and LOVE it.

  • Kia

    kgbdeals.com has been pretty good. they had $4 amc movie tickets awhile back

  • Jessica

    I love Groupon and I also like Tippr, check it out. It’s almost just like Groupon.

    I’ve snagged from the two:

    $40 gift certificate to Art Supply Warehouse for $20.

    $15 for two movie tickets and a large pop corn. ($30 value)

    I’m new to these sites – but LOVE them!

  • Denise

    I must be out in nowhere because I can’t even get Groupon it doesn’t list anything in my area. I live in NH anything for this part of the world?