Lots of Freebies via Facebook

I don’t normally post freebies found on Facebook as they usually require you to become a fan of the company before you get the freebie, but there have been a ton of Facebook offers recently. So…here they all are in one convenient post! Oh, and while you’re at it, why not become a fan of Hey, It’s Free on Facebook or follow us on Twitter?!

Free Caribou Coffee Wild Cooler – Become a fan of their Wild It Up application and get a coupon for a free medium Wild Cooler. Coupon expires on July 6th. Thanks goes to Northern Cheapskate for the heads up on this one!

Free Foldable Water Bowl – This is actually a pretty nifty idea. It’s a water bowl that you can fold up and carry with you on hikes or walks when you feel like taking Fido along with you. Then you can whip it out and give him a drink! After you become a fan of Cloud Star, send them an e-mail (facebook@cloudstar.com) with your mailing address.

Free Non-Slip Dash Pad – This is one of those little pads you put on your dash board to keep your cell phone from flying all over the place while you drive like a maniac. I personally could use about a dozen of these as I have way too much junk in my car. Again, after becoming a fan of Nabbit, send them an email (promos@nabbit.com) with your name and mailing address.

Free Coach Pencils? – If you happen to be going to your nearest Coach store anytime soon, fill out the form that was found on their Facebook page, print out the confirmation page, and then take it in with you to receive a “free gift.” I hate it when companies don’t tell you what the freebie is, but the signup page has a pack of pencils on them, so I’m just guessing that’s what it is. If anybody happens to get the freebie though, by all means, let us know what you got.

Free Chick Downtown Friendship Bracelet – You can actually get the bracelet through either Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace. After following/friending them on any of the aforementioned sites, scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the form.

  • in re. of the Coach freebie, folks on FB are saying its a free set of pencils and maybe notebook…

  • Leticia

    in regards to the Coach freebie they are pencils but if you spend $200 or more you get the matching notebook for free :)

  • Tonya

    Got it today. It’s a 12 pack of brightly colored regular lead pencils with “Coach Poppy” on them. They are packaged in a cute box and they put them in a matching gift bag. The notebook is free with a $200 Poppy purchase. Poppy is their newest print for handbags, btw.

  • aphrodite

    Yes, got the Coach freebie a few days earlier. It’s a very colorful set of 12 pencils from Coach’s new “Poppy” line. Comes in a colorful Coach box and Coach gift bag. Cute Gift.

  • littletreefrog

    love them thanks! :)

  • Joyce

    Hey what’s going on. I didn’t see any link for a free Chick downtown Friendship Bracelet. Did I miss something or is this just a way for you to make money as an affliate?

  • Thanks to everybody who got the Coach freebie and let us know it’s the pencils!

    And Joyce, the form is at the bottom of the second link. I just checked and it’s stilled there. I don’t make a dime from them, so, no it’s a way for me to make money as an affiliate. :)

  • JJ

    thanks so much Goob! Man i’ve never signed up for free things cuz i feel like they are spam but i love how u only put up the ones that actually work! I signed up for a couple of things here :)

  • jennifer

    FWIW, I signed up for the Nabbit dash pad, and when it came, I had to pay the letter carrier a quarter in extra postage. Not a problem, but still, the postage that Nabbit used wasn’t enough.

  • Stu

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the Caribou download? I get part way through the process, then it just keeps spinning..aggggg!

  • Kate

    I got my Coach pencils today! They’re very pretty. Of course, all I wanted to do was run in and out, but the Coach people asked me to stay and look at the new Poppy collection. Which, btw, is the ugliest thing Coach has ever put out. But I like the pencils!

  • sharon

    thanks goob i didnt get the couch freebie but i got all the other, the folding water bowl and the non slip dash pad. thanks hope you have a great holiday weekend, it is my dogs birthday so we will be busy with her party. she is 10 omg she is a big girl now lol thanks buddy

  • Gwenn

    For the friendship bracelet you have to scroll all the way to the bottom and fill in the spaces.

  • Connie

    I printed the Coach freebie and it is a pack of pencils and a very nice notebook/journal with it. Great stuff. Thanks.

  • Meliflor

    I signed up for the coach freebie and I get nothing after I click “submit.” All I see is the form I filled out. Is that what we take to the Coach store? Please advise……

  • ruth

    There is a pic of the coach pencils on this site.
    click on the free gift picture

  • little s

    nabbit promo is over ;(


    Free Chick Downtown Friendship Bracelet – You can actually get the bracelet through either Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace. After following/friending them on any of the aforementioned sites, scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the form.

    i don’t see anything to fill out at the end of the page. promo over? or am i on the wrong tab???

    help please…

  • Summer

    What the hell is Coach anyhow? And whats so special about 12 brightly colored pencils? I guess when I look for Freebies, I look for things that I’ll actually need or use anytime soon, but pencils, seriously?