Lots of Reward Gold Magazines

Ever since posting a RewardsGold freebie last week, I started wondering how many other magazines they offered for free. Turns out the correct answer is “a bazallion.” Or I guess “twelve” if you want to get technical about it.

Thus, here’s a list of all the current offers I could find. Between this and our other free magazine section, this ought to give you plenty of reading material!

Free Blender Magazine Subscription
Free Boating Magazine Subscription (what a boring name for a magazine)
Free Bridal Guide Magazine Subscription
Free Fast Company Magazine Subscription
Free Gold Digest Magazine Subscription
Free Inc. Magazine Subscription
Free Prevention Magazine Subscription
Free Shape Magazine Subscription
Free TV Guide Magazine Subscription
Free U.S. News & World Report Magazine Subscription
Free Vibe Magazine Subscription
Free Working Mother Magazine Subscription

My mail lady is so going to hate me in just a few weeks :D

  • Christina

    So, what’s the catch? Do I have to do like a million surveys in the future or buy something later down the line? Why would this company give year subscriptions to pricy magazines like shape?

  • All of these actually came with surveys, but I took the survey each time and simply linked to the final page where users submit their info to get the magazine. They’ll send you a renewal form in a year for the magazines, but you don’t have to pay seeing as how you never give them your credit card number in the first place. Also, you can give them a “secondary” e-mail account that you don’t normally use just in case they do sign you up for a bunch of junk mail.

    As to why they’d give them away for free, I haven’t the slightest. I do know that I’ve been getting TV Guide since May 07 and I just realized it was thanks to RewardsGold.

  • Nathan

    Its probably because of the money they are making from advertisements in the survey they think you do. But thats just my guess.

  • Rachel

    I clicked on one of the links and filled out the form, but it refused to let me submit less I “refered a friend.” Not sure if that happens to everyone.

  • Rachel, I just put in “Bob” and “bob@yahoo.com” as my friend to refer :)

  • Kelley

    I used a friend like “bob” as well…only her name is Laura! ;-)

  • Rachel

    LOL! I never thought of doing that! Thanks!

  • Donna

    If there is a “Bob@ yahoo.com” he is probably wondering where all the new mail is coming from since I keep putting him down as my friend on all these.

  • The first issue of my free U.S. News & World Report subscription came today! Pretty good turnaround time :)

  • friesnashake

    US News and World Report is now a dead one there Goob :(

  • Genesis

    These magazines really do come and you never get a bill. I have received magazines from them such as Harper’s Bazaar, Jane (they stop publishing, so they sent Glamour instead), Shape, TV Guide, Latina, and Forbes. You take a survey that is only like 2 minutes. It’s really worth it!

  • Melissa

    For refering a friend you can just put in, “Nobody” and “nobody@nobody.com”

  • Hellgirl

    rewards Gold is so cool, during the past year I’ve gotten 28 different magazine subscriptions from them.

  • Beckie

    I have been getting magazines from Rewards Gold for at least 2 years now and they truly deliver. I have never had any problems or issues with being charged for subscriptions once they have run out and look forward to getting emails from them. I DEFINITELY recommend signing up for this one!!!

  • Patricia Vian

    I have tried to get subscriptions and have yet to get one. I have signed up for several and have gotten none, I have built up points and cannot use them, I have emailed rewardsgold several times and have gotten no reply. If someone can email me and tell me what I am doing wrong please do.

  • Kimi

    They don’t seem to allow me to create an account and I have not always gotten every magazine I “signed” up for, BUT I have gotten quite a few magazines from them since using them and I love it. I’d be willing to do online surveys for magazine subscriptions but these are quick and fast, but there is no guarantee you will get the magazine each time. I have gotten these so far for free: Forbes, Parents, PlayBoy, Maxim, and Martha Stewart Living.
    I have NOT gotten: Shape, Woman’s Day, or Ebony
    So I say its about 50/50 chance of getting it, but I never get any emails from them even when I agree to get them, so I have no clue how they do it and I don’t care but they are really free and it works!

  • Eva

    Does anyone know how to change your address for the subscriptions? I can’t seem to find it on the Rewards Gold page.