Marie Callender’s Birthday Freebie

Marie Callender's Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-29-2014

Hey, this Marie Callender’s birthday freebie is a two-in-one! I would have been happy with just a free slice of pie. Then again, I’m always happy when pie is involved. If you ever have to tell me bad news, hand me a giant slice of warm pecan pie first and I promise things will go smoothly.

Signup Freebie: Nothing.
Birthday Freebie: $5 coupon and a free slice of pie.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • Gretchen

    Too bad Marie calendars whent bankrupt.

  • love marie callenders pies

  • its me!

    Never had there pie…

  • Deb

    They still have a restaurant or two. One in Phoenix, AZ which happens to be on the other side of the country from me. Oh, well.

  • Maria

    Ieven though we have one here, I’ve never have tried it.

  • Maria

    *Even though we have one here, I’ve never tried it. I should go one day.

  • sunnie

    the restaurants are in the west and TX – so sad! lov their lemon merange pie in the freezer at Kroger.