Mega Swagbucks Day

Win free money just be searching

Being that today is Friday, it’s Mega Swagbucks Day. Basically, on Fridays, they ramp up the number of prizes awarded throughout the day. However, as a bonus to people who haven’t already registered, you can also enter code SWAGNATION5 while signing up and get an additional batch of 50 free points. The code expires today at 3:00 EST, so don’t procrastinate like I would!

Never heard of Swagbucks? Check out this review we did on the site. Long story shorts, it’s Google + prizes. Every time you search for something on Swagbucks, you have the opportunity to win points. Those points can then be saved and cashed out for prizes like Amazon giftcards or money via Paypal.

  • April

    Swagbucks is the most awesome search engine ever!

  • imstein

    Has anyone ever won anything?

  • Cheapsk8

    I’ve been using Swagbucks for a little over a year. I get one or two $5 gift cards a month. Thanks to Goob for letting us know about this!

  • I’ve won enough points to cash out for a few Amazon gift cards as well. That’s all I ever save up for because I’m a mega nerd and buy way too many books.

  • imstein

    I never won anything. What’s your secret?

  • Lise

    I’ve won $50 worth of Amazon gift certs in the past few months. I get Swagbucks for searching, and also keep an eye on the Facebook page and Swagbucks blog for codes they give out a few times a week, and occasionally paging through the offer pages on the site. You can also get bucks by buying stuff through their partners.

  • Felicia

    SwagBucks Rock! To those who aren ‘t winning. Make sure to download the SB toolbar and use it to search like you would google or bing. I even use it search Facebook, heyitsfree, and other sites instead of using book marks.

    Thanks for this Good…going to pass it on to my friends who haven’t signed up yet.

  • kittie

    i am having no luck creating a swagbucks account. it keeps saying error on page. i even went off and back online and tried again…any suggestions?

  • KFM

    I don’t like the new SwagBucks as much, though. I haven’t redeemed a gift card since they switched over. Most of the time I get 6 or 7 SwagBucks, which is less than one SB on the old system.

    I just now today finally got 450 SB’s, but I only search a few times a day, anyway.

  • holly

    if you search for mothers day you’ll get 50 points

  • Larry

    I LOVE swagbuck1!!!!! I just ordered my my 7th amazon gift card! that’s $35 FREE money!

  • Larry

    Thanks Holly! but I just got 10 sb.

  • Renee

    I joined in June 2009 when Goob posted about the site. I had never heard of it before. Fully addicted and have earned over $400 in Amazon gift cards and PayPal deposits in just 11 months!

  • ashley

    We are sorry we cannot offer this feature to you at the current time. If you feel you have reached this screen in error please email

    thats all the site says for me =[

  • Can someone explain to me what Swagbucks is?

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