Moe’s Southwest Grill Birthday Freebie

Moe's Southwest Grill Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-29-2014

Moe’s Southwest Grill birthday freebie email made me curious why we can’t get fajitas, so I strapped on my reporter’s hat and ventured to my local joint. The only problem was, after I arrived, I forgot why I went there in the first place. Plus I was wearing a stupid hat. I think it’s safe to say that being a blogger is the pinnacle of my ability.

Signup Freebie: Free cup of queso.
Birthday Freebie: Free chips, salsa, and one entree excluding fajitas.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • Jacqi

    This coupon is expired… I Love Moe’s and would really like to use it but I think it’s expired :-(

  • Jacqi

    Bahahaha now I feel dumb… after READING the post I realize you hafta sign up then they will send you a coupon LMAO

  • lucy

    lol.. i thot the same thing, so don’t feel bad…lol

  • Will

    How long is the coupon usually good for?

  • DianeNC

    It looks like Moe’s is now making the decision on what free entree you can get – their current offer is for a free burrito on your birthday when you sign up for Moe’s E-World. (You still get the free cup of salsa for signing up.)

  • raker

    just photohop it with your name/date- boom, done, free burrito for everyday of your life.

  • Christian_chic

    Does anyone know if I can use my birthday freebie at a different location, say if I am going out of town??

  • Unless otherwise specified on the email, you should be able to use it anywhere.

  • ddd

    salsa is already free…

  • tori729

    I don’t think Moe’s does this anymore. :(

  • Swan

    yes they do :)

  • Swan

    does anyone know if I can use my birthday coupon more than once? lol being cheap

  • collegeeducated

    not seeing a way to sign up with email these posts would help if told where to click or lok on each website

  • Guru

    Just got my birthday coupon, and it says free drink and chips with purchase of entree.

  • John Doe

    Just looked through their entire menu online… Fajitas are not on their menu. Anyway, the current deal as stated on the signup page is: “…you get hooked up with a free cup of queso right out of the gate and a birthday burrito.”

  • Moe’s still gives you a free entree of your choice, with purchase of a drink. Looks like it’s good for a week after your birthday. One store in the past actually checked my ID!

  • That’s their anniversary coupon, not their birthday coupon.