New Coupons, Free Milk, & Free Toothpaste?

Free Chocolate Milk Coupon updated their coupon list recently and some people in Missouri & Kentucky are reporting that they’re able to print out a coupon for free chocolate milk! (seen above) Granted, it’s only a half gallon, however reports are that there’s also a coupon available for a free gallon of milk when you spend $100 on groceries. If you plan your shopping trip accordingly and make sure you spend enough, you can get a ton of milk for free! I don’t live in St. Louis, but, ah… my “buddy” lives in 63114 and “he” told me that the coupons say “GOOD ONLY IN USA” sans Alaska and Hawaii. So…yeah.

Also, there’s a coupon available for people who really like the numbers 8, 5, 0, 3, and 1 (in that order, of course) for a free Colgate Toothpaste and Toothbrush at Walmart. The coupon is technically for $3 off and it has a Walgreens logo on it, but the fine print says it can be used at any store which accepts coupons and Walmart has both of these items priced around $3.

Anybody else see some great deals in the new selection? Maybe your region has some fantastic coupons that I didn’t manage to spot. If so, share away in the comments!

[via Common Sense with Money – thanks!]

  • Victoria

    For the toothbrush and toothpaste, it says you have to buy both, both of them together are $3, I havent bought toothpaste or toothbrushes in a while so I’m not sure how much they are?

  • Victoria

    Well there’s a coupon for $1 off 2 bic products. At staples they are advertising a 6-pack of bic pencils for a quarter. Maybe if you buy four packs you’ll get them free, I don’t know, what do you thing Goob? My zip is 53147.

  • The $1/2 bic products on can also be paired with the $1/2 bic products coupon from Target. Now that Target is price matching, I’m sure you can score these for FREE. I am in the St Louis area so I already scored the milk coupon yesterday! I LOVE FREE STUFF!

  • Julie

    Goob, if you included the zip code for these areas others would be able to get them as well. If you’re like me and live in a rural area with no large city nearby, you don’t get the great coupons others do, I found that by using the zip code for Pittsburg (the nearest city to me) I get better coupons to select from. However, by putting in the zip for Detroit, I got coupons for stores that aren’t in my area so that didn’t work out so well.

  • Lori

    I don’t see any coupons for free milk or a coupon for toothpaste!

  • Kimber

    I didn’t find the coupon for free Chocolate milk either. :(

  • Kimber

    Ok, never mind. You have to use zip code 63090 to find the free milk. So happy now. :)

  • wow, coupons coupons coupons…family of 2 can’t drink that much milk in a aweek….but…am giving the chocolate milk to my neighbors kids…sure they will gulp it down…am having a problem with…when you say free, the fill out form..then attached to this form is a s&h fee….to me…this is not free…seems if the company’s want their product out there…they should pay the S&H fee…not me…if I paid..I might as well go to the store and buy this whatever their tryin to sell me…by the time you add gas, the amount of cost of product,,standing in line and there and back…get it home and it’s not what it’s cracked up to be….wasted monies, gas, and am very upset they ripped me off in the first place……Thats why the samples come into play……if I like…I will buy…plain and simple…But I will not pay S&H for a weeee sample….

  • Trayci

    I found the free milk one but did not see the one for the half gal of chocolate milk :’ (

  • Maria

    I didn’t see the half gallon of choc milk either – maybe it’s dead…='(

  • Angie

    I checked all the coupons with each zip code. The free chocolate milk is gone. They do have a free White Milk Gallon with $100 purchase.

  • Victoria

    Zip code: 33907 Coupon for $1.50 off lady speedstick which is the total of one deoderant in some varieties i was told

  • Amy

    Target has Colgate toothpaste on sale for $2 and Colgate toothbrushes for 97 cents making them free with the $3 off coupon.

  • Keri

    Thanks for the link for the chocolate milk coupon – it rang up the max value of $3.75 even though the milk was $2.22!

    I *love* those kinds of coupons

    Thanks HIF

  • Jen

    walmart has a pack of bic pens on sale for $1. so the coupon for a dollar off the bic products means they are essentially buy one get one free.

  • use bic coupon at albertson by tuesday and get 2 pkgs free- big packages!

  • Chien

    Tried to find the free chocolate milk. Not anywhere under any of the zip codes. No free white milk either. :-( Got the colgate coupon though.

  • cal

    I tried to use the free milk coupon at my grocery store and they turned it away becasue they were worried it was a fake. I tried to tell them i printed it off a large coupon website but they still did not take it

  • Bethany

    My Kroger apparently doesn’t take any “free” internet coupons – they take plenty others, just not ones that are for free items. So, no free milk for me.

  • You can freeze milk. It doesn’t hurt it at all. So don’t worry if you have to get more than you can use in a week!

    It is also really super easy to make yogurt in your crock pot. Cook half a gallon of milk (on low if you have low and high) for 2.5 hrs, cool it for 3 hrs, add some plain yogurt (half a cup – and it works best if you take some of the milk out and mix the yogurt with it and then put it back and stir). Then slap a towel on top of the crock pot to insulate it and wait another 8 hours with the heat off, and voila, yogurt.

    You can also freeze yogurt and it won’t kill the culture (at least not completely) so you can also use yogurt you froze as the seed yogurt for next time.

  • Pami

    If a store does not take a free coupon then fight it. The stores get their money back when they send the coupon to the company. Email your Governer and try to get this law pass they have to take free coupons or it should be a fine and all place should take any coupons of the computer.In to day economy and people are getting laid of from jobs. this help them feed them. Also they should take double coupons aslo.
    Please help get this pass or coupons will not be around anymore. Also Color book need coupons.

  • Pami

    If you are looking for milk coupons email or call the place on your milk carton and asks them to send 3 milk coupons!