Orange Julius Birthday Freebie

Orange Julius Birthday Freebie

Updated on 06-16-2014

Oh man, that image above for the Orange Julius birthday freebie looks like a coupon some people will print. Don’t do that. Instead follow the link and sign up on their site. They’ll then send you your very own coupon right around your birthday. It’s like a birthday miracle! Or, you know, an efficient e-mail marketing system.

Signup Freebie: Free BOGO 20 oz. Julius or premium fruit smoothie.
Birthday Freebie: Free BOGO 20 oz. Julius or premium fruit smoothie.

Remember, we have a full list of birthday freebies!

  • Awsumniss

    Sounds yummy :)

  • Leann

    We don’t have Orange Julius here any more–I miss it!!!! :(

  • Kristine

    Isn’t it the same as Dairy Queen? Goob – you should put a stamp or mark-thru on the coupon so others won’t try to use.

  • Tillman

    Not sure about other areas, but the two are separted in Georgia. Orange Julius typically only sells deserts (smoothes, ice cream, milk shakes). The one closest to me food wise only sells hotdogs and nachos.

    So, want a treat, Julius. Want a meal? Dairy Queen :)

  • Donna

    Thank you! :)

  • Jamahl

    How awesome is the birthday list. I bookmarked that puppy when I found out about it on the Logan’s birthday freebie post.

  • Mo

    :( No Orange Julius by us.

  • htd947

    Orange Julius (in with Dairy Queen in these parts – SE Michigan) is not offering any freebies for birthdays. Booooo!!! :(