Free DKNY Fragrance

Free DKNY Fragrance

As a resident of New York City, I can promise that you wouldn’t want to come within a mile of this free DKNY fragrance if it truly smelled like NYC. I understand people enjoy different aromas, but I’ve yet to meet anybody who loves the scent of hot garbage and what I really, really hope is dog poop.

Free Redbox Rental Code


Code TYTY7676 should be worth one free Redbox movie rental today only (Thurs, Sept. 4). Many Hiffers reported last week’s code didn’t work at the kiosks and only worked online, so you may want to use the code online to reserve a movie then pick it up on your way home tonight.

Free Silk Almond Milk

EDIT: This is available to the first 700 Hiffers each day through October 1. It resets at 3am est.

If you don’t mind connecting a Facebook account and waiting for their site to stabilize, you can send up to five friends a coupon good for a free Silk half-gallon Almond milk. If anybody gets through, please say so in the comments!

150 Free Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Free Kellogg's Points

Codes FREEPTSFROMERNIE and RELAXITSLABORDAY are collectively worth 150 Kellogg’s points, but they’re set to expire in a matter of days. I feel this as close as I’ll get to becoming Inspector Gadget and receiving a cool, self destructing spy message.

[thanks to all the Hiffers who sent these in!]

Free Cesar Canine Cuisine Dog Food

They want us to send this free Cesar Canine Cuisine dog food sample to a friend. However I say it’s A-OK to send it to ourselves seeing as how dogs are man’s best friend.

Free Maxim Magazine Subscription

Free Maxim Magazines

Maybe for good reason, but these free Maxim magazine subscription offers have become increasingly rare over the years. They might not be the epitome of journalism, but at the very least they can compliment your exercise routine. That recycling bin won’t carry itself to the curb every week!

Free Treat Greeting Card

Free Treat Greeting Card

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a free greeting card, but the offer’s back until 11:59pm Tues, Sept. 2. Promo code 1NEWTREAT at checkout should get the job done. Just make sure to swap out the stock photos if you get a custom card like the one above.

Actually, on second thought, leave them in for added hilarity!

Free Saveur Magazine Subscription

Free Saveur Magazine Subscription

I doubt I’m in the target demographic for this free Saveur magazine subscription seeing as I’ve eating a bagel and bowl of cereal all day. But I sure as heck savored them!

RewardsCountry is a sister site to RewardsGold, but their offers tend to die fast!

Free Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Ahhh, free cereal while surfing Twitter. My dreams are becoming a reality! Unfortunately the offer for free Cinnamon Toast Crunch is only valid for the first 30,000 people to retweet the status above! Good luck.

[thanks Freebies 4 Mom!]

Free College Football Team Cling

Free College Football Sticker

Remember the free World Cup clings from Hyundai a few months ago? Well they’re back in pog form! Err, I mean, as free college football clings!

They only have 17 NCAA schools available, so I was thrilled to see my alma mater of South Carolina as an option. Turns out it looks like three fans waving white flags of surrender. Seems appropriate after our first game!