Free Candy Bar & Cat Treats


I can distinctly remember this old ad campaign for today’s free Mounds or Almond Joy and thinking “what kind of people are eating nuts and coconut in their candy?” It was my first encounter with true evil.

Meanwhile Kroger is using this week to keep our furry friends happy by giving away a free bag of Temptations cat treats. I was about to say don’t be tempted to eat these yourself, but if the alternative is a freaking Almond Joy or Mounds, then by all means go to town on these.

Free Pocket Clip

Free Pocket Clip

I guess a free pocket clip is what you’d call that above. Though I’m not sure what we’re supposed to actually clip to it. If history is any indicator, my fingers will be a few of the items. It also comes in a heck of a lot of colors. I went with Vulcan Black, but only because Cylon Chrome wasn’t available.

Free Nesquik Chocolate Milk

EDIT: Annnnnd it’s dead again.

According to my sources, there are 300,000 available samples of free Nesquik chocolate milk. That’s enough milk to fill … well I’ve got no idea how many Olympic swimming pools it’d fill, but I have to know now.

*updates Bucket List*

Free Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant

Free Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant

EDIT: This freebie was first available at the dawn of time, but it’s still active!

You may have to copy and paste the link for free Arm & Hammer truly radiant toothpaste. Because nothing quite radiates after I take a hammer to it? I like how it says we’ll never go back either. Like somebody took a hammer to the door we just walked through.

They force you to confirm your address via email, so make sure you use an account you can see access. Also here’s the link in case you’re having trouble:

Free Hunt’s Sauce & Idahoan Casseroles


A small part of me wakes up every Friday wondering if that will be the day these Friday Freebies cease to exist. They came out of nowhere and, like any great Mariners fan, I expect the shoe to drop at any minute. Yet we have SavingStar offering free Hunt’s tomato sauce while Kroger is doling out free Idahoan Steakhouse Casseroles.

Sweet, another week in the bag. I guess next week will be the bad one.

Free Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo

Free Dove Shampoo

EDIT: Try this link if the one below isn’t working for you.

Glad the bigwigs behind today’s free Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo sample chose to go with oxygen as their infused element. I get weird results every time I use argon or methane.

Free Shape Magazine Subscription

Free Shape Magazine Subscription

EDIT: This freebie was first available on June 29, 2013 and has returned today!

RewardsGold is offering a free subscription to Shape magazine again. I won’t even bother reading an issue though. Partly because I don’t want the perfect bikini body and mainly because I love cookies.

Free Quest Protein Bar

Free Quest Protein Bar

EDIT: This freebie was originally posted on Feb. 23, 2014 but is available again!

Too bad I need my free Quest protein bar today as opposed to eight weeks from now. The quest of “walking to the grocery store amidst sheets of snow and ice” looms before me and frankly I don’t think I can conquer it.

*goes into kitchen to make lunch, but can only find vegetables*

Be right back guys, gotta run to the store!

200 Free Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Free Kellogg's Points

There are approximately a bajillion new Kellogg’s Family Rewards codes, so let’s hop to it.

  • SNACKTIMESHUFFLE – 100 points, valid through 10/16.
  • DEERVALLEYSWEEPS – 50 points, valid through 10/17.
  • KFRDISCOVERYTOYS – 50 points, valid through 10/2. This code wasn’t working for me this morning though. However it didn’t give an expired error, but instead some generic “there was a problem” message.

Okay that looks more like three. I need to work on my counting.

Free Dial Acne Control Face Wash

Free Dial Acne Body Wash

Target is only offering free Dial acne control face and body wash to select zip codes, but I tried three different ones and each qualified, so I’m not sure what they’re looking for. Maybe it’s a simple test to see if you know your own zip code. I bet they had a bunch of people previously reaching the address page before leaving in utter confusion.