Free Escada Joyful Perfume

Free Perfume

If today’s free Escada Joyful fragrance offer implies it spreads joy, then explain how I’m in such a great mood today without the sample smeared on my neck?! I guess some mysteries are beyond our grasp.

The signup form is a little weird. It wasn’t working last week, but today it went through after I entered my zip code, then my city, then my state. *shrug*

100 Free Kellogg’s Points

Free Kellogg's Points

Finally! For years I’ve been saying cereal and milk are as important as learning the ABCs and now I have the validation I’ve craved for years. Sure, it’s in the form of today’s free Kellogg’s Family Rewards codes, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

To add 100 points to your account, enter CEREALANDMILKABC and KFRSATURDAYBONUS before the expire. And as always, if you’re new here, I keep a running list of every active code. It’s where I learned about these right here!

Free Redbox Movie & Game Rentals


First up on Redbox’s Wheel-O-Codes Power Hour™ is BRIGHT. It’s valid today only (Monday, Aug. 11) and is good for a free DVD or Blu-Ray movie rental.

Next on the Redbox Giveaway Extravaganza Reunion Tour ’014 is a free video game rental! Simply add any game to your cart online and it will automatically be free at checkout, with no coupon needed, through Aug. 16.

Free Rolo Candy & Chili’s Frozen Entree


SavingStar’s free Rolo candy is pretty self-explanatory, but note that the free Chili’s single serve frozen entrée is from Kroger. Don’t walk into Chili’s and order a frozen entree off the menu unless you desperately want to confuse some poor teenager.

Free Lipton Tea K-Cups

Free Lipton K-Cups

My Internet has been down all day, so I’m tethering to my phone right now. Some would complain about sluggish speed, but I for one enjoy the occasional throwback, like today’s two free Lipton tea k-cups from Walmart. It’s fun pretending I’m on AOL again! Now where are all the chat rooms?

Two Free Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Free Breathe Right Nasal Strips

This freebie was originally posted on March 6, 2013 but is still available!

There’s way too much uncertainty in the world today. Rising global temperatures, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, whether to get meat lovers or double meat lovers pizza tonight – it’s just too much for me. That’s why I appreciate these two free Breathe Right nasal strips. This freebie is always around to provide that rock solid stability I need. Heck, I’m pretty sure it’s my constant if I ever get stuck in a time traveling loop.

[thanks Freebies 4 Mom!]

Free A&W Root Beer Float on Aug. 6

Free Root Beer Float Day

Doh, I almost forgot A&W’s annual free Root Float Day returns tomorrow! All you have to do is stop by your local A&W on Wednesday anytime between 2 p.m. and closing. Okay wiseguy, you’re right, that’s not all you’ll have to do. You’ll need to walk inside or at least go around the drive-tru. It’s not like the floats will be sitting outside in the parking lot.

Free Jamba Juice

Free Jamba Juice

On Wednesday, August 6, Jamba Juice will be giving away free 12 oz. drinks from 9-11am. One such stipulation they feel the need to clarify is “guests must be present” for the freebie.

Okay, you have my attention. Story time, Jamba Juice.

Free Redbox DVD Rental


Code SUNSHINE is active only today, Monday, August 4th, and it’ll give you one free Redbox DVD or Bluray movie rental! I love these deals since there are always strangers walking by my local kiosk. Shouting that I have a free rental code for as many people that want it always gets a few strangers to stop, ask for details, then smile as they get in line.

Free Sundown Naturals Adult Gummies

Free Adult Gummies

This freebie from March 2014 has returned!

Oh come on. Don’t call these Sundown Naturals free “adult” gummies if all they have in them are stupid vitamins and nutrients. Kids can have those! If I’m paying good money for gummies with adult in the title, then they need to have at least 10% alcohol.