Free Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant

Free Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant

You may have to copy and paste the link for free Arm & Hammer truly radiant toothpaste. Because nothing quite radiates after I take a hammer to it? I like how it says we’ll never go back either. Like somebody took a hammer to the door we just walked through.

They force you to confirm your address via email, so make sure you use an account you can see access. Also here’s the link in case you’re having trouble:

Free Purina Cat Food

Free Purina Cat Food

This freebie was originally posted on August 20, 2012(!) but has come back to life.

You have to take a short pledge in order to get a free Purina cat chow healthy weight sample. Call me old fashioned, but I keep my cat’s weight under control with nothing more than a laser pointer and six fun-filled hours every day.

Free Brown Sugar and Liberté Yogurt

Free Domino Brown Sugar

I almost missed today’s Freebie Friday offer! Today we’ve got some good, ol’ brown sugar and … French? … yogurt. It has an acute, so you know it has to be fancy, like tablecloths and socks with no holes in them.

  1. SavingStar – free Domino Brown Sugar.
  2. Kroger – Free Liberté Greek.

So who is out there still redeeming these each week?

215 Free Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Free Kellogg's Points

Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY!

Huh? Oh, no, I’m not excited over the 20 free Kellogg’s Family Rewards points I just received thanks to code SPIDEYEXCITEMENT. I found something way better just now – a free Cheeto under my desk!

Edit: Geez, there are a bunch of new codes I missed actually! They are:

  • SPRINGONTHECOLOR – 20 points
  • APRILFOOLSREWARD – 25 points
  • APRILFOOLSDAYFUN – 150 points

Don’t forget I’ve listed all the current free Kellogg’s codes for anybody who hasn’t signed up yet!

10 Free 4×6 Photo Prints

10 Free 4x6 Photo Prints

Here’s a special 10 free 4×6 photo prints offer that is available for today only! You’ll want to use code FREEPICS10 at checkout and opt for in-store pickup like always. It’ll give you a chance to see how Julie has been lately. What, you aren’t on a first name basis already with your local Walgreen employees?

[thanks to Hiffers Chris and Kateland for sending this in!]

Free Domino’s Pizza (in the future)

Free Domino's Pizza

This free Domino’s pizza offer is a tad different than the freebies we’re used to, so I’m going to quote their page.

When a pitcher throws a no-hitter this season, visit and enter your account. After each of the first 2 no-hitters, the first 20,000 users to enter their accounts will receive a code valid for a free medium two-topping handmade pan pizza.

So what you want to do today is signup for a account. It’s free and should only take a minute. Then, when the first and second no-hitters are pitched this season, I’ll make two posts reminding you to go grab your pizza!

Think there won’t be a no-hitter pitched this season? Well, history says otherwise. We had three last year, seven in 2012, three in 2011, and six in 2010. In fact you have to go back to 2005 to find the last season without one!

Free Lipton Natural Energy Tea

EDIT: Last month’s free Lipton offer has returned on Walmart’s site. Simply make a quick card then you’ll see a link to the signup form.

Today’s free Lipton natural energy tea offer just hit the market. As luck would have, I’m drinking some energy tea right now! However we call it “coffee” where I’m from down south.

Free Matrix Biolage Sample

Free Matrix Biolage Sample

Interested in a free Matrix Biolage sample? Sure you are. Don’t lie.

You get to pick from HYDRASOURCE (which sounds like a Pokemon) and COLORLAST (which sounds like it needs a space). Also it takes a while for the form to go through, so let it do it’s thing for a while after you hit Submit.

Two Free Quest Protein Bars

Free Quest Bars

Summer is right around the corner, which means we’re this close to once again spending our weekends under the sun. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Unfortunately all this excitement has made me winded, which can’t be a good sign. Maybe these two free Quest protein bars will give me the energy I need in a few weeks to put my shoes on and make it outdoors.

Free John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo

I hear this free John Frieda luxurious volume shampoo goes up to 11.