Free Pretzelmaker Pretzel

Free Pretzelmaker Pretzel

Did you know April 26 is National Pretzel Day? LIAR! Of course you did, I just told you. Geez, pay attention. Anyway, this mean we get a free Pretzelmaker pretzel at participating stores. Technically you can also get one from non-participating stores, but all the goodie-goodies out there call that “stealing.” Well if snagging a pretzel and running out the door as fast as possible isn’t an option, why the heck did I run track for so long in high school?!

Veteran Hiffers may remember that in years past, Pretzelmaker asked us to tell a joke in order to get our freebie. However this year they want us to “share a message of kindness on social media then show us in-store.” I guess they didn’t like our jokes :(

200 Free Kellogg’s Points

Free Kellogg's Points

What a spectacular new free Kellogg’s points code we have here in the form of HUNT4FREEBIESPTS. But wait, there’s more! POINTSFROMKFRFUN gives you free shipping … er, I mean another 100 free points.

Yada yada all the current free Kellogg’s codes can be found here. Y’all know the drill.

[thanks to all the awesome Hiffers who sent these in!]

Free Philosophy Oxygenating Gel Cream

Free Philosophy Oxygenating Gel Cream

Philosophy wants our free oxygenating gel cream to remind us that “breathing changes everything.” You know, for those of us sitting on the fence regarding breathing. I guess we should try this new oxygen fad out!

Free Allegra Allergy

Free Allegra Allergy

This freebie from April 2015 has returned.

Cute packaging on today’s free Allegra Allergy sample. Why only mold the packaging into a letter and not the actual pill though? Think of all the additional hours of relief you could cram in there!

Wait, I also take Zyrtec occasionally. On second thought I’d like to formally say my idea sucks.

Free Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

Free Jiffy Muffin Mix

SavingStar is giving away 100% cashback on Jiffy cordn muffin mix, thus making it free. At least I think that’s how it works. I was never great at math.

Free Avery Index Maker Dividers

Free Avery Index Maker Dividers

This freebie from Aug. 2015 has returned!

If a free 5-tab set of Avery Index Maker Dividers sounds exciting to you, then you’re probably either a massive nerd like me or a parent bursting with excitement over back-to-school season bemoaning the impending summer.

This freebie “includes the dividers and Easy Apply label strips,” he said as clarification to nobody.

Try Your Luck Friday Apr 8

Hiffer Sandy recently wrote in to share the news that she won two bikes from the Quicken Loans contest we posted back in December. Those bad boys were worth almost $6,000! Here’s to Sandy’s awesome luck rubbing off on a few other Hiffers this week with the contests below.

As always, if you’ve won something from these Try Your Luck posts, please leave a comment below or shoot me an email. I’d love to hear about it!

$100,000 from M&M – Win $100,000 and a trip for 2 to NYC (June 17, d)

$25,000 from HSN – Win $25,000 with Suze Orman’s financial steps to freedom! (Apr 15)

$1,000 cash or gift card – After submitting your address on the first page, look at the bottom of the page for “click here for alternate means of entry” to avoid all the survey questions. Then enter your address again. Winners are picked monthly throughout 2016, so they’ve got another $9,000 to hand away. (Dec 31, m)

Cash Prize Contests

  1. $500 credit (Apr 11)
  2. 1 of 5 $200 Home Depot gift cards (Apr 17)
  3. 1 of 8 $500 Disney gift cards (Apr 17)
  4. $500 Levi’s gift card (Apr 17)
  5. $150 Minnetonka Mooccasin e-gift card (Apr 10)

Travel Prize Contests

  1. Trip for 2 to New Braunfels, TX (Apr 12)
  2. Trip for 2 to Miami (Apr 15)
  3. Trip for 2 to Philadelphia with tickets to 2 Royals games (Apr 15)
  4. Trip for 2 to New Dehli, India (June 15, d)
  5. Fishing trip for 2 to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario (Apr 15)

Item Prize Contests

  1. $15,000 worth of furniture & accessories (Apr 10)
  2. 55″ LED TV worth $1,800 (Apr 15)
  3. Dell Inspiron touch screen laptop (Apr 15)
  4. Graco’s child car seat, worth $380 (Apr 16)
  5. $2,100 Canon camera and lens (Apr 17)

Free Hippo Sak Trash Bags

Free Hippo Sak Trash Bags

These free Hippo Sak trash bags have me all 😂 😂. They definitely nailed the “what does Goob look like when he’s pulling an overstuffed trash bag out of the can two weeks after he should have taken it out” part of this promotion.

Free PurPod Coffee K-Cup

Free PurPod K-Cup Coffee

It looks like you’re supposed to sign up here first if you’re interested in some free PurPod coffee k-cups. They’re supposed to email you that second link with the address form, but why wait for an email when I’ve got the link right here for you? It’s like when you go to the dentist. Sure, you could sit in the lobby waiting for your name to be called, but what is this, the 1950s? Everybody knows the fastest way to get in and out is to simply walk on back and start cleaning your own teeth in the first open room you find. Plus I’ve yet to find a cavity. Woohoo, perfect record!

Free Jack in the Box Curly Fries

Free Jack in the Box Curly Fries

Jack in the Box is offering free medium curly fries with any menu item purchase through April 18. As opposed to a non-menu item purchase? What, do people often walk up and order the secret Jack in the Box steak and if I may have a followup question, how do I get in on that deal?

[thanks Freebies 4 Mom!]