Free Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

Judging from the main image, we’re all about to be stunned at our exquisitely moisturized heels thanks to this free Dove deep moisture body wash. Or maybe she’s looking at her calves? Either way, I can’t wait to stand around in a towel all day.

Three Free Nivea Lotions

Free Nivea Lotion

Nivea’s three free lotions are older freebies, but they recently updated it to give us a new option:

  • Free cocoa butter body lotion
  • Free smooth sensation lotion
  • Free extended moisture lotion

I always say you can never have enough Provitamin B5. It was my senior quote!

Free Mentos & Airheads Bites

Free Mentos Chewy Mints

Today’s Freebie Friday offers for free Mentos and free Airheads Bites were just what I needed to close out this week. If anything, it’s not enough candy. I’ll need at least one milkshake and a dozen donuts to melt away all the recently accumulated stress.

Free Redbox Rental Code


EDIT: Many Hiffers are reporting the code below as not working at kiosks. As such, I believe this is an online only code. Simple reserve your movie in advance and you’ll still get it free!

Code 12HHN756 is worth one free Redbox movie rental today only! (Thurs, Aug. 21)

Old Country Buffet Birthday Freebie

Free Old Country Buffet

After hearing conflicting reports for a while, I’m happy to confirm that the Old Country Buffet birthday freebie still exists! Their BOGO offer isn’t the greatest, but they also have a separate birthday freebie for the little tykes.

Signup Freebie: Unknown
Adult Birthday Freebie: Free BOGO adult dinner buffet.
Child Birthday Freebie: Free kids meal.

Is this the part where I link our birthday freebies list?

*checks HIF blueprint*

*realizes it’s actually a Skittles wrapper*

Eh, good enough for me.

Free Petit Healthy Snack Dog Treat

Free Petit Dog Treat

Here’s a Facebook offer for free Petit Healthy Snack dog treats. Did you know you get half credit for sticking to your New Years resolution if you transfer the goal onto your pets!?

The form appears to reset after submitting, but you should see a confirmation message in green text near the button.

Free 8 Hour Energy Patch

Free 8 Hour Energy Patch

I’ll probably pass on this free 8 hour energy patch. Call me crazy, but slapping a mysterious unknown patch on my arm sounds like something I was warned about in one of those 80′s after-school PSAs.

Perkins Birthday Freebie

Free Perkins Breakfast

Well holy moly if it isn’t a new addition to the award winning* birthday freebies series! I was recently able to confirm Perkins birthday freebie as a free Magnificent Seven meal, which is a full breakfast pictured above!

Now, that’s great, don’t get me wrong. But I’d be remiss to completely ignore one crucial fact that I’m sure many of you already have. This freebie is called the Magnificent Seven! How awesome is that?! If only all of my meals had such epic names. Heck, let’s try it for individual foods! Rename green beans to Nature Swords and I’ll eat them at every meal.

Signup Freebie: 20% coupon
Birthday Freebie: Free Magnificent Seven meal (two eggs, bacon/sausage, and buttermilk pancakes)

*I cannot confirm nor deny if the award is imaginary.

Contest: 100 $50 Macy’s Gift Cards


EDIT: Thanks to everybody who came out and participated! opened a flash contest today for 100 free $50 Macy’s gift cards. All you need to do is submit your email on this page within the next three days and you’ll automatically be entered to win! Winners will be notified on Monday, Aug. 25.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, I’m participating in a Macy’s party this afternoon on Twitter from 1-2pm EST. We’ll be talking about Back to School shopping and I’ll be cracking jokes – in real time no less! Come join us, answer some questions, maybe ask a few and you’ll automatically be entered to win a portion of $400 in gift cards! Simply use #BTSSavings in your tweets and I hope to see ya there!

Reminder: Quarterly P&G Freebies

It’s been a while since I’ve posted the quarterly P&G Everyday freebie packs. Not that August is the best time for a quarterly update, but it’s been bleak in my account recently. The only thing offered was free Prilosec OTC, which I’ve already received approximately 9,781,767 times.

But hey, new users can signup here while existing members can login here. Maybe it’s just me and your accounts are overflowing with free toothpaste and paper towels. I promise I’m not jealous and no I won’t show you if my fingers are crossed behind my back.