Free Amsety Liver Bar

Free Amsety Liver Bar

Man, I wrote up this great joke about Hiffers owning illegal livers which needed amnesty. Then I had my first cup of coffee and realized this freebie is for a free Amsety bar. Darn it, where’d that phantom N go?! I can’t even begin to explain how childishly giddy I became this morning thinking about illegal livers coming here to prevent blood clots that American livers didn’t want any part of.

Try Your Luck Tuesday Feb 2

These TYLT posts have proven so popular that I’ve decided to make this a twice-weekly series! I’ll still be publishing a contest post each Thursday along with a second post on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays. Seeing how today’s Tuesday (*looks at nearby calendar* … yup, that checks out) I figured I should publish this!

1-800-Flowers Giveaway

Flower Arrangement from 1-800-Flowers – has teamed up with 1800Flowers to give away 10 flower arrangements to be delivered to the address of each winner’s choice. Winners will be notified by Feb. 5 and arrangements will be delivered between Feb 9-11. (Feb 4)

$35,000 in Dental Work – Win free dental work, anything you need done – up to $35,000. ANYTHING?! If I win, I’m gonna make them put a racing stripe down my teeth and maybe add permanent glitter? (Mar 31, d)

Free vacations for life – Win free vacations for life (up to $4,000 travel credit each year). Upload a video of your “Happy Dance” if you were to win the prize. (Feb 19)

Cash Prize Contests

  1. $1,000 (Feb 7)
  2. $100 Visa gift card (Feb 9)
  3. $2,500 (Mar 31, d)
  4. $2,500 (Mar 31, d)
  5. 1 of 35 $1,000 American Express gift cards (June 30, w)

Travel Prize Contests

  1. Trip for 4 to Napa, CA (Feb 12)
  2. Trip for 2 to Verona, Italy (Feb 13)
  3. Trip for 2 to the Caribbean island of Grenada (Feb 14)
  4. Trip for 2 to a castle in Ireland (Mar 31, d)
  5. Trip for 2 to Thailand (Feb 18)

Item Prize Contests

  1. HTC One smartphone – Code is CONNECT and make sure to click the “click here” option first! Otherwise you’ll get a free issue of Seventeen that you’ll have to cancel. (Feb 8)
  2. Fiat 500 (Feb 12)
  3. Diamond ring worth $2,799 (Feb 14)
  4. Limited edition Pink Fujifilm camera (Feb 14)
  5. Epson all-in-one printer (Mar 21, d)

Good luck and please share with me via Twitter or in the comments below if you manage to win anything like Hiffer Drew!

Pfree Premier Protein Product

Free Premier Protein Bar

Remember this freebie? Probably not, since it’s from August 2015, but it has returned as the prophecy foretold!

I couldn’t help myself in the title. :)

Workout buffs can get a free Premier Protein bar or shake today! Well, they can request it today. They’ll have to wait 4 to 6 weeks like the rest of us unless they’re John Titor.

Free Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Free Menchies Frozen Yogurt

If you live near one of their 500+ locations and aren’t still snowed in from last week’s blizzard, then swing by today only from 4-7pm for a free 6oz. Menchie’s frozen yogurt. This is the perfect dessert / meal ruiner for us adults who never listened to our parents!

Try Your Luck Thursday Jan 28

Let’s hope these contest links stay alive a bit longer than any of the freebies I found yesterday. Geez, those things died almost within minutes of me posting them. Such is the life of a freebie blogger, I guess.

$200 NBA Store gift care – 148 of these will be given away, which seems like an odd number to me. Not literally. I passed 3rd grade math, I promise. (Feb 29, d)

$20,000 from Mission Foods – Win $20,000 or any of the other 10 prizes including $500 Visa gift cards and $200 checks. (Feb 8)

Dream Boat Package from Buck Knives – Win a prize package of a boat, motor, trailer and more valued at $63,000 (June 30, d)

Cash Prize Contests

  1. Sam’s Plus Membership & $1,000 Sams Club egift card (Jan 31)
  2. $1,000 Ticketcity gift card (Jan 31)
  3. $5,000 (Mar 15, d)
  4. 1 of 25 Home Depot gift cards (Mar 17, w)
  5. 1 of 26 prizes of $3,000 (July 10, w)

Travel Prize Contests

  1. Trip for 2 to Florida (Jan 31)
  2. Trip for 2 to Denver with tickets to Carrie Underwood concert (Feb 7)
  3. Trip for 2 to Oregon, including various outdoor activities (Feb 7)
  4. Trip for 2 to Honolulu (Feb 8)
  5. Trip for 2 to Houston with tickets to Super Bowl LI (Mar 14, d)

Item Prize Contests

  1. 65″ Android TV & Proform treadmill (Jan 31)
  2. Fitbit charge and $100 gift card to lululemon (Jan 31)
  3. Prize package including $1,000 grocery gift card, a blender, and 52 Almond Breeze gift cards (Feb 4)
  4. KitchenAid hand mixer and food processor (Feb 4)
  5. 1 of 5 Columbia jackets (Feb 5)

Is everybody liking the way we split these contests up into three categories?

Free Glad to Give Trash Bags

free glad trash bags

This offer from October 2015 is still active if you missed out!

Today’s free Glad to Give trash bags are part of a larger promotion centered around making donations to charities using trash bags. So … am I the only one who finds this weird? That’s basically one step removed from boarding a flight with your luggage in a trash bag.

You can request up to 5 free bags (they’re only giving out single bags now!) for those of us who are extra messy and/or giving. To find the form, scroll down to the 5th circle in the lower right.

[thanks Passion for Savings!]

Rebate: Free NeilMed SinuFrin

Free NeilMed SinFru Rebate

Now through February 14, 2016, you can get a free full-sized NeilMed SinuFrin at Walgreens valued up to $15. One thing that’s nice about this offer is you don’t have to physically mail anything – it’s all done electronically. The fine print doesn’t really specify how you’ll be paid back, but I’d assume it’ll by via a check.

Make sure to note you must buy this from Walgreens in order to apply for the rebate.

Free Oprah Magazine Subscription

Free O Magazine Subscription

This freebie from Jun 2006 has returned died mere minutes after I reposted it!

Mercury Magazines has free subscriptions to Oprah’s O magazine, the only magazine title that sounds as if it were just startled. That is unless you happen to frequently scream “REDBOOK!” when walking through haunted houses.

For occupation, you can select “Other” then “Homemaker” via Industry. Also you don’t have to do anything else once you’ve submitting your mailing address. There are a bunch of “offers” that show up on the confirmation page – you can just skip those and close the window.

Free Larabar Snack Bar

EDIT: Well, those went fast.

Upon retweeting the link above, Larabar will send you this link for a free Larabar snack … bar. I don’t know, for a bar, I was hoping for a lot more whiskey and a little less nuts.

Free Goop Revitalizing Day Moisturizer

Free Goop Moisturizer

EDIT: They took away the address field and changed the image text, so I’m assuming this offer is dead. :(

As HIF’s resident Goob, it took everything in my power not to insert my name into our free goop revitalizing day moisturizer. I know some Hiffers would love a free Goob, but sadly scientists here at HIF Industries have continually failed in their efforts to construct a cloning machine. They successfully managed to build an awesome paper cup skyscraper on my desk during football this weekend, so progress is most definitely being made.

In order to get the signup form to appear, you’ll need to look for the image above in the top, right sidebar and click it.