Paperless Coupons Guide

For me, coupons have become a shopping staple, but I have to admit that all that clipping and sorting can be a pain sometimes. That’s why I’ve decided to dedicate this post to a few trusty (and free!) paperless coupon sources. The process is simple: sign up online, load their coupons on your store’s shopping card, and they’ll automatically deduct when you scan your card at the checkout. The best part is that you can stack these coupons with paper coupons, so you can often get items for dirt cheap or even free!

The downside is that not every store has these services yet. Most of the following services only work at select merchants.

Cellfire: With Cellfire, you have the option of loading coupons onto a store card or downloading them to your compatible cell phone. In addition to grocery coupons, you can also get discounts for restaurants, movie rentals, and more! Sign up and enter your zip code to check out your local deals.

P&G e-Saver: Anyone who buys the Sunday paper for the coupons should be familiar with the monthly P&G Saver coupons for personal care and health products. Did you know they also have the paperless version, P&G e-Saver? The paperless coupons are currently only available at Kroger stores, but anyone can sign up to receive e-newsletters featuring additional coupons and sample offers!

Upromise: Earn some extra money for college or pay off qualified student expenses with The program has TONS of partners, including restaurants, grocery stores, drugstores, and online retailers. For a more detailed look at how this program works, click here.

If anyone knows of any other good paperless coupon sources, just let me know and I’ll feature them in a future post!

  • Valpak is on your mobile phone at

  • theresa

    i wish tat just one of them would be in my state but none of them are

  • Trish

    The P&G e-Saver site lists 17 stores, but I don’t think any of them are in my state, in fact, I haven’t even heard of most of these stores.

  • Michelle

    none of those grocery stores in my state either

  • Julie

    This is awesome, I have heard of these but never knew where to go to get them–THANKS

  • shutterbug311

    where is a great place to get printable coupons? I keep hearing about people saving soo much with the coupons they can get online. Where? No where around me does the paperless coupons. I shop Walmart alot because they are generally cheaper but would love to save more.

  • eCoupons is available in all states, and has many, many more retailers than Shortcuts. Check it out at

  • Jeff Jones

    I’d like see this ‘Paperless Coupon’ idea developed – a ‘Coupon Fob’.

  • Cellfire now lists 28 stores that you can use them at. They should be in every State.