Phree Postagram Photo Postcard

Free Postagram Photo Postcard

In order to send two free Postagram photo postcard, you’ll need to connect your Facebook account. That fact alone probably made 50% of Hiffers turn away, which still baffles me, but whatever. Shipping is free and the entire process only took about a minute.

I hope nobody notices the cropped photo I made above. It looks like the kid on the right just farted out an arrow.

  • Kelly Hudson

    Thanks, they let you do two, one for connecting to your facebook, and one for posting you did it on your Facebook wall. I used my facebook freebee account.

  • Marc_from_Brooklyn

    I think that I can explain why 50% of us turn away from Facebook freebies, particularly those that use apps that will collect your friends, your groups, and your likes. We don’t like the idea that a few large marketing companies like Google not only want to learn everything about us so that they can target ads to sell us things but also that they are collecting and retaining every piece of information about everything we do on the web for possible future use. Once they have this information, they keep it and it cannot be undone. It’s an egg that cannot be unfried. Even worse, they could be hacked and crooks or others with even worse intents than advertisers could get the information.

    I don’t have a problem with liking a brand to get a free sample since I can control who sees the like–only me–and can unlike them after. But, these Facebook apps that want to know my friends, groups, and likes? No thanks. Not since Facebook started enforcing the one account per person rule and I cannot have a marketing/advertising Facebook account shielded from my friends, groups, and real likes.

    I still appreciate your posting them, Goob. Sorry for the rant.

  • mef623

    Guys, there’s nothing that says you have to use your actual Facebook account. Just set up a second one, exclusively for freebies.

  • Lucy

    HAS NO ONE ELSE NOTICED FREE SPELLED “PHREE”?! Maybe it’s an inside joke I don’t know about, but it bugs me.

  • THANK YOU! It was too hard to pass up all the words in the title starting with P :)

  • Thanks for the comment! I love hearing what Hiffers are thinking, it’s easy to get trapped in an insular bubble for me on HIF.

    The crazy thing is I agree with everything you said!! It’s why I tell people to make a Facebook freebie account, which to me is the same principle as making a freebie email account, which all of us do.

    I only get baffled when people A) absolutely refuse to make a freebie Facebook account and then B) yell at me for posting Facebook freebies. Seriously, I get more “hate” mail for “putting all the freebies on Facebook” than I do anything else. I think that’s the part that baffles me more than people not wanting to be on Facebook.

    Thanks again for the comment though! I like having discussions like these.

    Sidenote, know of any apartments in Astoria available Oct. 1? Haha

  • Marc_from_Brooklyn

    I used to have a Facebook freebie account, but Facebook seems to have closed it–I can no longer access it using the user name and password and Facebook won’t let me access it, claiming it was in violation of the terms of service to have more than one account, even though I would deactivate my real account when I’d activate the freebie one and vice versa. Has this not happened to others? I read about Facebook’s crackdown on multiple accounts last year.

  • Jessica

    If you don’t want it, skip it, don’t come to a site looking for freebies, then whine when you don’t like one. Grow up people! How about, Thanks guys, for taking the time to post links to freebies, some of us greatly appreciate all your time and thoughtfulness to others!!!

  • Oh really? I’d heard they were supposed to crackdown, but none of my friends fake accounts were touched (all weren’t just for freebies through. I have a lot of goofy friends who make fake profiles just for laughs)

    How long had you had the account for?

  • Marc_from_Brooklyn

    I had it for a couple of years. At some point in late 2011, I think, Facebook requested a cell number to verify it. I had none at the time (and wouldn’t give them it anyway). I tried one of those free public accounts that can receive text messages at a phone number but Facebook would not accept it. I think they even rejected my Google Voice phone number. I then lost access. I then set up another, which also was closed after few months when I did not have a cell number to give them. They’ve never asked for a cell number for my “real” account, which looks more normal with friends and likes for groups in which I have interest. I suspect the problem is that all my email addresses are similar under different domains and I used my real name and approximate age and location for them so they could figure out I had more than one account.