Rebate: Free Olay Quench Body Lotion

If you trust yourself to send off a rebate form, then you can get a free bottle of Olay Quench body lotion. All you have to do is purchase it by 4/16 and send off this rebate form with the original dated sales receipt by 4/30.

There’s no way I’ll remember this. I can’t even remember simple things like…oh no! I was supposed to pick up Grandma at the airport before Christmas!

[thanks Coupon Cravings!]

  • mary

    Go to Walgreen this week. Get the lotion for 7.99 and get a free in shower lotion. Use 2 $1 off coupons on the two products. After the rebate, Walgreens paid you $2 for the products!

  • Chelsea

    Thanks for the tip mary!

  • Jocie

    Walgreens also has a free Olay Quench In Shower Body Lotion with the purchase of the regular lotion, so you will get both free!

  • julie

    This is so weird!! My friend had this stuff and it was so amazing, I was just going to go out and buy it!! Now I get it for free!!!

  • Jocie

    Oops, sorry about the repetitive.

  • Pudding

    ARe the rebate really works? had someone received before a rebate?

  • Barb

    @#6 Pudding. A rebate for the price of up to two bottles of this stuff was offered back in December. A month later I got a check for the full price of two bottles.

  • kim

    same as barb. i had even used a BOGO free (no mention of equal or lesser value) so i bought some regular olay body wash for 3.29 and got the 8.49 quench lotion for free…and still got the rebate in a very timely manner!

  • PL

    Thanks Goob! By the way, now I know who the old lady I saw walking around at the airport before Christmas was. Poor thing! :)

  • Nicki

    I love this stuff and I’ve been meaning to try the in-shower lotion. Now if only i’ll remember. I forgot about starbucks this morning.

  • Vera

    The In Shower Body Lotion at Walgreens in discontinued :( At least at the Walgreens where I came from.

  • lulus

    I have $52 in rebate checks from aveeno, Olay, Pantene, swiffer, a bunch of P&G products

  • NewYorker

    You guys are the best! It’s so nice to know there are still some smart shoppers left in the US.

  • Jill

    Back in December they offered this and in the Sunday paper of that week there was a coupon for free body wash with purchase of lotion and they some coupons for a few dollars off. I bought 1 big bottle of lotion, 1 big bodywash, and a little lotion and paid under $5 but the total would have been around $12. I sent the rebate away and got back the whole $12. It took about a month to come but it did!

  • lyn

    Hmmm not sure if I should trust rebates after the Pediasure offer was b.s. have some doubts.

  • Bren

    I did the December rebate as well with two bottles. I DID receive my rebate check from Olay. This is a GREAT deal so don’t hesitate.

  • kim

    only thing i found with the december rebate was Quench products seemed extremely hard to find. keep your eyes peeled (ouch!).

  • Diana

    I did this in December and this rebate rocked! We got 2 full sized bottles of quench valued at over $16 for free! And we got to try thier new prodcut. I was so happy with this one! Do it!

  • Teresa

    I used the coupons for free lotion with purchase of body wash, and sent in the rebate. I ended up money ahead after the $17.62 rebate.

  • Sandy

    I have done 2 Olay rebates since December, one for 2 big bottles of the Quench Lotion, got back 19.98 (which I paid) and I got back a check for 15.00 for spending 6.00 on body washes. I am still waiting on my Coors plus Pepsi products rebate, not sure if that one will come through seeing as I sent it in a long time ago. :)

  • Courtney C

    Choosing a body lotion for me is important because I love when my skin feels youthful and soft to the touch. I have used the Aloe & Jojoba Cream Therapy from Made from Earth for over a year. The fragrance is very light and fresh, very soft. It does not feel sticky or wet and gooey. It absorbs nicely and quickly and makes your skin feel soft very quickly. It does not have any alcohol (its chemical free) because it has never burned my skin, even when I used it after I got a really bad sunburn from laying our by our pool.

    I have yet to find a small bottle to carry around with me so I poured some into a little bottle a bought. I am that addicted. Hopefully they will either make a small handsized one soon.