Free All You Magazine Subscription via Recyclebank

Free All You Magazine Subscription

I’ve talked about how valuable All You magazine is in the past. Each issue is full of grocery coupons and you only need to use a few of the coupons to make a subscription worth your while. However if you’ve been banking free Recyclebank points over the years, then you should be able to get a free All You magazine subscription for only 400 points!

Heck, even if you don’t have 400 points already, you should be able to get close to that many from the current free offers available. After loggin in, click the “Earn Points” tab and go from there. “But what if I don’t coupon,” you ask. Well I’m sure they have some lovely articles as well.

Actually, don’t hold me to that. I’ve never actually read an issue.

[thanks to Angie for sending this in!]

  • This is a good deal. All You has a lot of good coupons inside. I already subscribe.I belong and have gotten many good things from Recyclebank. Both are good things!

  • And don’t forget all the mention’s HIF has had in the magazine!!

  • thanks for the heads up, it was getting tedious saving towards an amazon card. Any other good recyclebank rewards you come across, let us know!

  • puellalaeta23

    How about Cooking Light for only 360 points???? I’ve been looking for a deal on that one for almost 2 years! And Real Simple is only 475 points!

  • Ha! I was able to sign straight up and get 460 points within…a half hour, I think? I’ll certainly be using those on other magazines in the future, though! (I’ve never had a RB account before, but it looks like I’ll have to start keeping up with points!) This makes 6 free magazine subscriptions I’ve gotten since January! :D

  • Amy C.

    I just signed up and it took maybe 15 minutes tops to get enough points for a Cooking Light subscription. Then I went back and got another 175 points. This is very cool. Thanks!

  • Sherry

    I got 400 points in 15-20 minutes of clicking. I redeemed a year’s sub for Entertainment Weekly! I got a year before for free and am happy to get another free year.

  • Thanks for posting this! I always heard about this magazine but never purchased a subscription thinking I might not like it. Now, I’ll be able to get an entire year’s worth and all for free!

  • alpacagirl

    Thank you. I forgot I had points in there and I was able to get a bunch more. I was able to get subscriptions to All You, Country Living and Real Simple. Easily $30 to $40 worth. Thanks again for your post!!

  • Kassie

    I forgot I had points. I redeemed over 1,000 points tonight =) I got myself 5 magazines and the hubby a few too

  • Lori Testy

    Me too! I have gotten a couple of them.

  • Lori Testy

    I got this too! there are quite a few things I have gotten from Recyclebank. Great site!

  • Teresa

    All I see is the digital edition. Can someone confirm that this has the coupons in it? And it sounds like you can’t access it unless you have an e-reader or Windows 8.

  • tiffini

    i couldn’t find a mailed version of all you but i did get 3 other magazines and i just signed up tonight. thanks for posting this! super excited for my subscriptions to start coming

  • nellen

    Like tiffini I am wondering if you can get the coupons with the digital addition. The don’t seem to be offering a printed version.

  • nellen

    I’m sorry. Teresa was the person who asked about coupons in the digital edition.