Reminder: Amazon Prime Will Save Your Butt

Free Amazon Prime Membership

This is just a friendly reminder that Amazon Prime will save your butt if you’re still hunting for last minute Christmas gifts. I ordered a boatload of products today and they all should arrive by Monday. It’s a Festivus miracle that I’ve grown to rely on every year! I’m sure most Hiffers know what Prime is by now, but for the newbies out there, it’s a program Amazon runs where they guarantee free 2-day shipping on millions of products.

So, yeah, definitely check out Amazon Prime if you haven’t already. They offer a free 30 day trials of Prime for people who have never tested it out before and canceling Prime is super easy with just a few mouse clicks if you decide you don’t want to purchase a year subscription.

Also don’t forget students with an .edu email get six months of Amazon Prime for free!

  • Holly Landry

    Blast! I wasted my free trial on a normal month. By the way, the borrowing is very limited on those ebooks. Seriously, its one per month. Lame.

  • genaphur

    I tried to sign up for the free trial this week, but had already gotten it before so they offered me half off membership instead. Scored it for $39 bucks!

  • vdragon

    Just an FYI on Amazon prime. It does automatically renew, they don’t send you any e-mail letting you know that it’s about to expire. I thought mine was expiring soon, but it had actually renewed on its own a couple weeks previously (when it actually had expired). I unknowingly used it for an order. Had I not used it, I would have still been able to cancel it. I do like Prime, and I used it a lot last year for streaming and ordering, just beware that it’s self renewing without any reminders.