Rubio’s Birthday Freebie

Rubios Birthday Freebie

Updated on 11-05-2015 – they’re removed the $7 limit!

A lot of you sent in this Rubio’s birthday freebie so I thought it was high time I get it posted even though the nearest store is 2500 miles away from me. Although I’m not sure why people are eating at this place. They claim to still have “the original fish taco.” Make a new one or something! How old is that thing?

Signup Freebie: Free taco
Birthday Freebie: Free entree, which includes any Coastal Trio, two taco plate (excluding mix & match), burrito, salad or bowl.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday stuff!

  • ugodsgirl

    The sign up freebie was any taco free, I just got the chicken taco & it was yummy!

  • Ashley

    I wish we had one near us, that sounds so good!

  • drb

    rubio’s is DELICIOUS!!!!!!
    i miss living in cali .. rubio’s is one of the reasons!