Ruby Tuesday Birthday Freebie

Ruby Tuesday Free Birthday Burger

Updated on 04-04-2016

Hey, here’s a somewhat national offer! The Ruby Tuesday birthday freebie is a pretty sweet deal. Well, not literally. Unless you put cookies or ice cream on your burgers, but then … wait a minute … *rushes off to the kitchen*

Signup Freebie: Free burger!
Birthday Freebie: Free blondie for one or two gourmet cupcakes.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • evelyn

    How do i sign up

  • Mary

    I signed my husband up for this a couple of weeks back. They are constantly sending us good deals and coupons. For his birthday he got a free hamburger with one side and he was able to get it To Go! He paid nothing and the coupon was valid for an entire week before his birthday.

  • Updated my Info & hoping for Ruby Burger next month- Hey, It’s my birthstone!

  • Sarah

    My closest Ruby Tuesday’s didn’t take the coupon that was sent to my e-mail for the hand crafted burger on my B-Day :(

  • Kristine

    Ugh, my birthday was less than a week ago! And I actually went there for my birthday, haha! Guess this will have to wait till next year!

  • Sabrina

    I’ve been a “member” of RuTue’s email list/birthday club/whatever and all I have to say is good luck getting it. They didn’t send me one for my birthday this past year. A week later I got an email for a free salad bar. Not really the same but whatever I was going to use it except that a few hours later they sent me another note saying sorry, that was only good in New Jersey. Where I do not live.

  • Sue

    I got my birthday burger to go for free @ Ruby Tuesday. I was surprised when I opened the box and saw the fries! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • sunnie

    Wow, I signed up 3 of us (with different email addresses of course). Can’t wait to get our hamburgers!

  • Eunice

    My Ruby Tuesday was great they honored the coupon and just like a little kid, I got a cupcake and a balloon too!

  • arline shane

    filled it all out then it was erasedfor birthday coupon

  • JD LaBash

    I tried to print this coupon and got nothing but a run-around. I was sent to other pages, signed up for the Ruby Tuesdays club, and there was never a chance to pick this coupon. I spent about 20 minutes trying to find a way to print this with no success.




  • E.J.

    I don’t have a printer and when I called my local Ruby Tuesday the manager said it ws ok for me to write down the code I saw on the coupon and bring it in with me. I asked if I could get the burger to go and she took the order then and there and told me to pick it up in 20 minutes and that I could pick 2 sides with my burger! It was ready when I got there and one of the best burgers ever! Thanks for this site!!

  • As I view the above reviews….I am encouraged by the fact that there really are still some food chains that continue to honor birthdays. Thanks Ruby Tuesday!!!

  • Phyllis

    I signed up today is my birthday.but no offers

  • Hungry

    Does this coupon count for the fresh combos if i get the mini burger and salad?

  • cathydi

    I sign up today when will I receive my card.

  • they dont have burger anymor eits a cupcake

  • Allen

    Very sad! Oh well, there’s still Red Robin, at least!

  • Sabrina Doubroff

    They’re back to the free burger! :) Got mine this week

  • Thanks, I’ve updated the post!

  • L

    I signed up 2 days ago. I received an “confirm your subscription” email. I did not receive a signup freebie.

  • Sam Fowler

    Got a Free burger for my birthday today

  • jacquelune boyd

    I will like to signup for the birthday

  • Jodie June lutz

    I joined the e mail club with my husband at the Taunton, MA establishment about 2 to 3 months ago. We have since heard nothing. Could you please explain? Jodie Lutz

  • Ramona Negron

    There’s no place like ruby Tuesday. I am signing up for my birthday treat.

  • mary honore

    I love Ruby Tuesday

  • Takesha MzDebonair Griffin

    Signed up yesterday got my free birthday burger email today bday 8/8 coupon expires 8/16 as long as burger 9$ or less ?

  • Candace Bond

    how do u sign up please let me no at ty

  • angela

    i would love a free burger.thanks

  • robert j. babinec for the free burger. thank you bb

  • Andrea for bday burger on Jan. 11th. Thank you!!

  • pat dilonardo

    love the salad bar