School Supply Deals

EDIT: I mistakenly uploaded the wrong Sharpie coupon for the Office Max deal. The proper coupon is now uploaded and is available until August 8! Thanks to Sara and everybody in the comments for pointing out the mistake.

It turns out that a decent number of new visitors come to HIF in search of “free school supplies” every day. That’s great until you realize that we don’t have that many free school supplies here. In fact, the post that seems to attract the most attention is almost three years old, which of course make it invalid.

So from now until school starts, I’ll try and post weekly school supply deals each week! Also, note that Office Max, Staples, and Office Depot all price match competitor ads. If you happen to have all three in close vicinity, you could probably create some even better deals.


OfficeMax has some great deals available, including the following:

$0.01 Items!
2-Pocket Basic or Prong Folders (limit 6)
12″ Wood Rule (limit 3)
*NEW* All Sharpie and Sharpie Accent singesl w/ coupon (limit 3)

$0.10 Items
OfficeMax #2 Pencils, 12-pack (limit 3)
OfficeMax Filler Paper (limit 3)

$0.50 Item
Composition Book (limit 6)


Staples has the following freebies available this week:

$0.01 Items!
Staples filler paper, 120 sheets (limit 5) (Mon-Wed only!)

$0.75 Item
Accel 1-subject notebook, 100 sheets (limit 3)

$1.00 Items
Foohy Petz assorted monkey head cap erasers, 10 pack (limit 2)
Staples Delta Elite retractable gel pens, 2 pack (limit 2)
Westcott 7″ bent handle scissors (limit 2)
Zebra Z-Grip retractable ballpoint pens, 7 pack (limit 2)
Staples clear glue sticks, 4 pack (limit 2)
Paper Mate Sharpwriter mechanical pencils, 5 pack (limit 2)
Staples photo glossy paper, 60 pack (limit 2) Retail is $9.99 with $8.99 easy rebate.
RoseArt washable watercolors, 8 pack (limit 2)
Staples 3-hole punch (limit 2)

They also have quite a few $2 items, including white out, scotch tape, and more. I’m not sure if they’re enough of a deal or not to include.

Also, note that they have a $10 Staples Gift Card offer when you spend $50. If you have a larger purchase to make this week, such as some printer ink, it might be worthwhile going there.


Now for Office Depot.

$0.00 Items!
Free Resume Printing (limit 25)
Free Scholastic 4 oz. School Glue w/ $5 min. purchase

$0.05 Item
Office Depot Pencil Pouch (limit unknown)

$0.10 Item
Tug Pencil Sharpener (limit 3)

$0.25 Item
Papermate #2 Pencils, 10 pack (limit 3)

$0.50 Item
Office Depot Notebook Filler Paper, 150 pack (limit unknown)

$1.00 Items
Office Depot 12″ Acrylic Ruler
Sharpie Accent Pocket Highlighters, 6 pack
Office Depot Marble Composition Book, 100 pages
Liquid Paper Smooth Coverage White Out
PaperMate Write Bros Ballpoint Pens, 10 pack
Office Depot Paper Clips, 100 pack
*Expo White Board Cleaner or Eraser $1.99 w/ $1 coupon

*Not sure if this will work, as the coupon is for any “Expo Click” item, but it’s worth a shot.

And finally, if you happen to shop at Kmart, they have a deal where you can get a specific freebie each week if you spend $15. This week’s freebie is free 70-page theme book, whatever that is.

  • Shaynon

    Oh how i love back to school shopping. Abby and I went this weekend and spent about 60 dollars at Staples and ended up paying around 18 dollars for everything! At my staples it had filler paper, BOGO and no limit! So i now have enough paper to last oh..about the end of time!

  • I have most of the supplies I need. Except notebooks! I’m waiting for the $0.05 or $0.10 per notebook deal I usually see over the summer.

  • LuLu

    Walmart has the 70 paged spiral binders for .15 cents, as well.

  • Taylor

    sweet! the mni sharpies and highlighters are really worth it! I’m super picky about my school stuff and spent a little too much at target…not the best sales their either. stick to the ones you see here ppl :p

  • Evan

    What? school supplies? Its Summer!!!

  • Alicia

    The 1 cent Sharpie coupons expired last summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2008!!!!!

  • Anon

    The 2 coupons items from Office Max are dated 2008!

  • Olivia

    I just went to Office Max and they were confused by the coupons but hand deducted it to a penny a sharpie. I gave my cashier a nickel and a penny for the 3 mini sharpies and 3 highlighters and she gave me 2 dimes in return!

  • Mellocup

    That’s a real deal @ Staples. Of course they had the 1 cent filler paper in the very back corner to allow me to browse as I went that way! I got the 5 pack limit for a total of .05 cents.

  • LuLu

    Okay…..just got back from Office Max. I had my son with one basket and my daughter another basket. In each basket we bought three 150 ct loose lined paper, 3 rulers, three 12 ct pencils, and 6 pocket folders………drum roll……..for .75 cents and that is in California with our high 9.25 percent tax.


  • Rhonda

    My local Staples gives teachers more than the posted limit. I got 25 packages of filler paper for 25 cents!

  • Renee

    Also, when your shopping for your little ones, don’t forget to pick up an extra thing for some foster child that will need something to help them for back to school since everything is cheap right now.

  • My bad about the 2008 coupon! The proper coupon has been uploaded, which is good for any Sharpie single product and valid through 08/08.

  • Jane

    I checked the Staples ad for filler paper and it’s the smaller size (8×10.5) paper if that matters to you. I prefer getting the 8.5×11 paper for my daughter.

  • Dolly Case

    Hey just so you all know, we went to all three stores relying on their ad match guarantees, to stock my husband’s 3rd grade classroom. Office Max had the best deals and both Office Depot and Staples accepted them no problem. After hitting Walmart with their .25 crayons, .15 spiral notebooks and their .99 3 ring binders, we’re set for the school year. One thing to watch for though, Office Max with all their great deals, wouldn’t ad match! They wouldn’t honor Staples .01 filler paper because it was 120 count and theirs is 150 (even though Office Depot had the same issue and just ignored it!). There were a few others I can’t remember because I’m on shopping overload. I’m hoping that we just got an onery cashier, but watch out for it!

  • Lori

    As a teacher the specials were something that I wanted to take advantage of to save money on supplies that I have in my classroom ALL the time.

    OfficeMax refused to let me purchase 60 folders, only double the amount of the offer on sale IF I showed my Perks card AND my teaching certificate! Unbelievable! All I wanted was to save money and proved supplies for students!

    Staples was fabulous….they would allow me any amount of the items on sale. Unfortunately the 60 folders cost me more $, but they have won me over and I will be a Staples shopper from now on.

    BTW, WalMart also would only allow me to purchase 20 folders, even after asking the Manager!

    Thanks for the info on the school supply bargain!

  • Lisa

    Bottom line on these deals.

    Office Depot The sale items that I got that goob listed would have been $21.84.
    I paid $1.67 a savings of 20.17

    Office Max The sale items that I got that goob listed would have been $24.09.
    I paid $1.38 a savings of $22.71.

    We do not have a Staples where I live.

    Thanks Goob, keep up the good work.

  • Damon

    You can find great deals on Elmer’s glue if you shop around and know where to look.