Stock Coupon Photos Are The Best

Stupid stock coupon photo

If you’re a longtime reader of coupon, freebie, or deal blogs then you’ve seen the image above. You at least recognize the model. Chances are you’ve seen her more times than you’ve seen yourself in a mirror.

Long story short I got bored tonight and fell down the istock rabbit hole. If you view any of her photos, you’ll see a link titled “Click here to view more images in the series: female40 model.” Thus we can safely conclude her name is female40 model, or F40M to her friends.

F40M is also super proud of accomplishing rudimentary tasks.

Stupid stock coupon photo

Look, I'm using a coupon!

Stupid stock coupon photo

Look, I found some juice!

Stupid stock coupon photo

Look, I'm paying for my bananas instead of stealing them!

You may have noticed that she’s wearing a different shirt in that last photos. That’s because she has quite an array of photos spanning all sorts of “activities.”

Stupid stock coupon photo

She helps kids build gingerbread houses.

Stupid stock coupon photo

She creeps on people with a hairdryer.

Stupid stock coupon photo

She stuns her vet by feeding the dog unopened food.

Stupid stock coupon photo

She's caught reselling her supermarket purchases at a farmer's market?

Stupid stock coupon photo

Look, flowers!!

The checkout guy is now buying flowers with her. And she’s wearing the same shirt as when she bought groceries. F40M moves fast.

Of course, she’s not the only coupon chick you see around.

Stupid stock coupon photo

Use these coupons or I will cut you.

Stupid stock coupon photo

I'm fairly certain that's not a legit coupon or website.

Speaking of coupon fraud, most of the coupons in the pictures below are the same. I’d totally watch a hybrid of COPS and Extreme Couponing. TLC, call me.

Stupid stock coupon photo

Nope, nothing crazy here...

Stupid stock coupon photo

Ah, it looks like you actually forgot to use those coupons.

Stupid stock coupon photos

Is she shopping at King’s Cross station

Stupid stock coupon photos

Turns out you can buy a baby with coupons.

However none of those are my favorite stock coupon image. The runner up is:

Stupid stock coupon photo

Get a room.

I don’t know why that shows up when you search for “coupons” on a stock image site, but just look at her. Who gets that blissful picking breakfast snacks? There is totally another plain of emotions we’re not privy to at work here.

But the current reigning champion?

Stupid stock coupon photos

Cleanup in aisle 4.

The actual title of the above image is “FREEDOM!” When will people realize children peeing in the middle of the pasta aisle is no laughing matter?

For the record, this is the kind of stuff I do when bored. :D I love that the only category I can place this in is “HIF Exclusive.”

  • Tim

    The cashier is stalking the coupon lady. He is pretending to look at flowers, but all evidence shows he was the cashier at the grocery store. Someone call the authorities, her life may be in danger.

  • LOL!! Goob you are hilarious! I especially like the older womsn- forgot to use them comment.

  • sorry that should say woman
    And I swear we will never use F40M on our page (she is sooo yesterday!) :D

  • Keri

    LOL – oh thanks for the laugh

  • Michelle

    This post was the highlight of my day!

  • Tim, look at her “portfolio!” The cashier shows up in other, more intimate, photos and yet some other dude does as well. Plus the captions say those kids are hers. I almost made up an entire crazy existence based just on her stock photos.

  • Susan

    Get bored more often, Goob! Hilarious!

  • This really cracked me up. This is my first time visiting your site. Love it & Thanks for the laugh!

  • Feisty

    Now that you mention it. I think that cashier might not be a cashier at all! He’s clearly wearing a bright blue shirt and stalking her in that first photo. He just looked the other way when he noticed someone taking her picture.

    Do you think he killed the real cashier or just stole a uniform?

  • butterfly_net2

    omg…I think someone has a crush!!! ;)

  • TJ

    Haha “Cleanup in aisle 4” :)

  • seed

    I love you Goob!! :)

  • Leann

    Awesome post

  • You are hysterical and insane all at the same time.

    PS: Cleanup on aisle 4 is no where near as funny in real life.

  • 2Funny

    Definitely thought this was some type of weird, demented freebie. Nope, turns out you made my crappy day loads better. My crazy boss was yelling at a fellow co-worker, & I had to stand up for her. Ended up crying in the corner. I feel like I’m in high school again D:

  • Kendra

    ROFLMAO @ all!

  • Theresa B


  • Garden Gal

    thanks for the laughs. You are so so funny. Come to AZ and do some stand up comedy at the club in Tempe AZ. How do you think up these things to do?

  • tazie

    Still wiping the tears from my eyes from laughing so much…Goob, you’re the best, that frikkin made my week. :-)

  • Trisha

    This was a great way to start my morning…THANKS!

  • LadySiren

    Goob, I did this a week or two ago. You didn’t include superhero coupon lady in your collection, so here she is.

  • jpbowen

    Very funny! Silly way to start the day.

  • Maerita

    Maybe the cashier is her husband,(see wedding ring) and they are smiling because she is getting the family discount at the grocery store. They saved enough money to stope and buy flowers.

  • Maerita

    OOPS!!! That is stop and buy flowers.

  • Jan

    I really loved the other captions that came up when you hover over the pics. Hysterical.

  • Hilarious! Although, that is clearly the cracker/cookie aisle, not pasta. I’d recognize a Goldfish cracker package anywhere!

    More of this please, it’s great!

  • Amy

    Priceless and first time I have laughed in days :O))

  • Jade B

    “She stuns her vet by feeding the dog unopened food.” The dog looks even more perplexed because BPA-lined pseudo-metal is just not his thing!

  • Brandi

    I just want to say I love you. I think your humor is hilarious; though often times I get scared looks when I try to explain what is so funny. I still laugh about your yurt joke. Anyhow, thanks for doubling your freebie website as a humor column.

  • Brandi

    p.s. thank you Jan #25, I hadn’t noticed the captions when you hover over the pic; so much better. And Goob, if you come to Tempe to perform, I will be in the audience as well.

  • Kim

    Hahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah omg lolololololol

  • LMAO that last image was too adorable– and the caption you gave it was the cherry on top. “HIF Exclusive” beautiful

  • Karin

    OMG, sooo funny!!! I noticed that cute lady is always showing up on the coupon image on many sites, but didn’t pay much attentions. Thanks for the laugh! :)

  • eilee

    Love you Goob for making me smile. I was wondering why someone would bring dog food to the vet’s office in the first place.

  • A problem with being humorous is that it often causes people to read your posting more carefully, to ensure not a hilarity is missed, but also leads to scrutiny with Kenobe grammar nerds saying: That was not the “plain” you were looking for.

  • Dee

    Goob, kudos to you for all you do…laughter is definitely the best medicine. Keep up the GREAT work and don’t forget to remember to take care of YOU! ~~mwah~~
    Jan #25…I had to go back over all of them and laff some more, thanks for pointing that out.

  • DEE


  • Serena

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • Cath

    Oh, I needed that series of laughs so much today! Thanks.

  • Donna

    Thanks for my laugh for the day! You’re so funny! Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next..:P Silly rabbit!

  • This was too funny, thank you SO much for the hilarious comments on the photos!

  • Mrs. Sunshine

    You’re sweet!

  • Michelle Jiskra

    You are always so funny, and this really made my day better! Hope you are having a good day too! Thank you for all that you do. :)

  • Jane

    Thanks so much for making me laugh and brightening up my day! You’re the best, Goob!

  • Pathers

    This made me actually laugh out loud, so I felt the need to type that out, rather than use the abbreviation.

  • Maureen

    This place is soooo much better at plot lines than any TV writers in existence!
    When does the sequel come out?

  • Cheapsk8

    “cleanup in aisle 4.” I laughed so hard I nearly choked. THANK YOU!

  • I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard…. It might of been when I read the ASK JEEVES article on satire wire.

  • Love it! So funny.

  • denise

    OMG you are cracking me up with the comments !!
    Thanks for the laugh I needed that.

  • Katy

    I laughed so hard I cried. Thank you so much for these pictures and captions!

  • Al

    You just made my year!

  • Ashley

    I get a lot of my coupons from little booklets that I pick up around town, and I’ve noticed the same stock photo of a tanned woman with platinum hair and tons of eyeliner holding a seashell, used for various beauty salons and spas. I’ve to refer to her a ‘eyeliner chick’. :D I didn’t know anybody else noticed things like that. Thanks for the laugh :P

  • tsana

    thanks!!!I smiled the whole way through!

  • Theresa J.

    You kill me, Goob!!! Too funny.

  • OM Gosh…I can’t stop giggling. I enjoyed your running commentary throughout it. Super funny!

  • Lisa

    Thanks Goob for the laugh (I’m still laughing). You just made a really crappy day for me turn out great!

  • PeaceLovePurple

    I was sad b/c all the freebies are dead already… then I come across this and remember why I still come here as often as possible! (Usually everyday..)

    You are hilarious , BUT like #29 Brandi said… we look insane trying to explain what’s so funny, so would you please consider the book idea someone mentioned awhile back. You already have sales among your Hiffers!!

  • Diana

    LOVE IT!! lol..

  • Christina

    Ha ha, that’s funny. Great job. You should definitely consider the suggestions about doing your own comedy show or skit of some kind. Maybe a blog or something, that would be great. You would definitely have plenty of followers, just as you do on HIF. I, among many others, think you are absolutely hilarious, and love all of your comments as much as the wonderful freebies you post. Thanks so much for keeping this site going even through your health struggle. You are a true inspiration to many. God bless you for being a light that not only brightens people’s days, but entire lives as well. It’s people like you that make this world a better place. Shine on!


  • Taylor


    THIS JUST MADE MY DAY! :D thank you for not just running a coupon site but actually making it fun and FUNNY. I seriously find this post hilarious hahahahah

  • Shel

    I keep reading this one over and over……… LOL Hilarious! She creeps on ppl with a hairdryer? LMAO Where do u come up with this?

  • HollyL

    “She creeps on people with a hairdryer.”
    That was blatant hilariousness. You could kill people with phrases like that. HAHAHA