Swagbucks 2nd Birthday

Free Swagbucks Code

Today marks the 2nd birthday of Swagbucks, a site I’ve written about extensively on HIF. The way I’ve always explained it is that it’s like Google + Prizes. You search on Swagbucks as you normally would on Google or Bing, but the added benefit is that you’ll randomly win Swagbucks, which can be exchanged for prizes.

To celebrate their 2nd anniversary, all new members can use code FREESWAGCODE1 to earn 60 free Swagbucks. If that sounds like a whole heck of a lot to all the old users, that’s because starting today, Swagbucks is multiplying all of their codes and prizes by ten. So instead of winning 1 or 2 Swagbucks per search, you’ll now win 10 or 20.

Furthermore, their giving away a ton of prizes today as well. If you read Swagbucks’ blog, Facebook, or Twitter, you’ll be able to follow along as they drop hints where you can find more codes. ((there are a ton of people posting tips and clues on their Facebook page)) I can wink wink, nudge nudge where an additional free 20 SB code is found. While on their main page, look at the very top gray toolbar and you’ll see five drop down tabs. Click on the right-most one and you’ll see seven options. One of those happens to be a free swagcode. I can’t say which, but you’ll know when you score the points! You’ll need to remove the space and make it one word. ((for instance, if the seventh line said “Cool Stuff,” then the code would be CoolStuff))

So what has everybody won through Swagbucks so far? I’ve scored a few Amazon giftcards and am almost ready to cash out on another.

  • JJ

    there have already been 6 codes…and the whole stupid system has changed so all the bucks have been multiplied by 10…so even when there is a 30sb code, it’s really just worth 3. x__x *sigh*

  • Susan

    The code wouldnt work for me???

  • Susan

    hahahaha the first thing I searched (ever) on Swagbucks was HIF and I won 20 Swagbucks for it!!!!

  • Melissa

    I have gotten a total of 35 dollars worth of Amazon giftcards!!!!!

  • ferretlover

    I have earned $25.00 is Amazon.com gift cards so far. However, I couldn’t get this code to work for me. :-(

  • Renee

    People — That code is for NEW registrations, not current users! It is an extra incentive to join. That is why it will NOT work for existing members.

  • Renee

    Goob, Since you asked, I joined in June (after seeing you post about SB here!) and have earned over $280 in Amazon gift cards already!

    Thanks for the tip, it’s an awesome site!

  • aimee

    the code didn’t work for me either :(

  • winnie

    I have earned 3 amazon gift cards($15). I just cashed one out last week before they changed SB. Its the same thing as before; 1 point is now 10, its no better than before.

  • Paul

    How did you manage to earn so many swagbucks in such short time?

  • i just earned enough for a gift card last week :)

  • So far I’ve gotten 35 bucks worth of Amazon gift cards. I love it!

  • Are you not supposed to post what the codes are?

  • tried it for the 1st time. Won a Macy’s gift card

  • shannon

    i joined swagbucks when you first posted it. I always forget about it until you repost something. Just made my first search in months and got 50 points! nice.

  • bds

    I do not understand how to earn lots of points

  • I’ve been using SwagBucks since learning about here a few months ago. So far I’ve gotten 3 of the $5 Amazon.com gift cards and one $10.00 starbucks gift card.

    The only problem I have right now is they really aren’t doing us any favors by giving us 10 swagpoints instead of 1, because they increased the amount it takes to get the stuff in the swagstore too. So everything is really still the same as it was.

  • KFM

    Code didn’t work.

    I’ve gotten now 10 Amazon gift cards, and a shirt, and some stupid skin site thing that I never used.

  • KFM

    Oops, didn’t read “new” members.

  • KFM

    By the way, good job Renee!

    I use SB passively because I honestly hate searching with it, and The Swag Guy is pretty irritating to me, but it’s made me enough money to where I’ll keep using it once or twice a day, as long as it’s not a hassle.

    Seems like with this new system there’s gonna be some new gimmick where you can’t get SB’s as often as you did before, or something. Whenever a site like that rolls out a new system, it’s usually at their user base’s expense.

  • ashley marie

    Yeah, in reality, there’s no difference in the amount of SwagBucks you earn. It’s ALL multiplied by 10. So if you think about it, it’s actually worse.
    The website claims you can now win 10, 20, and soon “all amounts in between.” However, if you think about it, you’re actually earning less, with the ILLUSION that it’s more. 15 would only be equal to 1.5 old SwagBucks.
    The whole think is a load of bull. It’s like when MyCokeRewards changed their points submission limits. Instead of being able to enter 10 codes (no matter how many points they were worth) a day, now you can earn only up to 120 points in a week. I used to be able to enter up to 10 codes from 12-packs of cans and earn 100 points in a single day. Now I can’t do that and it takes FOREVER to earn enough points to get the prizes I want.
    All these stupid “improvements” don’t improve anything at all. They suck.

    And that’s my mini-rant of the day (:

  • Chris

    I dont’ know about you ya’ll but it seems harder to win points after site upgrade to reflect swagbucks 2 yr old b’day.

    For example I use their search feature cause its powered by Google and Ask.com so I get at least 1 point and now I have hit the site both morning and afternoon and use it to search for stuff at work and no luck.

    Also I figure out a trick before that if you don’t log in and use the search engine it would give you points so that if you aren’t a member it was the bait to get you to sign in. This is not the case anymore.

    Anyhow, cut story short yes the point system is same 1 is same as 10 but now it seems harder to get swagbucks through search.


  • Ducklady

    I have four Amazon cards in my swagbucks account. Fine. But how the heck do I use them??? I tried to register them at Amazon but was told there was “something wrong” with the number?

    Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me. This is the ONLY reason I put up with their search engine so if I can’t use the cards I’ll just close my swagbucks account. But I’d like to use the cards, of course.

  • Heatherinski

    Ducklady, you have to apply them to your account using the “my account” feature on Amazon. I’m sure if you read help, they will give you more info. So far I’ve earned $50 bucks, but it is slow going. :)

  • Claire

    i’ve gotten over $130 dollars in amazon gift cards, a trading card, and a tshirt. this is hands down the greatest thing i have ever found on the internet.

  • Helvis

    Cheap twerps deactivated me two days before I was getting 9 amazon cards

  • Thanks Ive not been on swagbucks in a while but this is a good reason too start again.

  • Felisa

    Well, I registered and then I signed in, but when I search it says “you could be earning points if you were logged in”. So, I then clicked on the button to sign in and proceeded to do just that, but it still will not work! WTF?

  • Carolyn

    I love Swagbucks. I’ve been using it for about two months and I already have $45 in my Amazon account! Thanks, Goob!

  • Sarah

    I just signed up for Swagbucks, and the code you posted doesn’t work, Goob! :(

  • Teresa

    My Birthday is Jan 29th. I love swagbucks

  • jnai

    i really dont know what to do or how to get Swagbucks. please help

  • Lauren D

    My birthday is April 13