Swagbucks: Free Prizes For Searching

A while back I promoted a site called Winzy which basically was a search engine that rewarded you for searching. I’ve been using them for over a year now and have probably won somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 in Amazon giftcards. However, I’ve recently been hearing a lot about a site called Swagbucks and so I thought I’d use it for a week and see which I liked better. Final verdict? Swagbucks absolutely destroys Winzy.

Now before I go any further, let me just say one thing. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be using one, if not both, of these sites. If you routinely search for things online via a typical search engine, then you’re searching without the possibility of winning something. Any time you search on Google, your odds of winning a prize is 0%. Even if your odds of winning a prize on these two sites are 0.01%, that’s better than nothing, no? Plus, given the facts that most people make multiple searches a day and that winning percentages are higher than that small number, you’re essentially throwing away money if you’re not using either one of these sites.

So what does Swagbucks have over Winzy? Well, as my chart below shows, pretty much everything. Swagbucks does whatever Winzy does, plus some. Actually, plus a lot. You can win Swagbucks by shopping online. Or by recycling your old cell phones with them. Or by reading their blog and following their Twitter account. Or by…well, you get the point.

Refer FriendsYesYes
Win What Your Friends WinYesYes
Search Box Option for FFYesYes
Max Entries Per DayNoYes
Shopping Online BonusYesNo
Changing Your Homepage BonusNoYes
Newsletter BonusYesNo
Recycling BonusYesNo
Choose Your Own PrizeYesNo
Following Blog / Twitter BonusYesNo
Bonus Via Playing GamesNoYes
Sponsored Ads In ResultsYesNo?
Widget For Your BlogYesNo

It doesn’t take a child prodigy to glance at the table above and quickly notice the significant larger amount of green on Swagbucks’ side.

As a matter of fact, I wonder if Winzy is starting to lose it. Maybe they pull it out and hold steady in 2nd place or maybe they become another Blingo and crumble, but it’s pretty hard to argue at this point that they’re better than Swagbucks. My biggest complaint against Winzy is that they now take forever to deliver prizes. Despite their delivery promise of one month, I’m still waiting on two giftcards that I won near Halloween. In addition, I’m sick of winning thousands of “drawing entries.” They seem so pointless if everybody has tens of thousands of them! At the very least, winning a Swagbuck or two lets you know you’re coming closer to a reward. If you’re eying that Starbucks or Amazon giftcard, then you know you’re already a few steps closer with the newly won Swagbucks. But with Winzy, who the heck knows when you’re going to win something.

In addition, I could swear I win more often with Swagbucks. Of course this is highly unscientific and subjective, but while researching this article, I won $2 Swagbucks ($1 Swagbuck and then another 15 minutes later). Now while those can’t be redeemed for anything worthwhile on their own, you only need 45 Swagbucks for a $5 Amazon giftcard. Given that you start out with $3 Swagbucks when you sign up, I’m already 11% of the way there after 1 day.

Now as the chart above shows, it’s not all rainbows and gumdrops with Swagbucks. The biggest drawback is the sponsored ads mixed in with the search results. As some of you might remember, that’s what killed Blingo a few years ago. (Who, as luck would have it, actually cut back on the ads mixed in with the search results. Guess they learned their lesson a bit too late when so many people jumped ship.) As it stands now, they’ve got 4 sponsored ads in the search results. That’s kind of a pain, but as I type this, right hand to God, I just won another Swagbuck. It’s not even noon and I’ve got $3 Swagbucks under my belt for the day. I can put up with clearly marked sponsored ads in my search results if my winning average stays this high.

So for now, I’m drinking the Swagbucks Flavor Aid. Are you going to make millions? No. Are you going to make hundreds? Doubtful. But is there the opportunity to win enough Swagbucks every month to snag a free giftcard or two? Heck yes. Can the same be said for using Google or Yahoo?


  • Lesley

    Okay, you convinced me. I am transcriptionist working from home, and I can’t tell you the number of times a day I use Google to search for info. I did sign up for Winzy, but all I ever win are points. I’m trying out Swagbucks right now. Thanks!

  • http://www.heyitsfree.net Goob

    Lesley, let us know how you like it after a few days!

    I’m with you on the “winning nothing but points from Winzy” shenanigans. It just gets a bit discouraging after a while, especially when all those points vanish every month, you know?

  • Shoyz

    There’s also what I think is called ‘Windows Live Search’, where you get a point per search, 25 being the max per day, worth aprox 25 cents.
    About 2 dollars a week, 8 a month basically. Redeemable for prizes.

    Personally, I’d never use one of these unless it used a Google Search Engine with their Ads or something. I can’t stand using anything but google (Yahoo tends to give me completely inaccurate results).

  • AJ

    I just won 2 swagbucks on my first search! I like that you can just add it to your toolbar search on Firefox. I basically just added it and changed my searcher to swagbucks, because I search from the browser most often. Easy peasy.

    And to whomever asked, it pulls from Google and Ask.com search engines.

  • Lesley

    Yes, the above is true. I found Winzy gave often incomplete results as well, but this does pull from Google, and so far I’ve found all the things I’ve searched for. I only one 1 swagbuck so far. I also like that I can see what I’m working for. Cool.

  • Lesley

    How embarassing. I only won 1 swagbuck is what I meant to say.

  • Julie

    in for the swagbucks, Im online enuf to make use of this.

  • mm

    you should get points now from us registering from your links goob, yeah i also won 2 swagbucks with the first search entered the same search info on both and got alot of useless crap with the winzy one but winzy is good for the compulsive gambler who doesnt mind losing all thier points to the games, this way they dont lose real money

  • mm

    woohoo won more points great i think ill go out and and and umm nothing i guess

  • fanniefarkle

    I’m giving it a try.

  • Mubina

    If I were you, I’d post a referral link or banner up! You’ll earn points too when we win.

  • Shannon

    it said i could not sign up at this time, no idea. maybe cause i use a mac? someone help!

  • kelly

    i won 2 swagbucks on my first search! this is much better than winzy.

  • http://www.heyitsfree.net Goob

    Shannon, that’s odd. I’m on a Mac myself and it let me sign up just fine. What browser are you using? FF here.

  • Chrissy

    Check out goodsearch.com, your searching and shopping will give $’s to a designated school or non profit of your choice!

  • Krista

    I’ve been using Swagbucks for quite some time now. First off, I’m really happy that Swagbucks is now handing out a LOT more SB. When I first started using them, I’m pretty sure it had a 1 SB/day limit because that’s all I ever saw and I searched a LOT! Now they have bigger denominations and more prizes to choose from. I decided the other day to use some of them to buy basketball cards. It was super easy to place the order and I got the cards only 5 days after ordering them – including a weekend!!! I was ecstatic! The only downfall was that I could only order 2 prizes per day, so it took me 4 days to order all 8 cards I wanted.

  • http://www.eatingcookies.co.cc Christina

    I am totally excited to try this out.

    Here’s a tip – see if you feel like linking co.cc in your free stuff – I got a free domain name there last night!

  • John

    I have been using Swagbucks for about 4 months now and absolutely LOVE IT! What I like the most about them is that the site is dynamic and continually improving. The are very engaged with “Swag Nation” and I have found that many suggestions their users put up as comments in their blog and facebook etc. end up being implemented. The best addition I have found so far is “SwagCodes,” where they put codes up in random places on their sute that are good for free Swag Bucks if you find them.

    BTW You MUST refer friends – it is by far the best way to rack up fast bucks. Like I said I’ve been on it for 4 months but already have totaled $35 in Amazon cards, a band t-shirt, and a $5 gift card to their video game partner – all from referral bucks from my friends!

    Drink the Swagbucks Flavor Aid my friends haha

  • http://www.jackiesbizblog.com Jackie

    I LOVE SWAGBUCKS! I have already received $10 or $15 in Amazon Money, I can cash out for $10 now but I am holding off. Good Article!


  • http://plantcrazy.blogspot.com Jordan

    You convinced me to sign up for an account with Swagbucks. It looks like a great way to get an Amazon gift card (or something else) every couple of months. Thanks for the information you provided in this post and great job with your blog, I visit it regularly!

  • Jacob

    W0W! This site SEEMS 10,000 times better then winnzy! Thanks very much!

  • leslie

    SWAGBUCKS IS GREAT. Better than any search and win site. Plus they give out swagcodes where you can get extra money.

    (Goob: Please stop making multiple posts.)

  • DeLena

    I have been using Swagbucks for quite some time now and already earned $50 in Amazon gift cards. I never heard of Winzy or any other search and win sites. First my son hooked me up with Swagbucks so he could win some Pantera swag, then I switched to my name and took it from there. SWAG BUCKS RULE!!!!

  • Kevin

    In the table, you say swagbucks has a bonus for changing it to your homepage? How is that?

  • Debbie

    I can honestly say I was a big winner on Winzy. I won last Aprils $1000.00 grand prize. It took about 3 weeks longer to get the money than they said, but I got it. I only had a little over 13,000 points that went in for this drawing when I won. But since then they have cut way back on their prizes.

  • Carol

    Sorry – didn’t try the swagbucks website after I read the terms they wanted me to agree too. I am not ok with giving them access to use my name, picture, etc as they want in advertisement etc, and I have to recourse to stop them from using it. Not worth it. Especially if for for a $5 gift card to Starbucks!.

  • Lisa

    Hey! I just tried 2-3x to sign up for Swagbucks and each time I got a msg: error…wrong page..(thinking back to the robot saying: ‘watch out, will robinson!’!

    I don’t know if the site is too busy, or if I am just another dummy~LOL!



  • Jill

    Fyi this is 1 of those companies that only allow 1 member per household. I joined swagbucks 6 months ago and finally earned points to redeem only $15 worth of prizes. However 1 of my housemates joined a couple months ago and has been using the website also. What sucks is swagbucks could have sent me an email or dropped my account earlier saying they had a problem but instead they waited until I finally redeemed a prize. Then instead of the prize, my account got deactivated and so did my housemate’s account. So to all you college students with roommates or housemates, that’s what’s in the fine print. I don’t consider my housemate part of my household since we’re totally financially independent and unrelated but rent rooms in the same home. However we have the same IP address and that’s enough to get us banned according to swagbucks terms. Anyway no big loss. This company hasn’t proven to be anything special and in the 6months I was with them I noticed that they’ve recently gotten extremely stingy with handing out swagbucks.

  • virginia

    I don’t know what this is but I willing to give it a try

  • http://makeabuck.comlu.com/ makeabuck

    Nice review. I didn’t know about Winzy. I am definitely a fan of Swagbucks!

  • swaggy mcdoo

    You REALLY ned to update a lot of your descriptions here, for beginners, you can play games now, just for starters. And you do not mention anything about the swidget at all, just sayin.