Tax Day Freebies: 2010

Tax Day Freebies 2010

I don’t think I could agree with that banner image any more. If my stomach was more kind to me, I’d reward it with tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Unless otherwise noted, these freebies are available on Thursday, April 15. If you happen to miss filing your federal taxes, I’m sure the IRS will understand when you tell them you were out getting free stuff all day long.

Boston Market: They have a BOGO coupon good from Apr. 15-18.

Cinnabon: This heavenly / devilish store, depending on how you see their addicting food, is giving away two free cupcake bites from 6-8pm. Look at them, exploiting my weakness for sugar. Well played, Cinnabon.

HydroMassage: Print out this coupon and schedule a free massage any time on tax day through April 18. Bonus points for going multiple times each day.

MaggieMoo: Maggie the cow is offering a free slice of ice cream pizza from 3-7pm. Make sure to check the link out as it contains all of the participating locations. Also, I hope the inventor of ice cream pizza won a Nobel Prize or something.

McCormick & Schmick’s: They’re holding a $10.40 dinner specials plus a $10.40 certificate good for your next visit. This only applies to people eating at the bar, however, so saddle up.

Mr. Jim’s Pizza: Most of their locations in TX, LA, WY, and NC are giving away a free pizza if you first fan them on Facebook and print out the coupon.

P.F. Chang: They’re giving 15% off food purchases all day long.

Starbucks: Bring in any reusable cup and get it filled with free coffee. I wonder if there’s a size limit, as I’ve got a massive crock pot that I could say is my travel cup.

Taco Del Mar: FREE TACO!

Whole Foods: Whole Foods in AL, NC, SC, TN, and GA are not charging sales tax on every purchase made throughout tax day. It might not be much, but the savings could add up if you do your week’s shopping on Thursday.

[thanks to all the Hiffers who sent these in!]

  • theresa b

    I am very sad. The only one I will be able to use is Starbucks. I live in CA. and it seems we never get any of the good stuff! (if I have a cinnabons near, will not use it, too many carbs!!!)

  • theresa b

    Jimm, it’s a gimmick for you sign up for stuff you don’t need! Lots of spam will follow. I’ve done one before, I was so naive! :)

  • Brittany

    The only one place we have is a Starbucks & I don’t drink coffee. Oh well!

  • I deleted Jim’s spam.

  • thank you. I am looking forward to the PF Changs deal!

  • nellen

    And thank you for deleting Jim’s spam.

  • Chelsea

    Not a lot in my area. But oh well! Someone on Facebook mentioned that Taco John’s is giving away a free taco, too, and I still have the free Cinnasopillas coupon from my birthday last week…so I might have to try that!

  • You had me laughing with a vision of you going to Starbucks with your Crock Pot… But, then you got me thinking hmmmm….LOL Peace!

  • I actually have a few crock pots that I may just have to take along to Starbucks!

  • winnie

    Nothing in my area, but starbucks but I don’t drink coffee. This really sucks since I live in AL, & can drive easily to GA, but no Whole Foods locally.

  • Ruby

    Would Starbucks might get mad at me if I took my Caribou Coffee thermos? hehe

  • so i sent this email to my department and some other folks, not including my boss and next thing i knew she said my email made its way up the building and back to our office lol. spoke to a coworker and now I am also planning on doing the McCormick and Schmicks deal. if you sit at the bar you will get both the certificate (valid next visit only duh lol) and a $10.40 meal special. Ii wonder what meal that would entail though? I’m so excited!!

  • Thanks for the list of goodies. i do wish that my area had more *sigh* but at least i can get free coffee and maybe use the boston market coupon

  • ec

    don’t forget about the free fry’s at jack in the fox on friday! i know it’s no longer tax day but its close. i can only go to starbucks because none are in my area. thanks!

  • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    FWIW: #7 Carla’s link is spam.

  • Lise

    The Boston Market link isn’t working for me.

  • maureen

    Happy birthday to me! I get to pay taxes and only one freebie. Oh, well…several years ago a friend gave me an insulated 64 ounce coffee cup! Guess what I’m taking to Starbucks!!! (after which I will be able to stay on-line for 5 days straight!!!!!)

  • Steph

    I think the Starbucks one is only good up to 20 oz. but it doesn’t say there’s any sort of limit to the number of times you can get in line, so… take a field trip to the car & come back for a refill??

    Also, if you sign up for their rewards program & make it to 5 stars (=5 purchases)… you can have FREE refills on brewed coffee (same visit only), a FREE drink on your birthday, AND two hours of FREE wi-fi whenever!! :D

  • moostermiley

    Actually what you could do with the Starbucks deal if you have more than one store in your area when you run out at one store just go to the next store for your refill…

  • Love these, but can I add a few more to the list?

    TGI Friday’s is giving away $5 gift cards when you make a purchase between $15 and $25. They’ll give you a $10 card if you spend more.

    IHOP is offering free dinner for one child age 12 or younger with each adult meal purchased 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. all month long.

    I’ve got two more on my list that are rumors that I haven’t been able to verify but when I do, I’ll come back to let you know.

  • mic

    Well, boo hoo…. Subway here didn’t honor the ‘free cookie’ deal. Sigh… At least I got my coffee though. Thanks for the post.

  • Bill

    I heard on the radio that Student Movers is offering free moves on tax day. But then again does anyone have to move on tax day?

  • kendra

    I got my deeeelicous free coffee this morning! Thanks so much!

  • Nataraja

    I visit your website daily, a couple times a day & enjoy it.
    Thank you for posting the freebies, especially for the Starbucks Free Coffee for Tax Day. Pike’s Peak Place coffee is awesome!

  • Don’t know if you already did the Jamba Juice BOGO. You have to bring the coupon to get it.

  • tig

    The town I live in only has a Wendy’s, a Dairy Queen. a Dunkin Donuts and a Pizza Hut. The only one of the places in this freebie that I have even heard of in Maine is Starbucks and I would have to travel almost 50 miles to get there. There used to be a Cinnabon on the Maine Turnpike but I heard it closed down. Oh well, I guess I am saving a lot of calories.

  • shell

    I can get all the freebies, except for the Whole Foods one! I dont shop there anyways lol. Cant wait to get my MaggieMoo later heheh