TCBY Birthday Freebie

TCBY Birthday Freebie

Updated on 06-16-2014

It seems that every town had a TCBY and then overnight half of them vanished. I blame my old friend Susan. She worked at our local spot during high school and gave away at least 2.9 million dollars worth of yogurt to me and my buddies. I’d apologize, but I imagine she inspired the TCBY birthday freebie to be free yogurt. So, you’re welcome, America.

Signup Freebie: Free waffle cone.
Birthday Freebie: Free small cup of frozen yogurt and $3 off a cake or pie.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • Rev. Robin

    Boy oh boy………This must be an EXTREMELY SLOW freebie day : )

  • kaccat

    I thought TCBY’s were mostly in Subways these days. We have 2 in our tiny town and they’re both in Subways.

  • Susan

    Anyone else having problems choosing your closest TCBY? It insists I choose one that is 21 miles away instead of the 6 mile away one. Only shows the farther option in the select section.

  • Susan

    Hmmm…well, I guess it went though anyway — even though I didn’t choose a store. Just got the email with a coupon for a free treat with any purchase. Doesn’t say I have to go to a particular store.

  • Rachel

    We don’t have one anymore either. :( Not that I can actually eat frozen yogurt because of my lacotse intolerance but it sure sounds good anyways.