Top Rated Freebies

Below are a few guides I’ve put together myself to highlight some of the best freebies on the net.

Free Birthday Meals / Gifts – Some people hate it when their birthday rolls around. All it does is remind them of how much older they’ve gotten and less time they have left. Well if you’re such a person, don’t spend your time worrying about that crap and instead spend your birthday getting free stuff! I went around and compiled a list of all the places that give away free goodies on people’s birthdays. So the next time your special day rolls around, forget about buying yourself a cake and just go get some freebies!

Free State Map & Travel Guide – Travel season is almost here and one of the best ways to plan for your next family vacation is to order a free map and travel guide from your destination of choice. Many guides come with a detailed state map for those guys who refuse to ask for directions as well as useful coupons for local attractions.

Free Magazines – All the weird free magazines you can sign up for.