Try Your Luck Thursday 10/24

I know, I know, these vanished for a while, but I’ve got some great news. Hiffer Jen won a banana costume! Now everybody join in the chorus of peer pressure and hope she uploads a photo or two :)

On to the contests!

weeSpring Dropcam from Whole Mom – I thought this was just a webcam at first, but it’s a $149, wi-fi enabled camera that lets you keeps tabs on kids, pets, or any other creature you might want to creep on. (Jan 2, 2014)

Ender’s Game Prize Pack from IMAX – I won’t lie, I loved the book and I can’t wait for this movie. (Nov. 26)

Supercandy candy from Snap Infusion – Unheard of candy with no FDA approval sent by strangers over the Internet? Uh, yes please! (Oct. 27)

Nintendo 2DS from MakeUseOf – I really should learn not to post contests here that I actually want to win. (Nov. 1)

Trip to New Orleans from Sprite – They’ve also got a ton of smaller prizes like headphones and credit for Live Nation. (Oct. 31)

  1. Viking river cruise on the Rhine. YEAH, A VIKING CRUISE (Dec. 12)
  2. Autographed Dale Jr. die cast car (Nov. 13)
  3. Victoria’s Secret VS Sport gift bag (Nov. 4)
  4. Ultimate tailgate trailer with $12,000 worth of awesome gear. (Nov. 30)
  5. One of 3,000 wooden spoons. For whippersnappers. (Nov. 12)
  6. D-Link wireless router (Oct. 28)
  7. Free Keurig Platinum Single Cup Brewer plus lots more. (March 31, 2014)
  8. Multi Cooker Electric Pressure Cooker & Multi Pizza Maker (Jan. 13)
  9. $500 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card (Oct. 26)
  10. Whites Boots with an arv of $450 (Dec. 31)

Good luck! Anybody win anything recently?

  • Michelle L Thayer

    I won a fitbook a few weeks ago and a couple of exercise DVDs last year. :)

  • AJB

    It’s great to hear there were some winners!



  • Loryn McCaughan

    Not a winning, but I did get my free Twining’s tea in the mail today :) So excited to try it out!

  • Tilica21

    I won the recyclebank contest ($500 and a Skype chat with Tayna from HGTV) a couple of weeks back. I am now hooked on sweepstakes. :-)

  • vetchic13

    I won a 20oz Sprite..

  • Deb

    #8 Multi Cooker…… – when you go to this link, there is a long list of great items to enter to win.

  • Kim

    I also won a banana costume! I won a nail kit from KISS nails, a bunch of dipping cups from Tyson and a mug! :)

  • Edgar Spence

    I won trailblazer tickets from a radio station nothing from the web though. :(

  • AJB

    That’s so great!

  • Sandy Mathis Johnson

    For some reason it won’t let me agree to the terms and conditions on the Walmart trailer giveaway so I can’t enter. Boo!

  • Mindy

    I also recommend lucky magazines site…I won a makeup kit & they have tons of free contests!