Two Free Pinnacle Golf Balls

Two Free Pinnacle Golf Balls

Aw man. These two free Pinnacle Exception golf balls came after I played golf last month. Well, “played golf” is a little strong. More like sat around the club house cracking jokes and drinking with a bunch of cool retirees. Now THAT’S my kind of exercise!

And yes, I laughed at “Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery of your free 2-ball sample.” I’m still 5 years old inside.

  • MIchelle Rotter

    Whoo hoo, stocking stuffer!!!

  • emma

    wat a great idea. love it. thank you

  • Jay Melo

    I checked the box that said I use Lady Balls, so let’s see what I get.

  • Stacy

    Requested these months ago and have yet to see anything…

  • Morrigan Mallett

    I wonder if anyone actually got these. I sure didn’t.