$10 Valvoline Motor Oil Rebate + Coupons

The banner above will allow you to print a free $10 Valvoline Motor Oil rebate, which is a pretty sweet deal alone. But below you’ll see another Valvoline coupon to make this deal even better.

$8.00 off two 5 Qt. jugs Valvoline Motor Oil

So…yeah. I’m not 100% certain these offers are compatible, but they should be. I don’t have a car at the moment, so it’d be a little silly for me to go buy a bunch of motor oil.

  • It says in the fine print on the rebate form “This offer cannot be combined with any other Valvoline offer.” Does that include the other coupon? (It’s a manufacturer’s coupon…)

  • That’s why I said I’m not 100% certain these offers are compatible. To be honest, I don’t know! I have vague fine print.

  • Melanie

    The coupon never appeared so I clicked on the link. It didn’t work either. when I signed up a sencond time it says my email address is already registered. Well yeah but it didn’t work!