Veterans Day 2011 Freebies

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and I’m happy to say there are a ton of offers available. To be honest, I couldn’t even begin to cover to them, but The Military Wallet seems to have done the best job. As such, I’m just going to cover the food freebies that I’ve been able to verify. Check out their site for a full list of offers tomorrow.

Unless otherwise noted, these offers are available on Friday, November 11, for all veterans and active duty military personnel who can provide proof of military service. So sorry to anybody who thinks playing Call of Duty all day long qualifies them for a freebie. These guys and gals deserve them way more than us.

7-Eleven – Stop in to get a free small Slurpee between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Applebee’s – Free Signature Entree all day long.

Chili’s – Any lunch combo is free from 11am – 5pm.

Famous Dave’s – Each store is different (check out their site to see what yours is offering), but most are giving away a free Two Meat Salute. I give that Two Sausages Up. Wait … I was referring to my thumbs!

Golden Corral – This year’s Military Appreciation Monday “thank you” dinner is on Monday, November 14 from 5pm – 9pm. It’s open to anyone who has ever served in the U.S. Military and no ID is required.

Hooters – They’re giving away 10 free wings, but a drink purchase is required.

Krispy KremeSOME locations are giving away free doughnuts. I’ve found a lot of regional news stations reporting this, but I can’t find anything official from Krispy Kreme, so it’s not a nationwide thing.

McCormick’s and Schmick’s – They’ll hold a Veterans Appreciation Event on Sunday, November 13 and only veterans get a free meal. Space is limited, but you can make a reservation.

Olive Garden – Six different entrees will be given away all day long.

Outback Steakhouse – Get a free Bloomin’ Onion and Coke now through Friday.

Shoney’s – Heroes can receive a free breakfast or lunch buffet with the purchase of a regularly priced buffet.

Subway – Again, there’s no official corporate offer since all Subways are franchises, but Subway’s official Twitter feed confirmed that many locations are offering a 6″ sub. They also say it’d be smart to call ahead to your local store to see if they’re participating. And do you know what I say?! Nothing. I can’t really add to this.

Texas Roadhouse – They have ten different dinner entrees to choose from.

T.G.I. Friday’s – They’re giving away a BOGO dinner on Friday night.

Tim Hortons – They’re giving out free Star Spangled Vanilla Dip donuts adorned with star-shaped sprinkles. Because everybody knows regular sprinkles are for chumps.

Uno Chicago Grill – Get 19.43% off any purchase. Why such an odd number? Well, as Uno explains it, that’s the year Uno was born! So … I still don’t really get it.

  • This makes me want to join the military…

  • Debbi

    Golden Corral should ask for some form of ID. I have never taken them up on their offer as I would rather have someone else take my place who is more deserving. However, because they don’t require an I.D or Discharge Certificate, many vet wanna be’s get a meal for which they are not entitled to and those who were deserving weren’t able to be served.

  • Lauren

    Coming from a long line of vets (Grandfather has a Purple Heart), I know how much they enjoy any small token of appreciation. Free offerings from various businesses, especially free meals mean a lot and are very much enjoyed. Thank you to all who served or are currently serving. You are so much more deserving and I hope you all take the opportunity to enjoy your day!

  • Good one Goob! ;)

  • Star

    I was never in the military…but my ex-husband was. Me and my kids were put through hell during that time. So although I am not a “card carrying member” I do and will continue to take advantage of this day!

  • ChrisTx

    Thank you for serving our country! Happy Veterans Day 2011!!!

  • Kathy Purcell

    Don’t forget — this is also a free weekend (Nov. 11-13) at National Parks/Historic sites. Once started only for military, but now it’s for all. So make it a family weekend!

  • Rudolph DuBord

    I just got out of the marine corps recently and appreciate the gesture that is given to us, some of us do not carry our va cards around with us so it makes it hard to prove that you are but even places that don’t make you prove, don’t take advantage of it unless you actually served folks please, just take a vet like me or someone you know out to thank them!

  • Jacquie

    Lonestar Steakhouse is also offering a free appetizer all day long to 11am to 11pm :)

  • Rhonda

    In response to the woman who’s ex husband was in the service, u are not a veteran no matter how u try to justify it. Veterans day is for veterans. My parents in their 70s. My father gets the freebie but my mother pays. Yes she goes to hospital several times a month with him but she is not the veteran. I would feel guilty if I were u. Shame on u!!!

  • Kris

    I love hearing all the places that honor our veterans on these holidays. Don’t forget Lowes and Home Depot usually do a discount this weekend for veterans and active duty. Just show a VA card,military id or your DD214’s.

    To the Ex military wife,while I know how hard it is to be a military wife,I also know that these benefits are for the service member #1. Sometimes that extends to their family but when you and he divorced you lost all rights to those benefits. Why not let him take the kids and enjoy theses goodies with them and share some of his military experience with them.

    Former and active military remember to always carry your id or VA card with you. So many places offer discounts all year long ( example-Lowes) if you ask about it and show your card. These unexpected discounts were a god send while my husband was deployed and we struggled with the reduced income.

  • Kim

    Build a Bear – 20% off thru Sunday

  • Tessa

    To the chick with the ex husband that was in the military.. I’m sorry but you do not deserve to get anything free or discounted.. it for the people who have actually been in the military, im in the army and fixing to deploy in a couple days so it makes me angry to see that people will try and take something they don’t deserve.

  • Stacy

    Same here, my husband has been in the military 18 years and when we go to these events we always pay for my meal. To the ex-wife you have no rights now. How can you say your life was hell? I enjoy my life as a military wife, it is an honor. I’m proud to be a military wife and mom.

  • julie

    I was to say thanks to all the business that are honoring us vets. People please don’t take abuse these businesses who are honoring vets, they deserve it for serving their country. Remember they fought for your freedom. Don’t forget to thank a vet today! God Bless all Our Military!!!

  • William King

    I appreciate and patronize those establishments that give us this kind of support. Even without them, my twenty years were worth it! Keep in mind that Lowes and Home Depot give the discount year round, although Home Depot does not advertise that fact. Auto Zone also gives a military discount. Really helps me stretch a fixed income budget. Please support those who support you!

  • NancyB

    Ok guys le’t not be so mean to the ex-wife, she may not be entitled to the freebies but at least she’s being honest abt the way she feels, how many ppl out there do the same thing and isn’t being honest about it.

    I too am an ex-wife of the military & also a veteran myself, however, it does make it harder for those of US who have & is curently serving & who are deserving of these offers bc when we get to these places it’s usually so over crowded it takes away for enjoying the experience & gesture, It then turns away those deserving veterans bc of the hassle.

    So if you are taking advantage of these offers when you shouldn’t, think about the ppl who you are taking this opportunity from.
    Happy Veterans Day To All My Fellow Service Men & Women.

    U.S.N Vet 4Life

  • Barrett McClure

    I appreciate those businesses that make things available to honor vets. I know they don’t have to do this and it is an expense to them (they have employees working that must be paid). As a result of this, when I do go out to eat and purchase, I try to go to these places. Everyone should drop a note of appreciation to corp. headquarters expressing thier appriciation. And my the Lord bless those businesses.

  • Corporal Devil Dog

    To the ex-military wife, tough. If you even begin to think that anything you went through during you marriage is comparable to serving you need to think again. While he’s on deployment you get to stay home and collect that check and enjoy all the benefits. You probably were caught cheating on him while he was gone, as is usually the case. If you feel the need to save $15 on veterans day you need to get off the couch, stop taking his child support money and enlist yourself.

  • norma

    the military wallet site is not working…. i get a blank page…

  • I can understand the xwife’s comment somewhat. Although she is an EX. I do feel for the spouses of those in the military. They have just as hard of a job–they keep the home going, pay the bills, single parent, etc. It is a lonely and thankless job and many times just a little acknowledgement to those that stand behind the enlisted is all that is needed. My husband has been in twenty years now and its been very rough on both of us. Deployments–not seeing each other for months and so on. But I would never take advantage of a benefit that is not given to me. These benefits clearly state VETS. I am NOT a vet my husband is, so he will eat his meal free and I will pay for mine today at Applebee’s, although I did want to go to Olive Garden instead :) he is the vet so his choice over ranked mine. THANK YOU TO ALL THE VETS!!! YOUR SERVICE IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!

  • Luckyduck

    GOD BLESS THE VETERANS!! We should thank them every day of the year for all that they do. Veterans, you truly rock :)

  • craig hall

    I am very displeased with people who try to take advantage of freebies for military veterans. Yes, I am military, and currently in the US Army. Places do stuff for active duty military and veterans. NOT FOR EX-WIVES. If you never raised your hand and taken the oath, you do not deserve anything. Those of us who put our lives in harms way now and those that did before us deserve some thing. I thank all the Veterans who have came before me. Thank you for leading the way.

  • Morris

    EX wives are not entitled to any military benefits so why should you even think you are entitled to veterans day benefits…i mean come on really. and not to stereotype but are you his ex wife because you were cheating on him????? I dont mean to bring up such tender subjects on vets day, but we all know how it can go when deployed.

  • ChrisTx

    HAPPY VETERANS DAYS! THANK YOU FOR THOSE WHO SERV and also to there family! Thank You for giving me freedom!


  • Jonak

    After serving 20+ years and multiple deployments across the world in the last 10 years, I believe it is easier to leave, then be left behind. We all have our perspectives. “Star” will probably never read all of our comments, and perhaps “she” is trying to get us riled up. Veterans Day is for Veterans, but I appreciate all the sacrifices my wife, kids, and parents made. I also appreciate all the of the support they were given by friends, neighbors, and community members while I was gone.

  • Nick Willard

    Everyday is Veterans Day for all who Served. Thank You to all our vets.

    I am a 90% Service Connected Vet. I spend my days helping veterans and their families.

    Ex spouses are exactly that ex means not. They gave up any and all privileges from the military. I want to tell you that the he’ll an ex went through is nothing like I went through. Please do not compare yourself to a Veteran ever.

  • Marine Veteran

    I seriously can’t believe this EX wife thinks she is entitled to anything. You are one of the biggest pieces of scum I have ever heard of. You’re just like some crack junkie welfare queen who thinks her welfare payments are earned because you paid sales tax on lightbulbs and straws ONE TIME. It makes me sick.

    Happy Veterans day to those who have earned it.

  • Alright folks, chill out. Let’s stick to thanking veterans here and not attacking random people we’ve never met, sound good?

  • Larry

    I served and proud of it in korea, vietnam,(laos,cambodia and tialand BUT WE WERE NEVER THERE) And like many of my friends was spit on when I came home. I believe the change of heart of the American public toward our service men and women is wonderful. I thank God our service personnell today are not subjected to the hate mongers we were.

    God bless the USA and God bless all who serve and served and their famlies.

  • LetskeepitReal

    To Star, comment #5: Just because you were married to someone in the military once before doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of this day. It would be a different story if he died and you became a widow from that but being widowed over differences doesn’t constitute you taking advantage of this day. So all the while your holding up seats pretending your a veteran there’s a real veteran and his family waiting for you to move freeloading Alpha Sugar Sugar out the way. Your a desrcace to all patriotic Americans and I feel sorry for your children. I bet you were that spouse that ran around base thinking you carried the same rank as your husband, trust you me, you RUN NOTHING BUT YOUR MOUTH!

  • Momman

    Well, I can see both sides of this, guys. I was a military wife, but I am still married to the same man. I hated the time we spent in the military. I didn’t like the attitudes, the life style, or the rules. I understood them, but I hated them. I have been given free food because I showed my spouse ID that I kept as a keepsake, with his DD214 because some people don’t know what a DD214 is and so didn’t understand why he asked to get his meal. I even told them I was not the military member, but they said if you support the man or woman that serves, I’ll give you one. It was their choice to do it.

    I personally have been friends with a military wife who’s husband cheated on her with a college student, went AWOL for a while, and left her on base housing with 3 kids and her not knowing where he was. It was humiliating to her, and scary. So, before you say that woman above was the worst kind of scum, and before you can ask how she can say her life was hell, think about it a bit. I love my husband and that was why I tolerated his choice to serve, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a husband or wife worth it. My friend went through hell with her husband, and didn’t deserve it, nor did her their children. I would never call her scum for getting a little recognition for her own service.

    Remember, the spouses and children of the members miss their parents being there for their special moments in life, they miss their families, and they grieve when they lose them. They also are uprooted, lives torn apart, and lose touch with friends because of the life of a military family. They may not be in the line of fire, and while I don’t recommend they lie to get things directed at veterans, I do recognize that every person in the member’s family serves in their own way. I won’t judge them, it isn’t my job, but I do try to understand where they come from. For those of you who are serving or have served in our armed forces, don’t you think your family serves in their own way, by giving up things important to them in order for you to be able to serve as you are? Just saying to keep an open mind and heart. You fight for our country and our lives. You can’t do that without a heart that cares.

    To Jonak, I appreciated that you tried to at least understand Star’s view. One last thing- you are absolutely right, Veteran’s Day is for veterans. I’m leaving now to meet hubby for his free lunch. But, there is no such thing as a wife/mother/secretary/taxi driver/cleaning service/ lover/ doctor-nurse/ tutor/ scout leader/social director day. Maybe someone could create a day for us, too? No, Mother’s Day doesn’t cover every hat worn.

    To all our service men and women, present and past, Happy Veteran’s Day. Enjoy all the free food and goodies you can get. You deserve it!

  • Adele

    Thanks Goob, I was about to say that.

    I also wanted to add that all participating Arby’s locations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois (greater STL area), and Colorado (Colorado Springs and Pueblo) are giving away a free classic roast beef sandwich.

  • asj

    First Happy Veteran’s Day!!! You deserve this day and many more. Thank you to the businesses I only wish more would do the same. In defense of military wives and families. I was with my husband 17 of the 20 years of service and we are still going strong after 25 years and 3 great children. I always did all I could to support him. We are a team that is what marriage in the military is. Took care of him in sickness and health. I worked many jobs to help support the family over the years, anything I have I share to make our lives better I share. I don’t want anything free this day at all! It is his day! The only recognition was a certificate of thanks on his retirement day! I love him and this day is not about me at all. I helped him to be his best that is all I need to be happy <3

  • stacy

    I’m in the military. I am also the wife of a military member. The family does deserve some appreciation too. I’m getting divorced from this “man” who as it says above some of them aren’t worth supporting. He’d make me spend all my money on our rent and on daycare then pay for food whilst all he payed for were our minimal bills (just cable and phones) while he was still making more money than I was. He’d get video games and a whole bunch of good high quality expensive stuff for him and I had to wear maternity clothes and cheap walmart clothes throughout our entire marriage. The kids barely had any clothes because whenever I stopped to look at any he would whine. Despite my advanced hatred of him it was still upsetting the strain that military life put on our families life. I was in tears when he came home and his infant kept crying whenever he held her because she couldn’t remember him. Of course he may as well have been gone anyway the way he locked himself in his room while our toddler cried because she thought he was pretty cool and all she wanted to do was be with him but he locked the door and ignored her cries while he played on his laptop. But this is beside the point, the point is that families should be appreciated too as they deal with alot as well and in the case of children they don’t even have a choice.

  • stacy

    I’m in the military. I am also the wife of a military member. The family does deserve some appreciation too. I’m getting divorced from this “man” who as it says above some of them aren’t worth supporting. He’d make me spend all my money on our rent and on daycare then pay for food whilst all he payed for were our minimal bills (just cable and phones) while he was still making more money than I was. He’d get video games and a whole bunch of good high quality expensive stuff for him and I had to wear maternity clothes and cheap walmart clothes throughout our entire marriage. The kids barely had any clothes because whenever I stopped to look at any he would whine. Despite my advanced hatred of him it was still upsetting the strain that military life put on our families life. I was in tears when he came home and his infant kept crying whenever he held her because she couldn’t remember him. Of course he may as well have been gone anyway the way he locked himself in his room while our toddler cried because she thought he was pretty cool and all she wanted to do was be with him but he locked the door and ignored her cries while he played on his laptop. But this is beside the point, the point is that families should be appreciated too as they deal with alot as well and in the case of
    children they don’t even have a choice.

  • Truth

    Wait…why is everyone picking on this woman because she is an ex? What about all these gold diggers still married to men in the military? THEY NEVER SERVED EITHER!!!! Why should military spouses or kids get any benefits at ALL? They never risked their minds, their bodies, or their very lives for ANYTHING.

    I realize, yes, some are wonderful people. I have seen a few like that. I’ve seen some who are in the service themselves, or else hold down other jobs. I’m not talking about them.

    But sadly, most of the ones out there are just human broodmares leeching off of some poor man’s hard work. They sit around all day cranking out more kids and spending their man’s money. Or demanding handouts from charities or the taxpayers. That’s about it. They USE *his* benefits. HIS money. They USE him for STATUS.

    They squeal like pigs if he even thinks about another woman. As though he is a child and they have the right to tell him what to do. Then if he dies, oh boy, JACKPOT!!! They just swoop right in like vultures, don’t they, collect all that money and go….SHOPPING!!!! Oh, and spend spend spend on all their kids! Sure, they may manage to shed a few tears. But they have NO problem accepting blood money. No one should ever profit from anyone’s death, military or not.

    So while I disagree with the woman who is taking advantage of the free meal, at least she is not currently using some poor veteran. At least they both have their freedom now, which is always best for everybody.

    Come on. We see spouses like that every day. If not in person, than on tv. They are annoying at best.

    And there are TONS of charities out there now begging for donations to “help” these women and kids. But unless they have a serious illness, injury, or something along those lines, they shouldn’t be using a man to get what they want.

  • vicki

    Hubby and I had lunch at Olive Garden today and it was great. He’s a veteran so his lunch was free. All the servers were thanking him for his service, and the manager even came to our table and gave us a coupon for $10 off our next visit! Cool!

  • papax3

    I was a Combat Medic in Viet Nam for two years and received some medals. However, I would gladly give them back but they would have to take the memorys and scars with them. Thank God they didn’t cash the blank check I wrote to scarifice my life for this country. “we care for all”.

  • Little B

    Give me a freaking break!! I agree with Corporal Devil Dog! I come from a military family, I was daughter, sister, wife and ex-wife, not to or with the same person or people), and enlisted myself, and if YOU ” ms ex-wife” want the benefits, great, shut up, get up, and join the military!! Pretending is for children.

  • First of all happy Veterans day to all my Brother’s who served and who we lost in all the wars. I am a Viet Nam Vet who feels weird about getting the free meal. I usually will stay home and not go out as I have a lot of problems related to our war and allot of days I can’t handle life,I know i need to go on but I have been trying 35 years to is just not working. I want to thank the people who finally realize that our military men & woman need our support now as well as from the past. God Bless the United states and our military for with out them we wouldn’t be here writing our feelings. Thank You


  • Chris stolp

    You know, im a combat vet from OIF. And these little discounts and stuff are nice. But when I passed through a small town just outside of reedsport oregon, my wife and I stopped to grab something to drink. We wetre told “we dont serve your kind” your fuckin welcome. Lucky he didnt get fuckin dropped to the floor. So ill keep serving, cause there are people who HAVE to do this for idiot fucks like thT. Peace

  • Momman

    I notice that there is a lot of stereotyping going on about military spouses, especially females. In the whole time we were in on active duty, I never met a single spouse who was “mooching” off her spouse for their “massive” salaries. Actually, I was a banker at a military bank, so I know what I am talking about. I earned my own way, and so did my co-workers, but I’d like to point out, marriage is a joint venture, so there is no “mine” and “yours”. We shared what we had. I am still married to that wonderful man 22 years and four beautiful kids later. After he left active duty, he was in the DOD, then in the private sector, where he makes more money than he got as a GS-13. I work for the scouts because I have 3 kids in scouting and because it is near and dear to my husband’s heart. I don’t make much, but it isn’t about the money. It’s about doing something we both believe needs doing. My job doesn’t pay benefits (scouting is non profit) but we didn’t need them because my husband carries them. I don’t consider that mooching or using him for his benefits since it was a shared decision. I can work where I make more, but then I would not have the time to be there for my children, which was something important to the whole family.

    I think a lot of people on here are bitter about something other than the Ex-wife who said she takes advantage of the free meals. It seems to be a common opinion that all spouses, especially women, are just using their spouses. I am. I am using him as my love, support, and best friend. He is using me, too. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have someone “mooch” off them like I have.

    Again, to all you Vets out there- Happy Veteran’s Day! Enjoy your day. God bless us all- no exceptions.

  • Sherry Cronley

    Star – cannot believe you. What kind of selfish person you are really shows up in this comment. I am sure your true “veteran” is ashamed of you!!

  • Adele

    Well Goob, I guess you to lost the battle. Sorry, you tried to get this back on track.

    We tried to go to the closest Texas Roadhouse – wait was 1 and a half hours! So, it was off to Chili’s. 20-minute wait. I struck up a conversation with a guy by himself and we ended up inviting him to join us. We had a great meal – Chili’s Oldtimer is huge! The staff was nice and our waitress thanked us for our service.

    The guy who joined us was nice – but left no tip! Folks, please remember to tip as though you were paying for your meal – the waitstaff shouldn’t suffer because your meal was free. I left some extra tip money.

  • Miranda

    Since it’s 11/11/11 Walgreens is offering 11 cent icee/coffee/fountain drinks. It has to be a small though.



  • Loving Military Wife

    Veterans day should be for the vet and his or her family up to a certain amount of dependents like the amusement parks do. The wife although she does not go to war she does stay behind to support her husband and take care of the home front which is very hard to do without your loved one! I myself was in Iraq for 2 years and I know it’s hard on everyone that is close to you! My husband is in the army now and I’m very grateful for all the things he has done for our country and I’m happy he did get all his free meals today! I feel the military is over worked and under paid so they should get this day and more! Thank you to everyone who has served and to their families!

  • Darrell Bruce


  • Momman

    Glad to hear most of you got served, even if there was a bit of a wait. We waited about 15 minutes at Texas Roadhouse today.

    By the way, for those interested in McCormicks, reservations are highly recommended, and I called today but they said they were full for Sunday. However, they book online through OpenTable, and I was able to book it there, so I think they hold so many tables for OpenTable to book. You might try that if you want your special vet to have a really nice dinner. Make it a romantic night out, if you can arrange it.

    Darrell, I think that is why McCormick’s is doing the special on Sunday. First, Friday nights are always busy, and Sundays are slower, so it allows them to serve more actual veterans to do it on Sunday. I think your idea is a good one, as everyone rushes to the same place at the same time as it stands now.

    To Chris Stolp- I am so sorry that happened to you. What exactly is “your kind”? Human, brave, husband, soldier????? What in the world? What year does that place live in? It sounds like a walk into The Twilight Zone. Oh well, don’t let them get you down. Small minds can’t help themselves. Most all of us on here are grateful for your service.

    Hope everyone had a nice breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack, wherever they ended up going. Happy Veterans Day to all. We are free because you serve.

  • Mark

    Way off topic here. Sounds too much like yahoo.
    Thanks to all who have served and are still serving. You ARE appreciated.
    While I have not served, I have ridden in many welcome home processions, some covered with flags. One day a year is great, but our service men and women need to be remembered every day. So how about we all just concentrate on that.

  • Tina

    I appreciate all of the businesses that offer these great gesture s of appreciation to tho of us who have served. We know serving is a family affair so if I go to one of the establishments I take my family and pay for them in appreciation to them for standing by and supporting me during my time of service.

  • Just found this blog today.. Could of used this on Vet’s day.. no problm I have bookmarked this site I will be back to check for more deals


  • SonOfVeteran

    Any word on 2012 offerings?

  • aminaked

    all the free food freebies for vets are appreciated i’m sure but I couldn’t afford to leave a tip ( not that any was expected) I would be to embarrassed to take a free meal…but I could sure use one.