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Below you'll find some numbers and statistics regarding HIF's traffic and wide reach to the freebie community.
Last Update: 09/04/13

  • Average CPM is $0.50, far below industry average.

  • Typical monthly traffic ranges from 600k to over 1 million, depending on length of month and season.

  • As shown on our Media Mentions page, HIF is routinely covered on television, magazines, published books, and radio. Recent publicity has come from the Seventeen Magazine, The Today Show, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, All You magazine, and over 50 local affiliate news networks.

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Sponsored Contests

I also accept sponsored contests where your company or website can sponsor an entire contest on HIF by putting up a prize to be given away to one of our readers. Past contests have been extremely successful and have resulted in a great number of links to our sponsored sites.

Please contact me via email if you have a contest proposal or any questions about the advertising opportunities.