Free Coffee on National Coffee Day

The Best 2024 National Coffee Day Freebies β˜•

Sunday, September 29, 2024 is National Coffee Day. That means we get free days! No, free national? *checks cue card* Ohhhh, free coffee! Who would have guessed? The 2024 offers will be announced in late August / early September, so be sure to check back then to see all the different freebies we’ll get! πŸ‘‘ …

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Veterans Day Freebies

2024 Veterans Day Freebies, Deals, & Discounts

Veterans Day is Thursday, Friday 11, 2024. Here’s hoping this year has as many freebies as last year! I broke this massive list into sections. There’s so much free food, that I even split that up into free meals and free everything else (appetizers, drinks, sides, desserts, etc.) Some freebie sites are reporting old or …

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Tax Day Freebies

2024 Tax Day Freebies and Deals

Ahh, glorious Income Tax Day is upon us with but a single day to spare. I’ve still yet to finish mine. I’ve only entered in my name and address on my Turbo Tax account, but the status bar still reads as 0% complete. That’s not too encouraging if you ask me. I might just end …

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Free Dunkin Coffee

Free Dunkin Iced Coffee

For a very limited time, Dunkin is giving away a free free iced coffee. Here’s how to get it. Open the Dunkin app and create / log into your free DD Rewards account. Click “Offers & Rewards” Scroll to the bottom and enter promo code 123LETSGO Once added to your account, you’ll have until 10/21/23 …

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2008, In Review

Well hello my freebie friends! I know it’s late but Merry Christmas! And if you didn’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Kwanza. Feliz Navidad. Froehliche Weihnachten. Buone Feste Natalizie. You get the picture!Β  I hope your Christmas or whatever it is you celebrated was amazing. You know what else is amazing? Freebies. This past year has been …

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National Donut Day Freebies 2019

2023 National Doughnut Day Freebies

Friday, June 2, 2023 is the next National Doughnut Day. Or National Donut Day, whichever way you swing. It dates back to 1938 and dates forward to delicious, scrumptious free doughnuts and donuts and coffee! So dig out those extra stretchy pants and skimp on dessert for a few nights because we’re about to get …

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Freebies for Good Grades

Freebies, Discounts, & Deals for Good Grades!

I was a nerdy, smart kid with my nose perpetually in a book and that trait carried over into adulthood. I’m the guy at the end of the bar more interested in reading my Kindle than socializing with strangers. Yet I’ve never been offered freebies based on how much I read or how smart I …

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Free Depend Silhouette Active Fit

Free Depend Adult Underwear Sample Packs

This freebie from 2011 is still active! These are great for donations. There are free Depend sample packs available for both women’s underwear and men’s briefs. Free Depend for Men Samples Free 2 count sample of Depend Real Fit briefs for Men​ Free 4-count sample kit including 2 Depend Men’s Shields and 2 Depend Men’s …

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Free Customer Reward Programs

Here’s yet another installment “hey, I should take that old post I made and polish it up!” Today is the list of customer reward and loyalty programs that you might not be aware of. Everybody know their local grocery store offers a rewards program, but did you know that many other stores where you might …

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Top 25 Best Free Birthday Stuff

Top 25 Best Birthday Freebies Available Each Year!

Our massive, weekly updated list of free stuff on your birthday is quickly approaching hundreds of unique freebies & discounts! With so many freebies available around the country, there’s something for everyone. But I was recently wondering: what are the best birthday freebies? For starters, just in case you don’t know, there are over 300 …

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How to Add Free Dropbox Space

How to Quadruple Your Dropbox Space for Free!

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve fallen in love with having my files in the cloud. Anybody who seriously used multiple devices in the early 2000s had a personal thumb drive for moving files from their home to work to school. And I think we can all agree it was a giant pain in …

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Free Tim Hortons Donut

Tim Hortons: Free Donut on Halloween

Swing by your nearest Tim Hortons on Halloween (Saturday, Oct 31) and get a free donut if you wear a costume! They don’t explicitly say you have to wear a good costume either. So if you don’t have a getup this year, just tell them you’re dressed as a member of society barely clinging on. …

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